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Allison Dubois Has Awakened the Beast Within Andrew Cohen

Posted by tinselkitty on February 16, 2011

And it is good. As if we didn’t know Andy was pissed at Allison after last night’s rehash, Bravo’s not only put up the FULL rant by Allison Dubois but they’re tweeting it to make sure everyone gets a looksee. Everybody do a drive by! Check it out here. I’m off to see if I can coerce IJS into posting the video right here on our very own spot.

Ooooh, Allison, you in trouble…



12 Responses to “Allison Dubois Has Awakened the Beast Within Andrew Cohen”

  1. Dy said

    Why in the world is Bravo giving this Loony Freakin Tune anymore publicity? Even though it’s bad some people consider any publicity something..SMH!! She’s a Freakin Nut let her just go away Bravo, Geeze!!

  2. Tinsel.. For some reason Vodpod does not like this video!! Its kinda skeary since it involves Allison Dufreak. Maybe she has techy savy ghosts preventing the video to be show?? I tried adding to my account via url and embed code.. and it lets me complete the process but the video wont play.. eeryy..

  3. Dy said

    Back away from it IJS.. It’s bad JuJu.. Now go get some holy water and cross yourself..Stat!

  4. Bryan said

    Good Afternoon all Dy I posted you something on that new thread about Strega, This fortune teller is done, to quote the great BD, “She’s GOT to go!”

  5. Dy said

    Hi Bryan..I saw it sweetheart thanks 🙂

    Yes ” She’s GOT to go”..and “What a Dump!”

  6. Bryan said

    Didn’t we see all this the first time, or did they already post this before, in preview section for last night’s showing, “Arizona” is right a dried up state or loons!!!!

  7. Bryan said

    People are not the only ones tired of Jlo and her posturing, her shoes are attacking her now….

  8. DY.. will crisco oil work? lmaooo

  9. Allison Dubois Has Awakened the Beast Within Andrew Cohen « Tv ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  10. Dy said


    Well IJS..If thats all ya got, it will have to do. 😉

    In the name of the Father…

  11. Dy I kid you not.. I know somebody who uses vegetable oil to bless rooms, homes yards to rid the evil spirits. no lie. lmaoo

    I asked why oil? was splained to me that its hard to rid by rain etc. smh

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