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I’m Not Saying They’re Not Licensed To Do Business In The State of California…

Posted by tinselkitty on February 16, 2011

I’m just saying that I can’t find any business licensing for eImplement, Premiere SAP Consultants or Crescent Financial Partners. Surely someone will leave a comment to let us know where one might be able to find this information.

I was able to find, this, though –

According to LinkedIn –

But I’m not sure how accurate that is given the same page says Crescent Financial Partners was founded in 2010 and the business license above was forfeited in 2007 –

What does forfeited mean, anyway?

This all has to be a misunderstanding, though. There’s no way someone that has a felony conviction under his belt would set up a new company under less than honorable circumstances, right?


4 Responses to “I’m Not Saying They’re Not Licensed To Do Business In The State of California…”

  1. Leigh said

    You are my hero! Jessica Fletchers got nothing on you!!!:)

  2. cali said

    Forefeiting a company meant to avoid proscecution for malfesance. They appeared to be crooks, but yes, can turn around and start new comapny under another name.

  3. Olive the other Reindeer said

    Can you say Ponzi scheme?

  4. Housewifehater said

    Did you happen to come-across the stuff from Canada where people were ripped-off terribly by a company out of Florida that was calling itself Crescent Financial? It sounded like a telephone boiler-room scam, and I wasn’t able to connect Russel & Taylor to them. But the name is sure close.
    I was wondering the same thing when Taylor says her husband is in banking & finance. Any Key company officers fill-out massive paperwork for those positions, even a bankruptcy will make a person ineligible for most financial positions, so how could anything they say be legit?

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