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I Don’t Remember the NY Housewife Hunt Being This Frenzied

Posted by tinselkitty on March 1, 2011

The latest gossip is pointing to Ayda Field, newlywed to Robbie Williams of Millennium fame. She certainly has the…uh…chops to hang out with the BH ladies. Also inside: insinuations that Lisa Vanderpump, Extraordinaire is defending her turf and a reminder that Camille Grammer still hasn’t formally announced if she’ll be back or not.

From NY Daily News

Move over, Camille Grammer. There’s a new housewife in town.

According to a source close to casting for “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Robbie Williams‘ 31-year-old wife, Ayda Field, was recently approached to join the cast of the Bravo reality series.

Our source tells us that approximately two weeks ago, the British pop singer’s wife got a call about being on the show. While Field hasn’t signed anything yet, it’s “very likely” she could be the next addition to the television hit, which was made up of Taylor ArmstrongAdrienne MaloofLisa Vanderpump, Kim and Kyle Richards and Kelsey Grammer‘s ex-wife of 13 years, Camille Grammer (nee Donatacci), during season one.

And Ayda, who has lived in Mulholland Estates in LA since she wed Williams last August, has the goods to back it up. Her hubby, the best-selling British solo artist in the UK, is estimated to have a net worth of anywhere between $120 and $140M.

But would the American actress mesh well with Camille, a former Playboy actress and mother of two, who was named the “Most Hated Housewife” by Life & Style magazine?

She may not have to: It is still unknown whether the 42-year-old will be returning for a second season, although the option has not been ruled out for the divorcee.

While her fate hangs in the wings, other housewives are grasping onto theirs. Lisa Vanderpump, who lunched with Field at Villa Blanca in January, has found her own way to knock out the competition. The insider says the casting team was interested in finding a “younger blond” to add to the bevy of Beverly Hills beauties, and the sharp-tongued Brit and oldest of the cast at 50, “wasn’t too thrilled.”

To secure her spot, Vanderpump attempted to deter those in her zip code interested in auditioning by “telling everyone” within earshot what a “bad experience” she had filming season one.

If Ayda got word, it doesn’t sound like she fell for it. The svelte stunner has gone as far as discussing Robbie’s potential role on the show with Bravo. Williams, a recovered alcoholic, would have “about the same air-time that Kelsey Grammer did in season one,” and would not be a focal point — only showing up for musical appearances and family occasions.

If Camille does return for a second season, it will be sans her former famous husband. The “Frasier” star wed his 29-year-old fiancée, Kayte Walsh, on Friday on the stage of NYC‘s Longacre Theatre (only two weeks after his divorce from Camille was finalized). The 56-year-old and wife No.4 followed the ceremony with a reception at the Plaza Hotel.

A spokeswoman for Bravo did not respond to a request for comment before deadline.





16 Responses to “I Don’t Remember the NY Housewife Hunt Being This Frenzied”

  1. Bobbi said

    I don’t believe those comments about Lisa at all. She was one of the favorites of the group and certainly seems secure in her own skin. I don’t think she’s afraid of being replaced. Just doesn’t sound like her at all.

  2. Bryan said

    I agree with Bobbi, why would Lisa have to defend …ANYTHING.

  3. carrot said

    Lisa isn’t insecure… or invisible. 😉

    I know it’s bad, but I still kinda want Denise Richards to replace Camille (if C truly leaves).

  4. Rosie said

    I agree with all of you. Lisa won’t be replaced..

    @3 Carrot.. I liked the Denise Richards idea too. I think she would be a good addition. They should replace Taylor with Denise.

  5. Dy said

    Totally agree with you guys. Love these unnamed sources / insiders what a crock..

    Don’t know don’t care who they are getting to replace whoever. I’ll find out when “Bravo offically says” there will be another season,and exactly who will be on it.

  6. Bryan said

    Good Morning All,

    @3 Carrot I think Denise Richards would fit in more then this failed actress who was on again and off again with Robbie Williams for most of their dating, besides as far as I remember, he took his unwashed British ass back to the UK. He lived in LA for awhile where he got into UFO’s and playing soccer with the local ex pats.

  7. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    Good Morning friends!

    I agree with you all!

    I do think that Lisa V is a master manipulator. But in a good way. So if she has a chance to influence the choosing of the new cast member, she will –and without apology.
    But as far as being intimidated…Ha…don’t believe that for a second.

    And I hope that Camille returns, but ITA that Denise Richards would be a great addition.

    @ Dy–Maybe Cedric is the “source” for the NYDaily. Hahahaha!

  8. Mikki12 said

    I remember reading something a couple of weeks ago and Ayda Field was mentioned as a possible new housewife. My initial reaction was “who is she?” At least some of the other women mentioned, like Jennifer Flavin, I’ve heard of. Also, we have enough “Britain” on the show with Lisa. Why do we need another cast member with British connections? (i.e. Robbie Williams.)

    One more word about Camille. I only caught a few minutes of Camille hosting on the red carpet but I thought she looked uncomfortable. With reality shows the producers can cut and paste to their hearts content and make anyone look good or bad. Just goes to show you that these hosting jobs are not as easy as they look.

  9. Bryan said

    Here is something a little more current of Ayda with Robbie…

  10. @tweatcyn said

    Ayda WHO? Robbie WHO? Never heard of them, and from that awesome video find, I can’t believe he got so rich off of that rubbish. Blech. My vote is for Denise Richards.

  11. G-sus said

    The article doesn’t make sense to me. Obviously Ayda and Lisa are friendly since it says they lunched together in January, so why would she try to not have her on the show? Makes more sense if she was trying to get her as the new cast member since they know each other. I love the subtle Life & Style plug in the article. Reeks of PR shenanigans.

    I have to disagree about wanting Denise Richards to be the next housewife, simply because of her two girls. They have enough going on with their Dad’s downward spiral being so public. They don’t need BOTH of their parents’ lives so public. They deserve at least some sort of a private life. If they were older and out of school, then I would agree, Denise would be perfect.

  12. Dy said

    Good point GSus,about Denise Richards

  13. Bryan said

    @10 Tweatcyn, Robbie has never quite made it big here as he is in England, which is why he could go about LA without being bothered occasionally some pap got his photo but for the most part he just isn’t the star here that he was in the UK.

  14. carrot said

    @11 G-sus

    Sacrificial lambs to the slaughter!!! All the more to trample her with next season. 😉

    “Can you believe what Denise did with her kids in the next room!? What an awful mother… I can’t watch this show any more! It’s too draining, too brutal. But wait! They’re going on safari next episode? Perhaps Denise will redeem herself. I know nothing bad can happen on a Bravo housewife safari with live ammo! Can’t wait!”

  15. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    @14 Carrot- LOL!

  16. G-sus said

    @ 14 Carrot-sad but true.

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