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Posted by tinselkitty on February 18, 2011


Whoo hoo, Tinselkitty gotcha again! I’m so sorry, but you understand that I had to do it. Once I saw that this photo existed there was no way I couldn’t use it. I just can’t help myself. There’s good news behind the curtain, though, and I think you’ll forgive me when you hear what I’m about to tell you.

Sing the Hallelujah chorus, my peeps, for Slade Smiley, Housewife man-slut reppin’ the OC, has been officially ordered to back away from your television screens. If you want to cut straight to the good stuff, and who doesn’t after seeing that hunk of beefcake so early in the morn’, amirite? then skip on down to the second update.

From the OC Register

Slade Smiley, the boyfriend of “Real Housewife of Orange County” Gretchen Rossi, owes $138,857.64 in child support, according to court documents and Costa Mesa resident Jennifer Young, who runs the website

Smiley was scheduled to appear in a Los Angeles courtroom today (2/09) to address payments he owes to ex-girlfriend Michelle Arroyo.  They are the parents of Grayson Arroyo-Smiley, 10, who has a rare form of brain cancer called diffuse fibrillary astrocytoma.

However, Arroyo notified the court that the boy was sick and in the hospital today, so it’s unclear if the hearing took place.

UPDATE (2/15/11): The hearing did take place. Matters have been continued to March 18.

Smiley, 42, has seen his child-support debts balloon from $84,962 to more than $138,850 because of interest owed on arrears — unpaid or overdue payments.

“Once you fall behind, and he’s fallen behind for so long, the interest is what typically makes it impossible to pay back,” said Young, a child-support advocate who has also been through the experience of not receiving child-support payments owed by a so-called deadbeat father.

According to court documents, Smiley also had his driver’s license suspended on Jan. 8 because of delinquent child support. However, he has been spotted around Costa Mesa, where he lives with Gretchen, and Orange County driving in a powder-blue Mercedes Benz and a black Range Rover. Young, who lives a few blocks away from Smiley and Rossi, says she has personally seen him driving around the neighborhood while his license has been suspended.

Smiley could not be reached for comment.

UPDATE (2/15/11): In an interview on Feb. 15, Smiley said his license is not suspended and he can legally drive.

Last but not least, a judge recently ordered Smiley to seek work outside of the entertainment/TV or title industries, because he’s been unable to obtain money through those ventures for extended periods of time.

Smiley was first introduced to “Real Housewives” audiences as the fiancé of Jo De La Rosa, who was a Coto de Caza “housewife” in waiting during the first two seasons.

After Smiley and De La Rosa broke up, Smiley briefly dated Lauri Waring, another cast member, who eventually married George Peterson and became Lauri Peterson.

Smiley and Rossi started dating between seasons 4 and 5, and he was revealed as Rossi’s new boyfriend at the beginning of season 5.



40 Responses to “GOOD MORNING, VIETNAM!!!”

  1. Miss Figg said

    Great info Tinsel! Slade Slimey is a disgrace. The judge, in other words, told the slug to get a JOB to have a regular source of income. What in god’s name does Gretchen see in him? She sees his character on display in regards to his sick & likely dying son. But she’s shown herself to be shady too with that Jay Photopug (wrong spelling, i know) that keeps wiping the courtroom floor with her every time he takes her to court. And wasn’t she fooling around on Jeff while he was sick or in the hospital? Maybe they’re pathetic soul mates.

  2. Dy said

    The Sladester is the scum of the earth. So is Greedy.They deserve each other

  3. Bryan said

    Good morning all, We’ll see how long he backs away from the Camera’s he doesn’t seem to want to follow the law or any court orders, Dude needs a serious stint in the chokey to get him to shell out some cash, and I doubt little Gretchen can shell out any with all her legal woes LOL

  4. tweety bird said

    who’s the douchbag?

  5. tweety bird said


  6. BobLHead said

    Morning all…..been MIA lately, down with the plague…must have caught it from the little ankle biters in the sweatshop.

    Going back to bed now, juice in sippy cup, blankie in hand.

  7. tweety bird said

    hey bob…feel better..miss your snark.

  8. tweety bird said

    ps..just use mace on the ankle biters…works for me.

  9. Dy said

    I hope you feel better Bob. xo

  10. wildheart said

    Bobl, feel better asap! The plague has made it’s way through our house repeatedly since xmas …totally yucky!

    Dy said it best …those two scumbags deserve each other! I agree with Bryan, the sladester needs some time in the pokey to get a reality check.

    Now I’m off to bleach my eyeballs so I won’t have nightmares tonight!

  11. Dy said

    Hi Wildheart

    I really do not like any of these chicas on OC.I saw a clip the other day of AlexisAss, Tamrat, and this new one I will call Pulgy.Wow she fits right in loud, obnoxious, over done. Just like all of them Greedy, Icky.. I don’t about the other new one,YET.

  12. tweety bird said

    Way off topic…But TOO JUICY FOR WORDS:

    Jill Zarin will call you personally if you order 10 of her books:

    She’s still peddling that crap she has lying all over the basement at the fabric store…hahahahahaha

  13. Bryan said

    Yeah oc is the biggest mess of white trash especially now.

  14. G-sus said

    OMG, TK, now is your chance @ 13! Get IJS to loosen up some TvTime petty cash and you can get a Jill Zarin exclusive interview!

  15. tweety bird said

    @ 15, G-ster…Great idea!

  16. Pixie said

    Hi, all! Whoo-hoo! Made it to Friday!

    I know my socks, and that one that Slimey is sporting looks like it’s from the Children’s Place. He had to go to a specialty store to find a sock in his size (allegedly, of course!)

    Whatever happened to Greedy advertising that the proceeds from her song were going to the nonexistent Jeff Beitzel Foundation then ended up going to the the Lymphoma Society when it was exposed Geedy never set up a Jeff Beitzel Foundation? Anyone know how that turned out?

  17. Dy said

    @17 Hi Pixie

    I don’t know, good question..Remember when all that stuff went down on RT? Help me Rhonda exposed all of that. Rt ran the story and everything it was a real big deal. First she exposed that there was never a foundation ever set up then everything eles came tumbling down for Greedy..The fake up line that she ripped off another line, Scarlette exposed that..Man there were some great detectives on RT at the time.. Exposed was all up in all that too.. Great work by those ladies.

  18. CAgirl said

    Whoosh–I do believe TK is trying to blind us all with these pics!!

  19. Pixie said

    Dy, I remember all that. Exciting stuff! It seemed like there was a new development daily. I was just a lurker back then.

    Gosh, that picture of Slimey is so nasty. I was hoping he would get in trouble for exposing himself to a minor (Alexa) but I guess he was saved by the sock, in more ways than one as he would’ve been the laghing stock of OC cuz of that micropene.

  20. Pixie said

    @19 cagirl, I believe that TK’s intention in posting that picture is to help us with our diets as we head into this 3 day weekend. Thanks, TK! You’ve just done more to keep me a skinny girl than Bethenny ever did.

  21. G-sus said

    @ CAgirl, Just be thankful that TK hasn’t figured out a way to digitally remove the sock.

  22. Dy said

    @20 Oh Pixie, I thought you were posting then. It was great those ladies that I mentioned really got some good stuff, everyone picked it up,( all the gossip sites) none of it was BS, they really did their homework. I didn’t like Greedy before any of that, I always thought she was a fake, obnoxious, gold digger, beautiful, but still a fake, obnoxious, gold digger. 😉

  23. mikki12 said

    Revolting to put it mildly. That sock appears to be covering Slade’s “manhood at attention.” Kinda small for being erect. Then again – I’m no expert..but still….

  24. Dy said

    Dear Lord..That sock picture has been around since last season, when the episode aired..It was as digusting then as it is now..Geeze!

  25. CAgirl said

    He he Pixie and G-Sus–I am suddenly no longer in the mood for dinner! Brilliant work TK!! Or should we call you Tinsel Craig….

  26. Pixie said

    CAGirl, LOL at Tinsel Craig! I swear TK finds some of the gnarliest pictures.
    I remember my shock and repulsion when I first saw that episode. How can a father of two kids do that? You’d think the fact that he is a father of sons would cause his frontal lobe to engage. Good luck with that one, Greedy. Birds of a feather…

    Dy, those ladiest did some impressive detective work! I remember HMR promising a while back an interesting development in Greedy’s legal affairs. Wonder if it already transpired?

  27. Dearest Bob,

    I do humbly apologize for the picture you were greeted with this morning. Had I known you had been sick I might have tried to warn you. As it is, I’m sure you quickly lost any ground you had gained in feeling better. But, in my defense, at least it wasn’t another Danielle shot. So we good, my sparkliest buddy?

  28. Wait, I’m dumb. Why Tinsel Craig?

  29. Pixiekitty, where have you been lately? Making me miss you and all. That’s not right.

  30. Oh, G-sus, I totally could have removed the sock. I just had a fleeting sense of morality and didn’t go through with it. Besides, I didn’t want to scare everyone away for good. I need y’all to come back so when I find my next nekkid victim I can have an audience.

  31. If we order ten of her tree killer doorstops, I’m not going to be appeased by a crap phone call. I want nekkid pics. I’ve decided, just this second, that nekkid housewives and their nekkid ridealongs are going to be my gig. Hit me ladies! I’ve got tons of space on this chere bloggy

  32. Pixie said

    Sorry, TK. The fam has been unusually demanding. Have you ever hit the point where you just hate the sound of your own name because you hear people screaming it nonstop? Maybe Taylor can say that’s why she changed her name. Sounds just as plausible as all her other lame reasons.

    TK, I’m not so happy that you had the morality moment. Maybe you and Dalai Mama been hanging out too much. I wanted that scumbag micromini exposed (actually, it still would’ve been hidden like a retreating turtle).

  33. Dy said

    @27 Yea they did Pixie, they were great and it was all true, no scenerios, no theories, the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
    Greedy fans were all up in arms about it, those threads were hot!! They even uncoovered that the Sladester was getting paid for being on the show,but had his money paid to Greedy,then redirected to him to avoid man. deductions..So Greedy helped him hide money that he made that should HAVE been paid to his son, nice Greedy real nice.. This is all on the RT. Site if anyone wants to check it out

  34. G-sus said

    @ 31 TK I am glad your moral compass kicked in on this one. There is good nekkid and the very, very bad nekkid. The kind that makes you want to go under electro-shock therapy to erase the memory of it. You probably don’t have to guess which one Slimey falls under. I would rather see nekkid pictures of Elsa, lol.

  35. dreemz said

    And there the greasy scoundrel stands grinnin’ with his pecker stickin’ out…all proud of hisself.

  36. Bryan said

    Now THIS should be the new BH housewife, read this story LOL!!!!

  37. CAgirl said

    Ah, TK, I am back from a mini-vacay, and your pic did not preclude me from gorging long-term (unfortunately). You are the next Jenny Craig with those heinous pics that make us not want to eat–wonderful weight loss plan, keep ’em coming!!!

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  39. I looked all over google for it!!

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