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Jackhole of 2011 Filled, Applications Are No Longer Being Accepted UPDATED with Video Link

Posted by tinselkitty on March 2, 2011

Holy Sheesus, Andy Cohen, why you gotta be such a HUGE douchenozzle? Really? You really want to bag on some kids who got two minutes out of the year to be on television? I bet those kids were pretty proud of themselves up till you opened the asshole on your face and told the world you’d rather be stabbed in the eye than listen to them. I bet they practiced their little hearts out and were all kinds of nervous. What a buttmunch.

View the video here – NY Times City Room blog

As if he hadn’t bashed them enough, he swung back around at the end of the interview to make fun of their outfits. Apparently Andy is just appalled, APPALLED, at kids wearing t-shirts at the Oscars. Hey, Andy, if it bothered you so much, why didn’t you offer up Rachel Zoe’s services to trick those kids out in a Bravo-funded wardrobe? As far as I’m concerned, Andy, you are not only Mazelless, you’re into negative Mazel territory.

Alas, Andy isn’t the only one I have trouble with here. Mika Brzezinksi certainly leaps to Charlie Sheen’s defense at the beginning of the clip and puts the kibosh on laughing at him, but can’t keep herself from busting a gut as Andy rips on the kids. Crassholes, both of you.

To make it worse, Andy recorded an It Gets Better video a few months ago. Here he is talking about bullying and how much it sucked for him as a kid getting made fun of. Smooth move, dickwad. I bet some of those kids are having sleepless nights and/or sad days because of you.

To the awesome kids who sang at the Oscars this year, please know that he is right on one front – it does get better. I, for one, hope you all end up better off than the asshole who made incredibly rude and insensitive remarks about you. Let’s all say it together, okay?

Suck it, jackhole!

UPDATE – added video link above


51 Responses to “Jackhole of 2011 Filled, Applications Are No Longer Being Accepted UPDATED with Video Link”

  1. Logan K said

    LoL at paula deen riding!!! Anyway, don’t know what was wrong with andy this week but something was sure bugging him. Hopefully he will mellow out.

    I AM THE TROLL (spoken like a robot) I use this account and others to poke and stalk.. (admin)

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