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Oprah Will Not Be Pleased

Posted by tinselkitty on February 28, 2011

A show I never thought I’d watch is now a show I’ll DVR when it returns in March. Season two should be interesting as we’ll see how the family dynamics have changed with the addition of Robyn and her kids as well as what’s happening now that they are living publicly as a plural family.

The Sister Wives press release –

TLC’s hit series SISTER WIVES returns with more shake-ups and surprises beginning Sunday, March 13 at 9 PM (ET/PT.)

After captivating audiences in season one with an inside look into a real-life polygamist family, SISTER WIVES picks back up with Kody Brown and his four wives–Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn–along with their 16 children. Season two goes deeper into this unconventional–yet somehow relatable–family as they experience the ups and downs of living a plural lifestyle, from the Browns’ bold decision to “come out” as polygamists on national television to the changes brought on by their recently extended family.

In season one, Kody announced plans to take on another wife and her three kids– but just as the sister wives get comfortable with fourth wife Robyn and her children, the Brown family is once again thrown into turmoil. After learning that they are under investigation by the police for their lifestyle, SISTER WIVES now follows the Browns as they try to go on with their lives – by visiting the family ranch in Wyoming, planning a Halloween celebration and taking the brood on a winter cabin trip. But throughout season two, the tension mounts steadily until finally–fearing that their happy, loving family could be torn apart–the Browns make an enormous decision that will change their lives forever.

MEET KODY BROWN: Kody: 40-years old, father of 16 children, husband to four women – married Meri in April 1990, Janelle in January 1993, Christine in March 1994, and Robyn in May 2010.

MEET THE SISTER WIVES: • Meri (first wife): 40-years old, married 20-years and has one daughter named Mariah 15. • Janelle (second wife): 41-years old, married 18-years and has six children – Logan, 16; Madison 15; Hunter, 14; Garrison, 12; Gabriel, 9 and Savanah, 6. • Christine (third wife): 38-years old, married 16-years and has six children– Aspyn, 15; Mykelti, 14; Paedon, 12; Gwendlyn, 9; Ysabel, 8 and Truely, 10-months. • Robyn (fourth wife): 32-years old, married almost a year and has three children from her last marriage – Dayton, 11; Aurora, 8 and Breanna, 6.



21 Responses to “Oprah Will Not Be Pleased”

  1. tweety bird said

    Ya know…I get that they think huge families with lotsa kids gets you into heaven on a higher plain and all that and all will be together for eternity.

    I still think this is a way for a guy to have intimacy with many women and screw how these women are feeling.

    All these shows, while women will not discuss the intimacy of their relations with the husband…all have always spoken of the jealousy between the women…AND how it’s their own fault and something to get over…Talk about brainwashing a bunch of females for the sake of variety in bed.

    Anyone know how much this guy earns? Is he the sole support of his tribe? or are we paying for his sexcapades.

  2. tweety bird said

    ONe more thing…when polygamy was originally born out of smith’s mind, we did not have a population problem. It’s the responsibility of all people to be mindful of our population explosion. If this keeps up, and there is no sign of change, by 2050, the population will not be sustainable.

    Scientists are experimenting with “growing” meat. It’s about time polygamists got in line with the times and stop such indefensible behavior. If they are so spiritual, why do they miss the link of one to all or one supports the whole and the whole supports one. Why do they not feel responsible to all humans they are connected to.

  3. Dy said

    I’m so curious about them, this show interests me…Oy

  4. Daniela said

    Good Morning Dy and Tweety:
    I watched this show last season.
    Kody gives me the “kreeps.” When they are being interviewed, he literally stares at which ever wife is talking…it is really disturbing.
    Usually I adore guys with long hair, ummmmmm, it just doesn’t work for him. Yuck.

  5. Dy said

    Hi Daniela

    Yea he does, it is kinda creepy, lol.

    I have watched Big Love,(I have missed alot, but I’ll catch up one day)so I knew I would watch this show. 🙂

  6. Daniela said

    I’ve watched Big Love too. I think with me, at least, it’s just that I am curious how these people live. I equate it to watching a train wreck…you can’t keep your eyes off, even though you find it disturbing. I think I just can’t fathom sharing my husband with others.

    Yay, tonight’s Bethenny!

  7. Dy said

    @6 Me too Daniela..Lol

  8. wildheart said

    Morning everyone! Kody is kind of creepy. I caught one episode of this and I can’t imagine living that lifestyle. Hubs thinks polygamists are crazy. He says he can’t understand one female, why would he complicate his life with multiple wives. LOL I can’t wait to see how Big Love ends!

  9. Dy said

    @8 Wildheart..Lol

    I have got to catch up on Big Love,it’s been a while since I’ve seen it 😦

  10. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    I postede and it’s gone,,,

    morning everyone,,,

    I think Kody is a sleaze,,,I want to know how he supports this “family”…when he took his last wife on the long honeymoon the other wives were not happy.

  11. Dy said

    No Olive, It’s on the super natural thread silly xo

  12. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    lol..I see that…Im such a blonde Dy,,* sings “If you don’t know me by now,,u will never never know me”

  13. Dy said

    I love ya Olive ya know I Do xo

  14. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    I know u do,,,thank u,,,I can be a handful…love u bunches DY

  15. Daniela said

    lol, Wildheart!
    I think most men would agree….that women are hard to understand! But we know better.

    Hi Olive! Ahem…when are you going back to RINR?? Christmas is over, girl.

    That Kody is a sleaze! And that would be the day, that I let my husband take some other chica on a vacay.
    That man screams Creep!

  16. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Daniela…it’s always Christmas…Oh HolY Night,,,Im so lazy,and everyone calls me Olive,,,and I have a thing for Popeye,,and,,oh just rambling,,,the thing is,,I’m I leave again no one will know RINR… hugs

  17. Daniela said

    Olive, of course we would know RINR, but heck Olive is sweet too! Popeye is the best. xoxo

  18. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    I yam what I yam ach cuk cukc cuk (Popeye laff)

  19. wildheart said

    Olive, you’re adorable and funny no matter what name you go by!

    Dy, I think there are only five or six more episodes of Big Love and I hope Nikki gets taken down a peg or two. Not sure yet if I’m liking it this season.

    Daniela, so true! I always understand what I mean and my emotions. Don’t know why men don’t get it! LOL

  20. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Thank u Wildheart…XOXOXOXOXO

  21. Dy said

    @19 Wildheart..I don’t even know what the hell is going on, on Big Love, it has been so long since I’ve seen it..I think it’s because it didn’t come back right away one season or something,(?) I don’t know it was something though.Last time I saw it, Nikki was busted for taking birth control, I think they were gonna bring another wife in? The young one( I can’t remeber her name) was getting kinda frisky ( cut her hair, got a job(?) Roman was busted, junior had taken over..There were problems with the authorities, thats what I remember..

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