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Some New Jersey Tweet Action

Posted by tinselkitty on February 26, 2011

This unholy Housewife-free month is slowing us all down so let’s get a shot of Jersey to tide us over until the ladies of the OC return. I have no idea what happened as described above (not my tweets) but it sounds very camera-worthy. Anyone know where these ladies are this week? I’m assuming Atlantic City but will update if I find differently. And even if we don’t know who all was there, I’m pretty comfortable going with Teresa as the glass smasher. I know, big stretch, right? If you know more, hit us up in the comments.

QUICK UPDATE – The ladies are in the Dominican Republic this week. That’s pretty ballsy doing something like that in a foreign country.

TMZ is reporting on this and it sure looks like they hardly changed up these tweets. Sheesh, don’t y’all get paid for this? Well, I for one think it’s effing awesome that I have the same sources at TMZ. Movin’ on up, bitches!

Multiple cast members on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” were involved in a bar fight at a Hard Rock Hotel in the Dominican Republic this week … TMZ has learned.

Sources involved in the situation tell us … a couple of castmembers were hanging out at a bar inside the Hard Rock around 1:00 AM Wednesday morning when they got into a heated argument with a male patron.

We’re told someone involved in the argument grabbed a drinking glass and smashed it over the man’s head … and the guy was hurt so badly, he needed immediate medical attention.

So far, it’s unclear which cast members were involved in the fight — but we’re told Teresa and Caroline had been spotted at the Hard Rock that night.

A rep from Bravo had no comment on the situation.


31 Responses to “Some New Jersey Tweet Action”

  1. Dy said

    TMZ has this on there site Tinsel

    RT ran a story that the ladies and their husbands left for the D.R./ Punta Cana last Sunday..

    We’ll see if this this true,and if it is, I hope they freakin flimed it 🙂

  2. Yeah, but the story isn’t anything but the tweets. They didn’t even rearrange the words or the order the tweets came in.

  3. Dy said

    Guess I answered you before you updated..

    We will see if it is true..

  4. Bryan said

    Good morning all, I cannot understand why anyone wants to go to that third world cess pit and then get into some altercation where the authorities are called in, they all could end up on devils island!

    Somewhere the sound of Strega cackling can be heard!

  5. Dy said

    Good Morning Bryan..Everyone

    @4 Lol

  6. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    TK–TMZ is reporting tweets? Where is their inside guy?

    Bryan– Oooh you are so right. }}}shudder{{{

    Hi Dy!

  7. Dy said

    Hi Jelly

    Lord they all say “sources” who knows?
    I wonder if it was someone that was actually there or someone that got tweets from someone that was there.. So many questions Lol

  8. tweety bird said

    Let the betting begin!

    My 10 bucks say T-Ape is the culprit

  9. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    # That’s a very good question!

  10. Dy said

    I wonder why they didn’t say exactly who it was too(just saying it is unclear which castmembers wereinvolved in the fight) Jelly. It just says that Caroline and Teresa were spotted at the club that night,and this supposedly happened at 1:00am Wednsday morning.. And it seems kinda weird that this is being reported now how many days later..Me..Why freakin tweet, if you don’t have more deets..Come on we wanna know deets..LOL

  11. Dominicana said

    Hey Bryan, I happen to be from the Dominican Republic. While DR is in fact a third world country, it is not a cess pit. DR happens to be a beautiful country full of wonderful people. Yes, there are areas that are stricken with poverty but that’s not a reason to put it down.

  12. Dy said

    Maybe it was the guys..Joe, Teresa’s brother Joe, maybe Chris,can’t imagine Albert. maybe some one was being rude saying rude things to or about their wives,and it got out of hand,and all hell broke loose. Oh I’m curious now 🙂

  13. tweety bird said

    Ola All!

    I’m going to throw and extra fiver down that it was joe…t-ape’s husband. Hope we hear more on this scoop. Can’t take these peeps anywhere. Who picks up a glass and slams it on someone’s head. What world do these people live in? Such a violent clan.

  14. Bryan said

    @11 Okay I stand corrected, but I still do not understand why of all the places they could take these people if this was the “trip” they took for the show they went there!?, not because of the country but for the simple fact you cannot take these people out of the country, If they needed tropical whatever, drag their butts to Florida. or Hawaii, . You get into trouble in these third world joints, their going to toss you into the dungeon, because they have them! They probably got some discount to come down there and stay.

  15. Bryan said

    @8 Tweety, the next report we get from “reliable sources” will be that Teresa has been dragged off to the guillotine!

    While Strega does the dance of “Italian Glamour” Oh someone on POTO called her Lasagna Crotch LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Dy said

    Of course Bryan they are all “reliable un named sources” Pffftt..
    I wanna see pictures, actually names of who ever was involved, what really happened..All the

  17. Bryan said

    I want to see the cell phone vids and there better be chairs flying and high heels being thrown and wigs being pulled off

  18. Dy said

    @17 lol..Yea, if this really happened someone has got to has cell phone video, ..Oh that funny Bryan some called Strega Lasagna Crotch..bwaaah!!

  19. Bryan said

    @18 Dy, yeah they were talking about her show and I mentioned someone saw it and said she called herself “Italian Glamor” and they said more like Lasagna Crotch LOL!!!! Maybe in a day or two we’ll get more dirt on the DR Hard Rock throw down, also, why in the fuck are they at a Hard Rock!?!?!, Try sooaking up some local color at a more colorful bar then some joint they can go to in Atlantic City. Isn’t the idea when you go to another country to experience the other country not look for places that you can go to here.

  20. Dy said

    The Kelster got married yesterday..Woo freakin Hoo..Wonder how long it will be before we find out the Katye got her green card, or they announce she is pregnant.

  21. Bryan said

    @20 Dy or that he cheats on her with someone younger LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Dy said

    @21 Bryan, True, Lol..What a POS.,By the way she is too, for involving herself with a married man and helping break up a family, just my opinion.

  23. CAgirl said

    This was a pretty funny take on the nuptials:

  24. Dy said

    Thanks CAgirl..Ya gotta love Dlisted best snark around,short and to the point lmao!!

  25. tweety bird said

    Bryan…if he cheats with someone younger…he’d be in pedophile territory.

  26. G-sus said

    My guess on the “sources” is that it is either one of the housewives or Bravo. Similar to the different stories that were leaked during filming of other franchises like Ramona punching a producer, and Tamra and Jeana’s fight. Probably just put out there to peak our interests in the upcoming season.

  27. That person just copied and pasted what was on TMZ to Twitter, not the other way around.

  28. Leigh said

    “Reliable sources” AKA Henny penny,Goosey lucey, Chicken little!

  29. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @8 Tweety Bird…Most people I know would. LOL!

  30. Dy said

    Who’s watching the Red Carpet for the Oscars?

    I love to see what everyones wearing.

  31. Hey Leigh!! – lmaooo!!

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