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Move Over Bedbugs, Now There’s Something Meatier

Posted by tinselkitty on February 20, 2011

What do you call a group of Housewives? An infestation, apparently. Bedbugs are so 2010.

From E! Online

Where the heck were the A-listers?

That’s was the buzz from the organizers of New York’s Fashion Week, which wrapped Thursday night. Although celebs showed, and plenty of ’em, they were mostly reality TV stars. And although we did see some big names in music pop up all week, the New York and New Jersey Housewives seemed to rule the tents alongside them.

“It was all Housewives all week, this year didn’t really have any huge big name draws,” one staffer groused to E! News. “It’s all reality shows now. Matthew McConaughey was the only A-Lister who came to see his girlfriend walk the in Red Dress show. And you had your actresses, but where’s the Charlize Therons? Or the Julianne Moores? Now it’s Alex [McCord] from Housewives.”

So, including McCord, who were the five biggest fixtures in the Fall 2011 Fashion Week? We give them to you here…

1. Vanessa Hudgens:  The newly single actress was spotted at Diesel, Marc Jacobs and the Jeremy Scott show where she told us about her style and laughed off questions about Zac Efron. The cutie popped up all over town, running from the tents to offsite shows, and in betweem even found time to get some new ink. She made her way down to the East Village, where she got a butterfly tattoo on her neck in the middle of her hectic schedule.

2. Kanye WestCausing chaos wherever he went, the rapper dissed the Grammys in favor of Fashion Week. First it was the Tory Burch presentation at the Lincoln Center tents, where Kanye caused such a stir, fans had to be told to not crowd him with their cameras. Then he hit the Jeremy Scott show, where he rolled 12 deep with bodyguards. Uncalled for, really. Then he managed to cause a near stampede outside the Modrian with his presence at the his V magazine cover party in SoHo, where his face was printed on the invites and money was spit into the air in a “Make It Rain machine.” He also attended Alexander Wang‘s Belvedere Vodka party and caught a performance by Lauryn Hill. You’d think he was a castmember of Real Housewives of New York City. Speaking of…

3. The Real Housewives of New York/New Jersey: Yes, we’re lumping them all in one group. From Alex and her oddly dressed hubby, Simon McCord, at Cyntha Steffe telling us this season of the show is insane to Jill Zarin sitting front row at Betsey Johnson, they infested the tent like reality bedbugs.

Zarin chatted her way through Johnson’s show, telling E! News she loves new castmember Cindy Barshop and plugging her new line of shapewear called Skweez. Zarin even marched in the Zang Toi show, saying she was a nervous wreck. Caroline Manzo hit the Tracy Reese production, where she also plugged the upcoming season of the show, telling us there are plenty of fights that go down. And the godfather of it all, Bravo honcho and Watch What Happens host Andy Cohen sat front row at Diane Von Fürsetnberg laughing at it all and telling us the buzzword for this year is “Keep your hands off, Andy!”

4. Fergie: The singer looked smokin’ hot all week, first sitting at DVF in a green coat and colorful scarf, where she eyed a red sequined number and smiled as it went town the runway. She caused such a stir with her entrance extra security was called in to stand near her while she sat front row. She was then hustled backstage in the blink of an eye. But not before she told us she loved the “blues and greens” and Diane herself. The Black Eyed Peas frontwoman also hit the Marc Jacobs show in a short red number by the designer, and brought gorgeous hubby Josh Duhamel along as the best accessory.

5. Gabrielle Union: The pretty actress had amazing attendance this Fashion Week, showing her face all over the tents. She hit the Christian Siriano show looking beautiful in an aqua printed dress, then she was spotted at Carolina Herrera in a bright yellow number, then over to Nicole Miller in a one shouldered jumpsuit (and great, flowing hair). She also popped a squat next to Julia Stiles at the Tracy Reese show, where the two gossiped ad chatted throughout. We almost put Stiles on here, but Union had her beat by a few shows. We’ll call her a runner-up.

Anyone else notice that Jill’s smile is getting more and more strained lately?



19 Responses to “Move Over Bedbugs, Now There’s Something Meatier”

  1. Dani said

    I wonder what all these designers think about this? Can’t you just picture them peering out from behing the curtain thinking crap, nothing but reality hacks sitting front row.

    However, I am sure that the HW’s consider themselves A-Listers. Especially Jill Z. since she walked in a show and is hawking her “sqeeze-the-living-daylights-out-of-me-underwear” now. So couture you know. In my mother’s day this underwear would have been called a girdle. Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it does it?

  2. Dy said

    I wonder too Dani, but then again, in this economy nobody should be bitching about who is at their shows. Just be grateful people are at their shows..Alot of stylists go to these shows for these big stars..And really by the way Julianne Moore was at the shows, my niece interviewed her. 🙂

  3. Dani said

    Hi Dy – Julianne Moore is such a talented actress. Love her. Is your niece in the fashion biz? I imagine it must be an incredible amount of work that these designers put into their shows. I wonder if it is a make or break type of situation for them.

    Anyway I got to thinking also about last year when Alex spearheaded that fashion show. Was that in Brooklyn and Jill Z. was such a stinker about the location and all. I can’t remember, but was that also the show where Ramona did her now infamous crazy eye cat walk?

  4. Dy said

    She’s a jour./rep. for a big deal fashion mag in Nyc, living her dream. She travels all over. Love when she comes home to vist!

    Oh yea, rememeber when the Yenta was so rude about the location and ( garbage next to the step and repeat) her laughing at Ramona and making fun of Alex, oh she thought she was so funny..Then she goes back stage and tell them how wonderful they were..Ughh

  5. Bryan said

    Maybe a lot of the big names stay away because they dont want to be around the reality nit wits and the d-list actors? or maybe Fashion week is not the big thing to go to anymore…for most A listers. Julianne Moore although being a excellent actress has show up at some events in some KRAZY!!!! get ups

  6. Bryan said

    Good Morning all.

  7. Bryan said

    @4 Dy, I remember that and I agreed with her, that was a hysterical fashion event , I mean when you have a hybrid alien and a horse marching the catwalk it can’t get any more amusing

  8. Bryan said

    Speaking of…look at Cindy Carhop, OY!!!!!, Jill looks in pain with that bun, but LuLu looks good, she obviously enjoying the new boyfriend and it shows!!

  9. Dy said

    Good Morning Bryan

    Yea..She didn’t say anything thing about her that linebacker Smelly been smokin though in that big bird dress.. The yenta was right in her critiques, but shit, don’t go back stage and say that they all did so great and everything was so freaking great when she torn the whole thing up out front on camera the freakin putz!! Just freakin say congrats. on the show, and then leave!

    Yea that Cindy Barshop, looks like she spends alot of time in a bar..That bun on Jill is so freakin old school..LuLu I have to say always always looks good,she knows how to dress..the woman has style/class

  10. Dani said

    Dy – Oh, yes I do remember Jill Z. thumbing her nose at the location. She showed her true colors and they were not pretty colors.
    How much fun that must be with your niece.

    Bryan – Ramona will never live down that stroll down the cat walk.

  11. Bryan said

    @9Dy yeah, congrats is good enough and then blow out of there especially since it’s being filmed no need to go on and on. another moment Jill I’m sure regretted later, that whole season actually.

    Speaking of I was looking at some of the Bethenny forever in a day or whatever its called and the fool doesn’t understand why hubby is farting all the time in front of her now that they are married. No need to keep up the pretense now that deal is done, this kind of stuff is NEW to her????

  12. Bryan said

    Lu Anne does have style, I would love to see LuLu and Lisa in a show together, I bet it would be hysterical toss in Adrienne and Lynda from Dc,( “Goat Rodeo” still has cracking up) Sonja ( My new hero for throwing Old Paint out of her party) and then Mrs Limon Zirga for laughs.

    Call it the “Real Housewife All Stars”

  13. Dy said

    Yes Dani and Bryan..The Yenta once again trying to be St Bethenny, cutting up, trying to be funny, but it was a big fail, huge!!

    Oy Bryan..I’ll probably watch StBethenny because I’ll be curious, but lord, I’m sure she will be yelling and complaining to and about Jason all the time,like she did the first season..Ugh!!

  14. Dy said

    I think LuLu has the most style Bryan of all the housewives.Lady Lisa does look nice alot of of the times but there are times, she needs to rein in the old cleavage, a little too much for day time,and for a woman her age. And the pattern hoisery is too much for her age also. Just a couple fashion don’ts.But mostly she is a fashion do..:) in my opinion.

    I’ll tell ya..I really thought Greedy the first season she was on the OC, dressed really well, everything she worn.

  15. Rosie said

    Hi you guys! It’s Sunday already! I’ve been having an intense week.

    I think many of the famous, just send their stylists nowadays, to do the grunt work and narrow the selections down. Also, much of fashion week, is directed at the buyers for the retail corps, and those people are fairly anonymous, but it’s how most of the money is made, besides the fashion mags.

    Dy & Bryan.. Agree. The countess does dress really well… And Lisa looks good generally, but those see-through shirts and cleavage, have got to go. 🙂

  16. Dy said

    Hi Rosie!! xo

    Totally agree 🙂

  17. Rosie said

    Hi Dy! 🙂
    Yep, I think Lulu wins!

  18. buffywood said

    Does Caroline hear herself? Saying “There are plenty of fights that go down” like it is something to be proud of. The whole NJ crew are garbage.

  19. Dy said


    Oh Hell No!!! NJ is great..Can’t wait until they come back on, especially since the Strega will no longer be on 🙂

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