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Real Housewives of Atlanta – Reunion 2 aka Get It Over With Already

Posted by tinselkitty on February 20, 2011

I feel like I have to watch. This is what it’s come to, Bravo. I don’t even care about tonight’s episode. It’s merely a hurdle I have to jump in order to get to Miami and Orange County. Blech.

Tonight we get to look forward to more Nene/Kim, more Kim/Kandi and more Phaedra/Nene. Tonight’s drinking game shall be one shot for every smirky face made by Nene. I advise all y’all to eat something first. No empty stomachs on this game. Play it safe, peeps.




127 Responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta – Reunion 2 aka Get It Over With Already”

  1. Dy said

    @ Rosie Yes,I’m just really curious about this season and besides NY is my favorite anyway 🙂

    I’ll watch St Bethenny too because I’m curious about it also, but I’m sure it is gonna be her yelling at and complaining to about Jason. It will have some good comedy though I’m sure.

  2. Rosie said

    Dy.. I’ll probably watch B too. I want to see if she’s holding it together, with the husband and baby. You’re right, sometimes she’s hilarious, and other times.. A bit manic. 🙂
    OC may be better this season, than the last couple. Tamra and Vicki have huge life changes, that should be interesting (or annoying). They have a new HW, but she’s friendly with Barbie and Blob Bellino, so I’m not too hopeful about her.

  3. Dy said

    Rosie..Oy she will bitch and complain about how hard it all is with her assitant,baby nurse, helpful husband, wonderful in laws blah blah blah(totally being sarcastic, she has no idea how lucky she is at times).. Ya know lifes a bitch, geeze! But as I said she will be funny at time I’m sure.Oy but she gets on my nerves at times!

    Yes, your right OC should be better..I saw that new one( I call her Pugly) she is just like AlexisAss and Greedy,and Tamrat loud, obnoxoius, and over done..ugh!!

  4. Bryan said

    Good Morning all

    @5Dy, Yes she will, because she is a MO-DERN woman! ick!!!!

  5. Mikki12 said

    Hello everyone! Can you take one more comment about Atlanta? Did anyone else notice that on WWHL Kandi was wearing the same top that she wore in her one-on-one interviews. You know, that sheer black thing. I was really surprised becase there’s Phaedra dressed to the nines and Kandi wearing something we’ve seen her in umpteen times. I did like Kandi’s hairstyle, though. Very flattering. As for that money situation with Kim it sounded as if they originally had an agreement where they were each to get 33%. Along comes Kim’s lawyer and says “no” to the split. Kandi had every right to be upset but it must be legal or Kandi would have sued Kim instead of whining about it. I hope Kim gives Kandi a few more bucks so they can all move on.

  6. Dy said

    Good Morning Bryan and Mikki

    Uggh,Bryan I can just hear St Bethenny now, bitch and complain,complain and bitch,when all of this is what she has always wanted,,Oy!!

  7. Dy said

    @8 I liked Kandis hair style much better also Mikki, even better than the curly thing she had going at the reunion which was an improvement from the whacked one she had been sporting the whole sesaon. I don’t know what Kim will do,she did say on the reunion Kandi can have whatever is in that account or whatever, who the frig knows..All i know is that Kandi in several interviews during the season and on wwhl when she was with her mother explained how the whole thing went down for the hunredth time. She also said a hundred times that she was over the whole thing and that Kim and her are cool, well WT….? Every freakin chance she gets she still goes on and on about it to whoever, to me it just makes her look ridicules.If she is over than be over it, put on your big girl panites and stop crying ..Geeze!!

  8. Mikki12 said

    Dy: Andy certainly didn’t like Kandi’s curly-look and said so. I didn’t think it was so bad. It was the outfit she chose to wear with it that made her look weird. Every time I looked at her I wanted to shout out “yabba dabba doo.” She really looked like a cartoon character on The Flintsstones.

    Kim has a habit of promising things to people and then changing her mind. Remember when she was going to sing with NeNe? I think NeNe was looking forward to that and Kim screwed her and decided to go solo. Then she pulled a similar stunt on Kandi with sharing the profits. No wonder people get mad at her. Kim needs to do the right thing with Kandi. When all is said and done, Kim needs Kandi a lot more then Kandi needs Kim.

  9. Dy said

    @11 Mikki..” Yabba dabba doo” LOL !..I don’t ever remember seeing Kandi dressed nice. Actually to me, besides her choice of clothes, she just has a dirty look to her, ya know?

    Remember NeNe started talking smack, saying that the song would not be anything without her and that Kim needed her.She was making fun of Kim all over the place.That is why Kim pulled NeNe off of it, and said I’m doing it myself,and Kandi agreed. Now Kandi also needed Kim , otherwise she would not have asked her to go on that little tour with her, she saw that Kim can draw a crowd when Kim asked her to go to and preform at the White Party.
    I like Kandi, I just don’t like when some says over and over again that they are over something and are cool with some one, but then back peddles. I would have more respect for her if she would have said or says look, I’m still upset over what happened and it is gonna take me a minute.

  10. carrot said

    Hello everyone!

    @12 Dy
    I agree with the rehashing of the situation. Atlanta kept doing that ALL season long. To be honest, in the Kandi/Kim situation I think it’s less Kandi bringing it up and more being asked by Bravo. Sometimes Bravo has a tendency to beat a dead horse in interviews– I think they think we’re all dumb and forget what happened last season, last episode, last 30 seconds. Since the response to ATL this season has been dull, I hope they’re learning a lesson… although with the ratings, I doubt it ;(

  11. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    Bravo really wrings out every last bit of drama from each series, don’t they?

  12. Hey Tinsel Kitty! I wasn’t sure if the 17 year-old, “common-law” wife was calling from Brazil?
    Anywhoo-from the way that I understand common-law-marriage, in some Southern US States, all you have to do is spend ONE NIGHT in the same bed, and/or hotel room to be considered legally, common-law married.
    Is that an urban-myth??
    Didn’t it actually happen to a famous B-baller?
    But from what I know for sure, the laws are different in different states.

  13. Dy said

    Why i nthe world does no one from the Atl except Kim callthat moose NeNe out on her bad behavior? That includes Andy Cohen too? Every freakin time NeNe opened her mouth last night and rambled on she sounded more and more ridicules and made no freakin sense, but no one said a word. NoOne said a word about her awful behaviour on that bus, or the way she acted at Kims friends mansion in Miami, nope not a word..Are they afraid, Andy I’m looking at you too..Any other housewive from any other franchise would have been called out by their castmates and Andy Cohen.
    Jill, Kelly, Tamra, Gretchen come to mind just to name a few that have been called out..

  14. Bryan said

    Dy are you kidding, you know why they don’t they fear Neigh Neigh’s flattulence of destruction!!!! they don’t want to get gassed.

  15. Rosie said

    @16..Dy, I missed the first 15 minutes last night, but your right Dy. No one pressed NENe. Andy has been a lot better in the interviews lately, and he even pressed on Kim and Phaedra… But not NeNe. It seems like every year, the Atl women make a pact to not “wig” out on each other, they did it last year too.

    @17 Bryan.. That must be it. Lmao!

  16. Dy said

    Good Morning Everyone 🙂 xo

    @17 Bryan..Oppps how could I

    @18””not to wig out”..
    Isn’t it funny though that they never do that? I mean every other housewive on every other franchise can’t wait for the reunion to tell these nuts about themseleves,and there is ATL, quiet as a mouse,hmmm.. No wonder NeNe thinks she is the grand Poo Pah.. She acts the fool, talks like a fool on and off the show and at the reunion, and those women say Nothing, they look down, adjust their dresses,it’s just weird to me.. And Andy could he be any more up NeNe’s coolie?? My God!

  17. Dy said

    NeNe on Celebrity Apprentice

    NeNe fighting with Star Jones

    Donale Trump saying to NeNe the Moose..” You’re Freakin Fired”

    Priceless!! 🙂

  18. Dy said

    opps * Donald..@20

  19. wildheart said

    That reunion was an hour of my life I’ll never get back. Talk about booooorrrrring! Dy, the thought of Andy up Neigh Neigh’s culo has me giggling! Cannot wait to see Neigh Neigh called out by the Donald! LOL

  20. Dy said

    Wasn’t it Wildheart..A big fat yawwwwwwwwwn!!

    I have not watched the Apprentice in years, but I sure am gonna watch it this year

  21. wildheart said

    I haven’t watched the Apprentice since Bill Rancic won but I will definitely be watching this season! What a crop of characters and loose cannons!

    That reunion sucked BIG TIME! LOL

  22. Dy said

    That might have been the last time I watched also Wildheart,I can’t remember but I do remember that one. lol
    Yes this season does look interesting besides the Big Moose being on there..Gary freakin Busey..Omg!

  23. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    The best Celebrity apprentice IMO was Piers Morgan VS Ormorosa…what a battle…it was riveting…lol

  24. BobLHead said

    Agree with y’all…that reunion was a snooze fest.

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