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Whats New On TV Tonight? – Supernatural Hotties!!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on February 25, 2011

The Hotness Here Gives Me The Vapors

                                                                  Season 6, Episode 15        The French Mistake

When Raphael launches an attack, Balthazar transports Sam and Dean to a parallel world where they are mistaken for two actors named Jared and Jensen, who star in a TV series called Supernatural, which is about two brothers who hunt monsters for a living. The Winchesters must cope with some familiar faces in different roles when they discover that “Jared” is married to an actress who looks like the demon Ruby, and Castiel resembles a tweet-happy actor named Misha Collins.

Ok, I let the cat out of the bag.  I am a Supernatural junkie.  My oldest son got me hooked on this show and I did the same  to my sister.  It’s always great to start at the beginning and I did just that.  Started from season 1 to get all the back story and am now up to date.  I also found out how many message boards are dedicated to this show and how rabid the fans are.  At the end of each season, there is always the speculation that the show will be cancelled and HUGE online campaigns begin to ensure that the writers better get creative when you think they can’t do any more.  It always amazes me the story lines they can come up with for new seasons. 

I think I fell in love with the show due to the music (Bon Jovi) and the never-ending hotness of these 2 brothers and Deans wit.  I can look at them all day. 

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                                                         Supernatural – The French Mistake Extended Prev…, posted with vodpod

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 Here’s what’s on TV tonight (all times Eastern). Check your local TV listings for the full schedule.



The Hub: ‘Family Game Night’


ABC: ‘Supernanny’
CBS: ‘The Defenders’
NBC: ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’
FOX: ‘Kitchen Nightmares’
The CW: ‘Smallville’
PBS: ‘Washington Week’
Syfy: ‘WWE Friday Night Smackdown’
OWN: ‘Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes’


PBS: ‘The McLaughlin Group’


Disney: ‘Fish Hooks’
Cartoon Network: ‘Regular Show’


ABC: ‘Primetime: What Would You Do?’
FOX: ‘Fringe’
The CW: ‘Supernatural’
PBS: ‘Need To Know’
BBC America: ‘Law & Order: U.K.’
Travel Channel: ‘Ghost Adventures’
TLC: ”Say Yes to the Dress’ (two episodes)
Teen Nick: ‘Degrassi’
OWN: ‘Your OWN Show’


ABC: ’20/20′
CBS: ‘Blue Bloods’
Syfy: ‘Merlin’
E!: ‘The Soup’
IFC: ‘Onion News Network’
TLC: ‘DC Cupcakes’ (season premiere – two episodes)
Discovery: ‘Gold Rush: Alaska: Full Disclosure’
Current: ‘Bar Karma’
STARZ: ‘Spartacus: Gods of the Arena’


IFC: ‘Portlandia’


Comedy Central: ‘Comedy Central Presents’ (two episodes)
The Hub: ‘Transformers Prime’
STARZ: ‘Camelot’ (sneak peek)

Late-Night Talk Shows


PBS: ‘Charlie Rose’: TBA


ABC: ‘Nightline’: TBA
CBS: ‘The Late Show With David Letterman’: Matthew Morrison, Jeff Altman and Jessica Lee Mayfield
NBC: ‘The Tonight Show’: Emily Blunt, Jackson Murphy, and Darlene Love


ABC: ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’: TBA (repeat)
PBS: ‘Tavis Smiley’: Annette Gordon-Reed and Kem


CBS: ‘The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson’: Melissa Leo and Phil Keoghan
NBC: ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’: Jason Sudeikis, Amber Heard and Cyril Renaud


NBC: ‘Last Call With Carson Daly’: Robert K. Elder, Ludo Lefebrvre and Janelle Monae

I Watch This Show For The Intellect


57 Responses to “Whats New On TV Tonight? – Supernatural Hotties!!”

  1. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    yep..I do IJS,,,people in chat rooms would try that stuff,,,come in under other names,,but their speech,,font,,spelling,,mannerismsgive them away,,that ain’t foolin’ noone.. why do they effing care? WE have fun here.

  2. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    @1. Hi Olive! How are you feeling today? Better, I hope!

  3. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Im good how r u,,wanting more James Franco on Oscars,,,
    thought I saw a Tweety Bird..omg,funny if it weren’t so sad..

    Hugs Hun xoxoxo

  4. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Mrs.King is true class..yep IJS I now know who the hater is,,,a little birdie,,,dammit,,my little cockateil Beaker will take care of it,,she’s a little bad

    Why do people care how many posters are here,,we have fun,,join the boycott,,don’t join,,,you don’t put a gun to our head,,,but like I said,,,u watch people long enough trying to switch names and they will give themselves away eventually,,,it happened all the time in the Steeler room…I could always decipher them,,

    Good eye IJS..

  5. Dy said

    I caught it(a mean post to me) the other day on another thread Olive, MHJ,has caught it(a mean post to her or about about her) too a few weeks ago..I don’t understand why someone takes the time to post that they do not like what someone posts or whatever.. Does it really matter?, Does it mess up your day? That would suck if it did..

    Everyone gets along on here, there are times that we disagree, but it’s all good. We respect each other.

    Hopefully this is all over now.

  6. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    I agree Dy,,all I gotta say anyone who takes the tiem to write mean posts about u !..doesn’t know the good person that u are,,and 2 should maybe find other ways to amuse themselves,,,

    We sometimes disagree on here,,but we also have loads of fun,,I hope it’s over as well…life is too short and this is escapism for me as well as others,,I am sure…DY,,I used to go into the Steeler chat room,,,people would actually obsess over the fights and how far they would go to get even,,these were people my Dad’s age,,I was done,,,it just amazed me how people get so wrapped up in this.

  7. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Morning everyone,,,how is everyoine?

    Yep Kody is creepy,,,so all these kids,,I wondered what he did to support them…When he took his last wife on that long Honeymoon,,they interviewed the wives and they didn’t seem happy..

    LOL Wildheat,,Hubs is a very smart man.

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