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Watch What Happens After Show with Kandi and Phaedra – Plus – I AM ON STRIKE!!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on February 22, 2011

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Kandi Burress and Phaedra Parks were guests on Watch What Happens Live last night after the final episode of the reunion show part 2.  I didn’t get to see this particular episode since I had a DVR conflict and thought I would record the second rerun and to no avail, no reunion show.  It was a ‘sneak peak’ FULL episode of the new franchise which I won’t name since I am boycotting this un-named franchise of Real Housewives.  Turns out that Andy announced on WWHL that it was a surprise that he would be airing the ‘not so sneak peek” of the first episode maybe in anticipation of bad ratings due to the boring ass antics of NeNe Leakes?  Can that girl get any more self indignant? 

“I have my opinons and they are strong but they are mine.”  

But anyone else who has an opinon is not valid and just talking trash?    NeNe.. I quit you..

Ok, reasons for me boycotting the new ‘unamed’ franchise is this.  Bravo has done nothing to support us bloggers or give us any acknowledgement to the fact that we egg on viewership and provide a lot of advertising for their programming.  A few simple demands er um request’s would be satisfactory. 

Request #1 – If you will not let viewers to post non moderated comments to the BRAVOTV.COM blog, then you must direct viewers to blogs who do discuss the show candidly. Fair is Fair in all things housewives.

Request #2 – Bloggers want a direct line to WWHL.  Not all bloggers at the same time, but pick one blogger for a single WWHL show to showcase and give advertisement to the heavily hit blogs dedicated to your network who are not paid a dime currently and all the efforts to promoting Bravo should be rewarded.

Request #3 – A short or candid interview with one of the current housewives from time to time would be nice.  I will even take a non favorite housewife for some exclusive Q & A on their hairless kid, cat or dog.  Hell!  I will even take an evicted or bankrupt one as well!!  There are so many lined up in the HOLY CHIT category.  Makes for great fodder.. 

Request #4 – The ability to have some blog contest and WWHL  DONATED give aways to award avid readers and commentators.  It’s the fans who drive the ratings and should be rewarded.

Request #5 – Can’t a simple tweet to his blogger promoters of his network be justified in our efforts in wanting more readers and commentators?  Who’s gonna check you boo??  ME Thats who..

Request #6 – This is my final demand at this moment.  I know I will think of a few more tomorrow.  Before I stage a sit in at Bravo Andy’s headquaters at 30 Rock and chant.. “We Will Overcome” at your HQ door while NOT watching your new show.   I also would LOVE to figure out how to upload videos to (not .org) so I can add Bravo videos with out that black box to the left.. ITS KILLIN ME!!!

UPDATE!!!!  –

Request #7 – An invitation to be in the audience for WWHL anytime soon would be awesome..  😉  Makes bloggin alot of fun!  (pictures required to prove I was actually there)

Well peeps.. I am boycotting the new franchise of Real Housewives.  I will not speak of the name or even post a preview or a hot gossip item.  From what I learned so far, it looks as boring and fake as the faces of the woman and its no loss to me.

Until most of my demands can be met, I am mum.

Here is part 2 of Watch What Happens live with Kandi and Phaedra.  I think Phaedra is a hoot and her first attempts to promoting a perception of her new marriage and pregnancy was a total ruse, she has now come into her own..

You go Phaedra!!  Promote your true bad self with the likes of REDICULOUS!!  Ok i dont want to see the entertainer.. just your explanation was enough!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.
                                                      WWHL After Show with Kandi and Phaedra: Part II, posted with vodpod


Join In The Boycott all you renegades!


Don't Be Silent.. Hammer Andy on Twitter!!

Wear your badge LOUD AND PROUD!!

Make your voice heard!! @bravoandy

Stand Up To The Man!!!

No 5 finger discount Bravo for advertising !

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United We Stand.. Divided We Fall

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111 Responses to “Watch What Happens After Show with Kandi and Phaedra – Plus – I AM ON STRIKE!!”

  1. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    no one ever gets to post on BRAVO’S site,,this is our outlet!!!!!!!!!!! POWER TO US!!!!

    • Thanks, Olive! The point of this whole thing isn’t to get anything for ourselves, it’s to get more access for our readers. We want to give y’all better stuff and not just recycle the same stories that already exist. No one’s lost sight of the fact that we do this voluntarily, we’d just really like to do it better. Your support means a lot.

  2. Little Lulu said

    Double Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. wildheart said

    Well said, TK! Go, olive!

  4. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    You have my support,,,to say that this is an easy job ,,,I can only imagine all the research that u do,,and know that on bad make my day! I understand what you are saying,,u are not DEMANDING that people boycott,,I choose to stand by you and IJS because this is a venue where we can “talk” about whatever we like…I swear the BH reunion,,,there were so many questions,,it was like Andy read the blogs here and asked the right questions.

    You go girl and hopefully people realize what you are trying to do here.

  5. BooBoo said

    Funny, the same people that tried to control how other posters reacted to posts on RT are doing the same exact thing here. Kudos.

  6. Dy said


    Oh I don’t think so..Just people stating their opinions. I don’t think anyone is trying to change anyones mind, or tell them how to react to a post..At least I don’t get that at all. 🙂

  7. […] From TV Time 101: Ok, reasons for me boycotting the new ‘unamed’ franchise is this.  Bravo has done nothing to support us bloggers or give us any acknowledgement to the fact that we egg on viewership and provide a lot of advertising for their programming. Continue reading… […]

  8. Go To Sleep said

    This whole thing is hilarious. You ladies CHOOSE to blog about Bravo and their shows, and now you expect something from Bravo for doing it?? I did not start watching Bravo because of these blogs…it’s the other way around! I started reading these blogs BECAUSE OF BRAVO. So it sounds like you all are the ones who owe something to Bravo.

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