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Lynn Hudson (@LynnNChicago) Attends Real Housewives Of DC Cat Ommanney’s Book Launch “Inbox Full”

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 6, 2011


As most of you know, I interviewed Cat Ommanney for Reality Buzz a while back and we talked about her new book, InBox Full.  Shortly after the podcast interview with Cat was edited and released, I got an email from Cat inviting me to her book launch.  I was overwhelmed by her kindness and I knew I had to figure out a way to get to that party!

With a lot of help from a very good friend in New York City, I made arrangements and gratefully accepted Cat’s very generous offer.

The private party was held at Ted Gibson’s Salon in New York City and Cat sent me the official invitation just about a week later.  Cat also told me that there would be an after-party planned at a bar close by called Boxers that would be open to the public.  Here is my invitation…

Click here to read the rest of her post covering the party and meeting other housewives..

It is clear that Andy Cohen is aware of who Lynn Hudson is and aware of her blog.  It also appears the housewives do read some blogs for what ever information and wish if they were lurking would leave a comment.   That would be fun!


2 Responses to “Lynn Hudson (@LynnNChicago) Attends Real Housewives Of DC Cat Ommanney’s Book Launch “Inbox Full””

  1. Mikki12 said

    Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed Lynn’s blog. Just one thing. I’m hoping that “Dr Rosetta” is a pseudonym because I’d hate to see the doc get into trouble for sharing the names of her clients. Unless you have the consent of the patient a doctor cannot share names, personal, or medical information, especially in a social setting.

  2. Rosie said

    Hi Mikki. Good point.
    I read the blog and it sounded fun.
    At least Andy seemed to be somewhat aware of the strike, IJS.

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