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An Open Letter To Andy Cohen and Bravo Executives

Posted by ImaJustSaying on February 23, 2011

Below is an open letter to Andy Cohen and executives to consider providing Real Housewives bloggers with communication as described below. Strikes again! Clink Picture!

DISCLAIMER:  As I have recently learned, it is necessary to explain that the request and actions of the below blog owners do not mandate viewers/blog readers to change their channel but is simply stating that the below blog owners will not be recapping episodes for the latest installment of Bravo’s Real Housewives.

This ALSO does not mean that you are unable to comment on the show and I vehemently deny that I am using “Ninja Mind Control” to direct your remote control to another channel on Tuesday nights at 10:00 pm est. 

If people/readers support the cause, it is out of their own free will and there is no evidence that I passed out the Kool-Aid or used my bewitching powers to turn them into “sheep”. 

Dear Andy Cohen / Bravo Executives
This letter represents five major blogs who focus primarily on Bravo shows, more specifically, we focus on all of your Housewives series.
Some of us have attempted to reach out to you in an effort to connect with the network that we spend so much time blogging about, unfortunately you’ve chosen to ignore us.
Since all previous attempts to communicate with you have failed, we’d like to make one final attempt and make these points:
  • Our blogs attract thousands of readers who are die-hard Housewives/Bravo fans. You, as a network, tend to work with TMZ or RadarOnline who have no clear focus but cover all entertainment from movie stars to television personalities.
  • We have a strong influence on what viewers watch and don’t watch. All of us have gotten messages from viewers telling us that they wouldn’t be watching a particular show if we had not been blogging about the show.
  • We feel completely taken for granted by Bravo as we provide millions of dollars in free advertising to Bravo yet are completely ignored by the network.
  • Many of us have attempted to reach out to Network Executive, Andy Cohen and received absolutely no response.
  • Our readers don’t just occasionally watch a Housewives episode here and there, they watch every Bravo show and are fans of not only the shows but the Network.
  • As high profile bloggers, we feel that we can influence what shows our readers tune in to, and which ones they skip.
  • The endless comments from viewers on our blogs provide you with invaluable consumer feedback that you would otherwise have to spend thousands on creating a focus group.
  • Some of our blogs have become chat rooms that keep the discussion about Bravo shows alive for days and even weeks after the shows are over.
  • All of us Tweet in addition to blogging bringing focus to Bravo’s shows on this social network.
  • Many of us also have Facebook pages providing free advertising to Bravo’s shows.
  • We all do this on our own time and do not get paid for any of it.
Even when we have some negative things to say about Bravo’s shows, it is still free advertising and gets people watching the shows. You know it and we know it.
We are proposing that things change and while we understand that Reality Shows and Bloggers have yet to create any type of relationship, Bravo does tend to be a trend-setter and its open to new ideas. Here are some of our thoughts, we respectfully request that:
  • Bravo assign an employee to communicate openly with us. A Bravo employee who can be our iron clad “Source” providing us with solid information and allow us to ask questions, give us advanced information about premier dates, new shows and previews of new episodes. Things that you would typically leak to TMZ or RadarOnline would be provided to us as well.
  • Bravo allow us to do periodic interviews with Bravo cast members, possibly once per month on a rotating basis for all five bloggers represented in this letter. We’re open to different thoughts on this. It could be as simple as a list of questions emailed to the Bravo cast member or a telephone interview.
  • Bravo provide us with advanced copies of some episodes of Bravo shows, on a rotating basis taking turns between the bloggers
  • On Twitter we would be looking for some acknowledgement that we’ve spend hours promoting Bravo’s programs. Possibly a re-tweet of some links to our blogs by @BravoTV or @BravoPR. Again details could be negotiated.
  • Links to our blogs posted on
These are suggestions made by some of us and all are obviously negotiable, we don’t expect to get everything we’re asking for but we sincerely hope that some breakthrough will result from this communication.
ImajustSaying  from  and recent post and Terry from have already announced that they will not be blogging about Bravo’s newest Housewives series. I hope you will take a moment to read their thoughts.
The rest of us are prepared to follow suit, and not mention The Real Housewives of Miami on our blogs at all. This isn’t something that we wanted to do, this is something that we feel we’ve been forced to do by Bravo because we’ve been ignored. We feel as if we’ve been providing free advertising, focus groups and support and have received nothing in return.
If you would like blog stats, please let us know, we are all happy to provide it from our prospective blog hosting sites to underscore the number of viewers that we represent.
Please understand that we are fans, no we are SUPER FANS of Bravo, we do what we do on our own time because we love your shows, we want to work in harmony with you, we are simply asking for a little recognition that won’t cost Bravo a thing, except hopefully a growing audience right along with our growing readership.
You can contact us at the following email addresses:
For your convenience, listed below are the web sites represented here:






A Chat with Cat from the Real Housewives of DC @



134 Responses to “An Open Letter To Andy Cohen and Bravo Executives”

  1. I just thought of something…

    Peeps who are concerned that I am telling them what to watch.. um..

    TVTIME101.COM Motto – “We Control Your Remote”

    Its at the top left of the page.. So I guess I do have some kind of “Ninja Mind Control” super powers.. 😉

  2. Rosie said

    Lol…. Never entered my mind. 🙂

  3. Rosie said

    @30 Bryan..
    Love David Gilmore and

  4. Bryan said

    @3 Rosie,

    There is nothing better then a gay artistic cute blogger!

  5. Dy said

    Those 2 are the beat Rosie and Bryan..Love, Love. Love them!!!

  6. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    Well, IMO the bloggers have already won. There are more people reading the bloggers about boycotting BRAVO RHOM than there are people reading and commenting on articles reviewing RHOM.
    Let see, there are over 100 comments on this thread alone….I think there were only 12 comments at the EW RHOM review.

  7. Dy said

    @6 Not too many are supportive Jelly, I have read on quite a few sites that people think it’s pretty dumb, but hey that is their opinion..

  8. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    #7 But my point is it is getting more interest that the RHOM itself!! Whatever gets people talking. That’s success in Blogger World!

  9. Dy said

    @8 Well people are supporting their favorite blogs,(I don’t think that will ever change) but not supporting the boycott..I never intended not to come and post on IJS’site because I don’t support this boycott. Me, I really don’t think people are that interested in it, they think it’s dumb, voiced their opinion and most have moved on.. Still talk about the show,(if thet are watching) at least the blogs that I have read..Most people are saying they are not watching the show because of housewive overload, it’s boring, or they are mad that nyc was pushed back, not because of this boycott.

  10. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    @9Dy. I do understand what you are saying, but I think we are talking past each other now.
    I’m talking about blog interest, not the boycott.

  11. Dy said

    @10 I get ya Jelly… My bad.. sorry

  12. PBJ.. I have summed it up as this.. readers/commenters are protesting bloggers protesting.. lmfaooo!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!

  13. Dy said

    How is that IJS?…I’m just curious, really.

  14. Dy I am not sure what you mean but let me take a stab..

    readers/commenters are protesting our protest by commenting is all. Some are strong about not supporting and words are a form of protest..

    So I protest the protesters who are protesting bloggers protests.. ya know whad I mean? 😉

  15. Dy said

    I thought my question was pretty clear ijs sorry you didn’t think so

  16. Dy.. I was confused and started to type and then thought about it some more.. it truly was my thought process.. dont take offense.. I am in 20 windows.. tweeting, catching up in email and rewatching survivor from last night cause mr man was burning the midnight candle for work.


  17. huey said

    Holy crap Dy. Got it the first time you said you didn’t support the boycott. Heard it the second time and had to check my brain to make sure it was there irrevocably when you hammered it home the third time. Can anyone else have an opinion? Lighten up. You do this often. You state an opinion and if someone states an opposing opinion you have a need to hammer your side home. It’s a blog for everyone. This is not your personal home space where what you say goes.

  18. huey said

    ps. I think the boycott is stupid. Can’t wait to see if bravo makes their stars available to you all for interviews. Are you all kidding me? Talk about puffed up. Bravo made you guys, not the other way around. Just strike against the entire network. Oh, you can’t, then you would have nothing else to do.

  19. Dy said

    @17 Huey

    That wasn’t very nice.
    I never said/thought that this was my “personal home space where what I say goes”. I don’t care when anyones opinions are different than mine, they are just as strong and will debate just as hard their point.It all good to agree to disagree. What did I ever do to you?

  20. Huey said

    You’ll live. Just lighten up.

  21. Dy said

    You are not going to tell me how to or what to post,and to lighten up. Sorry.

  22. Huey said

    Just keep on keeping on.

  23. Dy said

    No worries,I will..Btw..Don’t let my posts bother you so much,you’ll have a much nicer day. 🙂

  24. Huey said

    I always have a great day. For you, it might be okay to read a differing view and not have to restate yours ad nauseum.

  25. Dy said

    Why do my posts bother the hell out of you so much?? Why are you paying attention to me so much? Don’t worry or care about my views or if I state them or not..Geeze.

  26. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    Hi Dy!! Good morning!!

  27. Dy said

    @24 Do you really feel the need to tell people what to read or not to read what to post and not to post on gossip sites or is it just me..Why would you do that why would you care?

  28. Huey said

    Re read all your posts then think about it. You just don’t quit. But it’s ok. I’ll just scroll past them. Read one you’ve read them all. Have a wonderful day. Try to calm down a bit. Bad for the health.

  29. Rosie said

    Huey.. What’s up?
    We try not to do “mean” here. It’s not our thing.

  30. Rosie said

    Hi Jelly.. I responded on the other tread, to you.

    Good morning Dy! 

  31. Huey said

    Just stating an opinion. In what way am I being mean. I keep agreeing and saying go ahead, be well, have a great day and right in line with what I’ve been saying, some people have to beat a dead horse.

  32. Dy said

    @28 Huey/ or is many of the other alias that you have been using coming on this site, I rememeber this name along with several others)..

    You really have some damn nerve telling me what to read,and to think about anything.Seems like you pay way too much attention to me and my posts,why I have no idea.

  33. Huey said

    Dy. Let it go now. Really. You are not even making sense now. It’s over. Bye.

  34. Dy said

    @31 No your not Huey, you came on being mean to me and telling me what to do.What did you expect, for me not to reply? you knew i would and you have replied right back.

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