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Entire Cast Of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills To Return!! GASP!!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 4, 2011

HollyWood Life is exclusively reporting the following..
Such great news! All of our favorite ladies from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are resigning their contracts with the show for a second season, can exclusively confirm. Camille Grammer, Taylor Armstrong and Kim Richards were on the fence but they all said yes today.

“Taylor was hesitating because of the spotlight on her marriage which caused problems for her and her husband Russell, who is actually a genuinely good man,” says a source close to Lisa Vanderpump, another star of the show. “They actually have a pretty happy marriage but it wasn’t portrayed that way, but she wants another chance at showing how they really are in love with each other.”

And as for Camille? “She had the hardest decision to make after dealing with Kelsey so blatantly rushing to marry his mistress (Kayte Walsh), and she has her children to worry about,” reveals our insider. “But she is holding on strong for her children and we’ll be able to see how she deals with the grief in the new season. I’m sure she will show how dignified she can be in the face of her traumatic experience.”

“Kim and her sister Kyle obviously have a lot to work on, but they have both signed on as well,” continues our source.

“They are all very excited and will try to be more savvy about how they portray themselves. In reality, they get along better off-camera and want to show they aren’t just about shopping and cattiness.”

Well, I guess we can expect..  wait.. I feel a song inspired by the above picture….
 There will be stories.. on all six ladies!! 
Who will return.. with all the spoiled kids in tow…
There will be catfights and e-lectronic ciggys..
and follow up to last years shit stirrin epic rows!!!!
Well then One Day Camille gets all the money!!!
Just to shove it in the face of Kyle’s greed….
Then Taylor gets revealed for all her lying…
To lisa’s warning that evil Kyle never heed!!!!
The Beverly Hill’s  Bunch..  Who just get botox and go to lunch..  
Now they all remain.. the surgically enhanced…   Hill Billy  Bunch!!! 
 Did Ya follow the bouncy ball???

41 Responses to “Entire Cast Of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills To Return!! GASP!!”

  1. CotonMom said

    Woo Hoo! Can’t wait for season two of the Beverly Hills HW’s.

  2. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    Taylor didn’t like the way her marriage was portrayed? Wasn’t she the one talking into the camera about her marital problems and crying on camera to Kyle? The only one spotlighting her marriage was herself! Seriously!

  3. Bryan said

    In a way I am glad that Prudence is returning and not going back into hiding, she has alot of people rooting for her. NOW she and her sister need to get their act together, and I want to see Lisa step in and make sure Lips McGee doesn’t get in the way, She needs to channel some serious Alexis Morell Carrington Colby!!!.

  4. Bryan.. LMFAOO Lips McGee!! My father always used the last name on characters of sorts.. lmaoo

    CotonMom.. I too cant wait..

    PBJ – I agree.. she put it all out there.. from her inflated lips to the camera.. ugh..

    Did anyone sing to my song?? lol

  5. G-sus said

    @ Jelly, I was thinking the same thing as I was reading about Taylor. More fakery on her part due for next season when she tries to get us to believe that her and Russell are lovebirds…. NOT! And I don’t believe for a second she was hesitating on signing for a second season.

    I also don’t get Camille resigning. I would be taking my 50 mil and concentrating on how to spend it. I also think it would be better for her kids if she were out of the spotlight, but that’s just my opinion.

    • Gsus.. If I was Camille, I would rest my laurels on my stock pile of cash.. UNLESS!! she is planning to do more acting and wants more exposure?? dunno.. just guessing.. SHe did get casted on a sitcom and asked to do red carpet with others for CNN.. maybe she has a masta plan?

  6. mikki12 said

    I’m in shock and not sure I quite believe it. If it is true I’m happy. Except for Taylor, who makes me ill, I really like all the ladies and I’m glad they’re coming back.

    • Ah Mikki.. I am hoping Taylor gets her just desserts.. and if she does.. it would be worth bringing her arse back.. any guest appearance from the e-lectronic lady of a medium sort?

  7. CAgirl said

    In my opinion, Camille has had plenty of exposure already. My eyeballs still sting from the pic that was posted here of her fab “movie still”. 😉

  8. carrot said

    Great news. I do wonder how much Bravo had to shell out though…

  9. CAgirl said

    Carrot, my sense is that they didn’t shell out a whole lot–these women just love the fame and attention, irregardless of the negativity they may receive (“haters”!). IMO, there are just enough clueless fans out there that blindly offer their support, vociferously demonstrating their love for these “characters”. Thank goodness though, as there seems to be a endless supply of ladies to go on these shows, and supply us the material for endless snarking!!! Long live Bravo.

  10. Coffee FIRST said

    I’m on the fence about Kim returning, so delighted in one way; dismayed in the other. I love Kim but feel maybe reality tv is not the best scenario for her. Could be Kyle’s doing/manipulation too..who knows.

  11. CAgirl said

    Coffee FIRST, I completely agree. I personally liked Kim after the first few episodes, although initially I didn’t get her. I hope you doesn’t suffer the consequences for re-signing–lord knows I’d never sign up for such a spectacle, can only imagine how my boring life would play out!!

  12. Coffee FIRST said

    @13 CA girl, I really like Kim too, But hope Kim doesn’t suffer much more. She doesn’t seem to ‘fit in’ and that’s not a bad thing. She’s already stated she’s not your typical BH’s woman, and she loves life simplistic. I really like her.

  13. CAgirl said

    Totally agree Coffee FIRST. And I apologize for my typo–I hope SHE doesn’t suffer the consequences!!! LOL, didn’t mean to imply YOU would suffer the consequences :). More I “gimme some chicken, you stole my chicken!”, she was a welcome relief, IMO.

  14. Bullshit. Taylor just said the other day that she’d do it if there was another season. How is it that a stopped clock is right at least twice a day but Taylor can’t be truthful one time?

    Goody for me, though. Posts about her just flow out my arse like authentic Mexican food.

  15. So what’s this say about Kim’s alleged alcoholism? I hope she’s coming back of her own decision and not because Kyle goaded her into it.

  16. CAgirl said

    LAMO, TK!! Taylor is the gift that keeps on giving–at least for one more season. Why am I now thinking of a quesadilla…so hungry!!!

  17. CAgirl said

    Oh, for crying out loud, I have now lost my ability to type shorthand. LMAO TK!!! Not meaning to imply lamo…hanging head in shame now 🙂

  18. Oy Vey said

    @#3 Bryan, We’re still hanging together as the siblings who would love to slap our sisters. I agree. Hopefully it’s her choice.

  19. Coffee FIRST said

    @19 CAgirl… Nice Start with you….Thanks for making me feel welcome! Namaste!

  20. CAgirl said

    Hi Coffee FIRST!!! This is a great site (thanks to IJS and TK!), and I personally have lots of fun here. Apologies for my typos, more to come!!! PS, I am also nuts with the emoticons 🙂

  21. Dani said

    I wonder if Kim’s decision to return is money related. Especially if she really was receiving money from Kyle and Mauricio as Kyle implied during that one fight.

    Obviously with Camille, it is not money related so perhaps image repair?

    Taylor, I never doubted she would come back. Interesting comment Lisa made about Russell being a good guy. Was he not involved in some sort of ponzi scheme?

  22. Dani said

    One more thought. Do you think that all the publicity about the new HW’s they might bring on board had anything to do with everyone resigning? Or might we also see a new addition?

  23. carrot said

    @11 CAgirl

    Agree. Fame whores, even the likable ones. Not that that’s a bad thing, mind you 😉 After all, they are fame whores in a controlled setting *rolls eyes*

    I say Kim rejoined because she wanted to; her reason just like any other wife on the show. Perhaps she saw she had a big fan base and a lot of support.
    And the only sisterly contact I want to see is Kim’s hand to Kyle’s face at some point 😉 Taylor’s too, but lord knows Kim’s hand would just bounce off the industrial strength bouncy rubber.

  24. Dy said

    @2 Jelly. and @3 Bryan…Totally agree.

    @20 Oy Vey!!..How are you sweetheart?

  25. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Goode morning,,loved the song IJS,,I sang it….always got music going in my head,,read Bryan’s post and thought of a Beatles song ,,,Dear Prudence,,won’t u come out todayyyyyyyyy..

    I agree with Dani,,A source of Lisa’s said Taylor’s hubby is a good man? The whole season Lisa said she could not relate to Russell.
    Remember kitties,,,these women have acting background,,so if it’s going to be their true self or if they are going to act to repair their images,,that is the question. I really am leary of Kyle and Taylor,I think they will go into image repair stat!,,Camille became a likable person,,oh god the basement cats are going to get me for writing that. I hope it’s as good as the first season,,if it is,,,this is great news. Hahaha TK load up on authentic Mexican food,,I want dirt,,and I mean DIRT on Taylor…

  26. CAgirl said

    He he Olive, LMAO!! Hope you are feeling better!!!

  27. […] Entire Cast Of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills T&#959 Return!! GASP … […]

  28. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    TY CAgirl,,yes,,feeling good,,how ru?

  29. CAgirl said

    Hi Olive!!! Enjoying some sunshine, thanks!! I hope u’r doing well–always thinking about you, but forget to reach out sometimes.

  30. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    awww ty,,,xoxoxoxoxooooo

  31. CAgirl said

    So glad to hear you are doing well, and love to hear your take on this!!!

  32. Mrs T Soprano said

    Has Bravo confirmed all the BH ladies have signed up for another season?

  33. Dy said

    Not that I’m aware of Mrs T Soprano. I think they probably will,but they haven’t “offically announced” anything.

  34. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    Camille evidently is only going to return part time for the next season.
    Good for her!

  35. dy said

    Oy all these reports Jelly are working my last nerve..Geeze,I guess I wait until Bravo offically announces another season(of which I’m sure they will,I think they all get 2 seasons) and who will be on it..Lol

  36. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    Oh here is the retweet…I don’t even know how it showed up on my page…I don’t follow either party!!??

    RT @TheRealCamilleG: There are conflicting blogs out there about the cast and who’s coming back. All I can say is that I have agreed to be a partime player.

  37. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    I know Dy! Right? I wish it had not appeared on my Twitter page. I thought -Oh what now???
    You’re right. No one will know for sure until it is officially announced.

  38. dy said

    Well that sounds pretty legit Jelly..

    I guess right now I’m just tired of hearing this stuff.Geeze the season just ended and all this business has been coming out even before it ended, My God!

    I like the franchise and all, but dear Lord..I want to enjoy the others for a minute ya know.

  39. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    I know what you mean Dy! LOL!

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