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Yes, Jill, It Certainly Does Say Something About It

Posted by tinselkitty on March 4, 2011


It says you might want to see a therapist about why you are dissociating from events in your life. I would think your case must be pretty severe given you can’t even remember something that was taped and that you watch obsessively. But then again, you sure do talk about it a lot given your inability to remember it. So maybe you’re just lying again. I think you can find a therapist to help you with that, too. There you go, Jill, that’s your show. That’s the only thing I’d watch with you as the main focus – Therapy with Jill.


41 Responses to “Yes, Jill, It Certainly Does Say Something About It”

  1. BobLHead said

    Oh Jillzilla….way to late to spin it honey!

  2. carrot said

    bull ish, zarin. have fun with those “thoughts” of yours.

  3. Carrie M. 2139 said

    Wow. If she was really over it, she wouldn’t still be talking about it.

  4. Bobbi said

    What a load! She doesn’t remember the relationship? LMAO!!!!!!

  5. Bryan said

    I will tell you I would prefer to see a little bit of Mrs Limon Zirga, then have to hear Temple Beth Frankel and her manic behavior. She should just let it go and move on, friendships come and go and this went, go have fun Jill leave TBF with her dogshit filled van and her saggy butt to Jason

  6. Dy said

    Oy..I’m so over this shit.. Queen B/ The Yenta..So Freakin Last Year..Geeze!!

  7. Bryan said

    Maybe once the show starts up there will be something new to talk about, but then its always these interviwers who bring it up too, what are you suppose to do, other then say, “next or moving on”

  8. Dy said

    @7 You are right Bryan, They always bring it up.

    But then you have Queen B fans that won’t let it die either..

  9. Bryan said

    @8 Dy, Oh god, they’re just as bad, they act as if Temple Beth Frankel was Jesus and Mrs Limon Z was Judas, the great betrayal!!!

  10. Rosie said

    Hi guys!

    Oh Jill.. Just zip it. B didn’t say anything negative, she declined to talk about it. Jill should have done the same, but noooo…..

  11. Rosie said

    Hi Dy..

    Bryan.. Love “Mrs Limon Zirga” or is it Zigra? Lol? Is that your name or from David Gilmore?

  12. Dy said

    @9 Bryan..Oh I know geeze..Lol

    @10 Hi Rosie..Guess the Yenta is no different than Queen B. Usually Queen B never lets an opportunity to say something negative pass.
    I do agree with you though.:)

  13. Rosie said

    Hi Dy!!!!
    At least B took the high road, just this once. If Jill had done it too.. We would have some progress. 🙂

  14. Dy said

    @13 Yes Rosie she did,(“just this once”, lol ).

    Queen B will say something soon, though, I have no doubt.

  15. Bryan said

    @11 Rosie, no the guy who reviews the housewife shows on Gawker, I’ve called her that on POTO’s site.

  16. Rosie said

    Oh, I hope not, but she will hear Jill’s comments, and…we’re off! Yet again.

  17. Rosie said

    Bryan.. Oh, Gawker. I thought it was Gilmore. I like POTO.. I left a comment there, a couple of weeks ago, about his art, and he emailed me.. Thanking me. Great guy!

  18. G-sus said

    I wonder what kind of training Zarin had to go through to be able to have her voice be so whiny every time she talks. Must have just been years of practice.
    Note to Jill….. Bethenny probably doesn’t want to be asked about you because she is sick of talking about you and giving you a format to whine about her some more.

  19. CAgirl said

    I believe she graduated from the Nasal Academy.

  20. CAgirl said

    IJS–I am hearing the sounds in my head! Lordy, I feel a bit relieved in some ways that the season was postponed, I can keep my eardrums intact 🙂

  21. G-sus said

    @ CA girl. I wonder how bad the NY HW filming turned out that they replaced it with the Miami snoozefest? Though I will say, I would much rather watch NY this Sunday instead of OC. Not one likable character on that show. I don’t know how much of Tamra I will be able to stomach.

  22. CAgirl said

    @G-SUS, I agree. I’m not sure I can watch that one any more. I really liked it the first couple of seasons, it was sort of a view into a life a didn’t know–no longer!!! They seem to have dragged the depths of the OC for characters. That said, I’m not sure how much I can take of any of these women after a couple of seasons, they lose their luster (for me at least). BH is still novel, so I will be tuning into season 2!

  23. Dy said

    @23 G,.. I’m with you, not one likable person on OC..But I’ll watch, I’m curious about Vicki,Tamra and Gretchen. Gretchen is the one I can’t stomach

    I really think Bravo pushed back NY,because they just finished fliming,and needed to edit,I don’t think it was bad. Just my opinion.
    I’m so curious about this season of NY,and am really looking forward to it.

  24. G-sus said

    I’ll be watching OC as well. But I may have my fast forward button handy when Tamra comes on the screen. I used to do that with Krazy on NY. OC was much better when they had people with personalities on like Laurie, Tammy, and Jeana and even Lynne. Now it is just filled with blonde egomaniacs fighting for screen time.

    @ Dy you may be right about NY, but I think some of these franchises like NY, OC, and ATL need a cast colonic. Too much of the same old schtick with these ladies.

  25. Dy said

    @26 Hi GSus..
    You had until you mentioned Jeana, passive agressive bitch, shit stirrer Ughh!! Can you tell I don’t like her? Lol. I liked Tammy, and I liked Kimberly. Laurie, I did get a kick out of Cheech( that was my name for Lynne)(besides she is a dead ringer for Steven Tyler) of course Chong was her husband(Frank) Whoa freakin pass the bong dudes!! .. Lynn, goofy as she is, does not have a mean bone in her body,just a ditz!

    “cast colonic”.. lol..
    Yes, alot of the same old, same old.. I saw previews( on the bravo site) for OC and Gerty is still bitching about Tamra..Geeze enough already that was 2 seasons ago..These freakin woman never move on from aything..They accept apologies and still bitch..Shes mean, she said this she said that, Oy!!

  26. Dy said

    opps *you had me @27

  27. G-sus said

    @ Dy Kimberly! that was the one I couldn’t remember. I know your not a Jeana fan, lol. I don’t mind Jeana so much. She is all up in people’s biz, but I don’t think she does it to be mean, she is just nosey and gossipy.
    One thing that I think franchises like OC and NY are missing is someone who is down to earth and reasonable. Like Adrienne, Caroline, and Stacie from DC. Someone who doesn’t take sides and remains neutral.

  28. Dy said

    @29 Yes Gsus, I agree..They are all pretty much back stabbers,and stuff. I don’t know that Vicki will have time for their games since she will be going through her own personal business..Tamra too, but who knows? They can all be pretty nasty,and mean.

    NY does have Sonja, she did seem like a straight shooter last year,and didn’t want to or at least tried not to get involved in the bs..D’LuLu I think tries,at least at the end of the season when Kelly was giving her version as to what happened on scary island. LuLu did not believe and said so.

    • I’m interested in seeing what happens with Tamra and Vicki’s friendship now that Simon’s gone and Donn’s on the way out. It looked before like it could be a good thing before had they not had the interference. I hope it turns out that way instead of them turning on each other.

  29. G-sus said

    @ Dy, that’s true, NY does have Sonja. She deserved a halo after putting up with Krazy last season.
    The Countess, I think, plays a lot of games, very passive aggressive. I think she is a little bit of a shit stirrer. I think she secretly loved the Bethenny and Jill tussle last season.

    @ TK I wonder if Don and Vicki’s divorce will play out in the season? I secretly hope not. We already know Tamra took Bravo cameras with her throughout her messy divorce. I don’t understand why you would do that when you have young children? Makes my heart ache for them.
    Though it does make me wonder if Don didn’t want Vicki to do another season of the show. I think that was part of the reason Simon acted the way he did last season. He saw how the show changed his wife into something totally different and not for the better.

    Well, I am off to dinner with the hubs. Catch ya all later.

  30. CAgirl said

    I’m with you G-Sus, I hope we don’t see all the fallout of Donn and Vicki’s divorce–I’m probably in the minority here, but it seemed like they had a decent marriage that just sort of fizzled out (perhaps accelerated by the cameras). As much as I try to promise myself I won’t watch, I seem to always end of watching–weak character on my part!

  31. Dy said

    Yes,I agree GSus, Dlulu can be passive agressive, in the past( second season for sure)but I think toward the end of last season,I started to see a change,( especially because of the way she handled that whole thing with Kelly when they came back from Scary Island) To me she was kinda like the Dlulu I liked the first season.

    Vicki and Donn’s problems will be shown as well as Tamra’s,I think, all of the crap happened during filming.

    I saw on Andy Cohen Blog (yesterday) a clip of them all in his office( Tamra,Vicki, Alexis,and the new chica Peggy) They all seem like they are getting along great,no issues. Tamra and Vicki are going to be on WWHL tommorow night. also.

  32. CAgirl said

    Thanks for the heads up, Dy, will have to DVR it!

  33. Dy said


    OC really isn’t one of my favotites,I do not like any of the women really.But I am curious about this season, lots of stuff has happened with Tamra and Vicki.Plus I wonder if they will show any of the crap Gretchen has been involved with, the shady stuff with Slade, the lawsuits with Jay, the fake up line she tried to pull off, the foundation she said she started, juicy stuff.Hmm might be more interesting than I thought..LOl

  34. CAgirl said

    Totally agree Dy!! I used to watch with hubs back when Jo and Slade were on, for reasons I can’t even explain to myself. I am a bit intrigued about the whole Gretchen situation as well–if nothing else to see what is happening with Slade!!! Who am I kidding, I will totally watch!!!

  35. Dy said

    CA girl. LOL..I will totally watch too..Actually I will be kinda upset if none of Gerty’s shady shit will not be shown to tell you the truth.Oh she works my last nerve, nobody likes me everybody hates me, I ‘m gonna eat some worms bs, that she spews all the time..People forget she is not the most upstanding decent person, she really is pretty rough,and involved with more crap than any of the other HW’s on that show, or even some of the others.Only thing is that she is not broke, lol.

  36. CAgirl said

    He he Dy, I totally forgot about that rhyme, but it fits. I can’t quite figure out how those two hooked up, but it seems like a disaster made in reality tv show heaven!!!

  37. Dy said

    Gerty has said that she has known the Sladester for years..Hmm whatever..They are 2 in the same they deserve each other.

  38. CAgirl said

    Amen Dy!!!

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