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Tsk Tsk, Kelly Does NOT Approve

Posted by tinselkitty on February 14, 2011

As if ROH didn’t have enough to worry about with certain New Jersey housewife wannabes threatening to sue her, now she also needs to be on the lookout for Deputy Kikilet of the Court Fashion Police. Early reports indicate Ms. Bensimon will take action against any and all flagrant mumuing. ROH, please reconsider your decision to mumu! You can’t escape the Kelly. She will run any street to chase you down, and let’s be honest, she can run all day long. You’ll be in a mumu and the wind resistance alone is enough to slow you considerably. I won’t even get into the speed implications of flip flops.

From Hollywood Life

The Real Housewives of New York City star Kelly Bensimon is appalled at howLindsay Lohan dressed for court on Feb. 9. “Lindsay dressed completely and utterly inappropriately,” Kelly tells exclusively. “You should dress like you are going to a funeral, not a club.”

Why did Lindsay decide to wear a skimpy, tight white dress to court? “I think Lindsay is addicted to attention — media attention — and that’s what’s motivating her,” Kelly explains.

Kelly, the daughter of a lawyer, has had some experience in court, and knows that it’s not a situation to take lightly. “When I went to court two years ago, I was throwing up at 5:00 a.m. because I was so upset,” says Kelly. “I dressed in all black and I slipped into the court house because I didn’t want to be seen.”

Lindsay, on the other hand, is dressing and playing for the cameras, treating it like a trip to a club,” adds Kelly.


Moo moo or mumu, that is the question.


Well, in that case, I have an uncle that is a veterinarian for farm animals so I am qualified to judge this cow and say that this is also not a situation to take lightly. For shame, cow. For shame.

Seriously, this fame whoring business has just gone too far.



14 Responses to “Tsk Tsk, Kelly Does NOT Approve”

  1. Dalai Mama said

    Oh the Dreaded Day hath arrived. I am sitting at my computer muttering my agreement with a reality star’s assessment that a celebrity’s choice of dress for court was inappropriate and disrespectful.
    Which means I am officially…
    Satchels of Old.

  2. Dani said

    Fear not Dalai. With all your Tibetan knowledge, I know you can be secure in the fact that being old beats the alternative.

    I do agree that when KB starts making sense then the world may have stopped spinning on its axis. Then on second thought, not sure it takes much to outsmart Lindsay these days. She hasn’t exactly got a track record for making good choices.

    Oh and Happy Valentines’ Day to all.

  3. Dalai Mama said

    @ Dani – What’s Valentines Day?
    (Hint: please do not answer this question!)

  4. Dani said

    Dalai – please don’t tell me you have gotten all cynical and are one of those people who believe this very important day is just an excuse of the greeting card companies to make some moolah. Note that I did not technically answer your question.

  5. Dy said

    Smelly Been Smokin is right..Lyndsey did not dress appropriately for court. But she needs not to be saying anyone is addicted to media attention when she along with all the other houswives/ bravolebrities could be accused ofthe same thing.

  6. Dani said

    Morning Dy – kinda ironic KB calling Lindsay out on being addicted to media attention. KB’s pictures are always splashed all over the place on a weekly basis. She gives the Kardashians a run for their money and she is only one verses an army of them.

  7. Dy said

    @6 Swear to God Dani..That ditzy broad is there having her picture taken when anyone blows their freakin nose..

    But really she isn’t the only one to be fair..”They all love the lime Light, they love to Boogey”..
    I know I changed the words but you get my drift 🙂

  8. Dalai Mama said

    Hiya Dy.
    You’re right, Dani, and when KB gives them that run for their money, she does it smack up the center of Fifth Avenue in her short shorts. Makes for a better picture that way, donchyaknow.

  9. G-sus said

    @1 Don’t fear Dalai, Kelly would deserve credit for being right on this one, except that I don’t think you will find anyone (except maybe Dina) who thinks Lindsey was dressed appropriately for court. It’s like pointing out the sky is blue;)

    And God knows Kelly can spot a fellow fame whore. It’s like her own version of gaydar.

  10. Dy said

    @9 Why would Dina think it would be ok? I don’t get it, Dina always dresses nice,at least I think so, maybe your thinking the Strega? LOL

  11. Dy said

    @9 Oh sorry Gsus.. Are you talking about Dina Lohan?? If thats the case ok, I see what you mean.Duh.. took me a minute lol

  12. G-sus said

    @10 Yep Dina Lohan, the momster, lol

  13. Dy said

    @ 12 “momster”… lmao

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