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Rumors, News and Just Plain Ol’ Gossip

Posted by ImaJustSaying on February 14, 2011

  Jill Zarin and Zang Toi

“Jill Zarin walks the walk as Zang Toi receives a standing ovation”

Brad Boyle writes – “My girl Jill Zarin working the runway like a princess in a fairy tale– including a twirl– the strapless black and silver ball gown brought the house down with a standing ovation.”

Um Brad, Jill looks like she has a rats nest on her head which Ginger is hiding in just waiting to poke his head out to lick Jill’s notrils!! 

In OTHER Housewife news…

My Boobs Are Running Away From Each Other!

‘Real Housewives’ Star Kelly Bensimon Is Building Wells For Children In Haiti! Will You Help Her? Exclusive Video!

The report says:

The Real Housewives of New York City star Kelly Bensimon is on a mission to make this world a better place for children. Over the past month, Kelly has raised $10,000 for Generosity Water, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing clean water to developing nations. Kelly will even make a four-day trip to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on Feb. 15 to help build wells so the nation’s people access to clean water.

Please clink the link above to witness another stellar interview from Kelly Been Shmokin with all her ‘Like” and “Um’s.Now the controversy is this.  There is a link to Kelly’s fundraising page that only displays $2,850.00 raised to date and I am wondering where is the remaining amount she claims to have raised so far?

I don't see $10,000.00

Just to be clear, this is a fantastic charity but I just find KKB such a cartoon character and wonder who would allow the likes of KKB’s face represent a charity..  SMH


Is Real Housewife Taylor Armstrong Mentally Unstable?


I Am Bat Chit Crazy – Allegedly

 Fit Perez is reporting what we have been discussing all along about Taylor Armstrongs behavior, scheming and lying antics and he is QUESTIONING her “State of Mind”!!!    Someone please send this link to Kim Richards  !!   This could not have come at a bettter time!!  Cause ya know.. what ever Perez says is true.  Atleast in this case.  (Allegedly) Well who wouldn’t be unstable when someone eats cotton candy like this unless your trying to impress someone with a whole wad of cash…



Open Wide And Shlurp

Funn Stuff Below

We Are Thick As Thieves!!


Camille Grammer and Dedra Whitt are thick as theives and it appears that Dedra is quite the funny lady on twitter with a sense of humor these days. Like I said “These Days”.

Dedre seems to be the go between Camille and twitter followers pointing Camille in the direction of links to parodies and Dedre and Camille found a particular post hysterical who is none other than RealCityHousewife aka @putyourhairup


They Like Me!! They Really Really LIKE ME!!

  I know most of you had seen the video she created here “Taylor Ford Is A Big Fat Liar Remixed” , Now RCH has created a new video of “Dinner Party From Hell” and it appears Camille and Dedra love it! 



From Dedra –

@kandiskanexo @therealcamilleg @putyourhairup i haven’t laughed that hard in awhile  

@therealcamilleg this is the link I was talking about

From Camille –

@PutYourHairUp @DedraWhitt @kandiskanexo @putyourhairup Thanks for the laugh. That is hilarious!! xo  

The high-larious video they are referring to is this.

Please go to RCH blog and check out the comments and accolades she receives from fans as well as many great posts..

CLINK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!


Todays Little Ditty

                                                                              No Penis Wants To Pick Me

 Today, Patti Stanker Stanger co-hosted for The View Today since Sherry Shepherd was out, and Barbara Walters started off with grilling her on her current relationship right after her introduction and purpose of business.    This is how the show started..


BW –  “You are married”

PS – “I am not”

BW – “The Last time you were on with us you were engaged, to a millionaire”

PS – “He was a MIT Millionaire in training”

BW – “So that broke up”

PS – “Yes”

BW – “So your not such a great matchmaker….”


Ahhhh.. Barbara Walters  is the gift that keeps giving.  You had to see the looks on Joy’s and Whoopie’s face.. their jaws hit the table!!  Patti gaping hole got even bigger!!  If I can find some video later, I will post it..

Well, th th th th thats all for today folks!!



18 Responses to “Rumors, News and Just Plain Ol’ Gossip”

  1. WoodRN said

    Jill has a loaf of bread on her head, and Kelly appears to be “seperating Church and State” aka her boobs. They allowed themselves to be photographed looking like complete idiots! And they don’t get why people call them ‘famewhores’.

  2. Sorry for the ill formatting peeps.. Worpress refuses to cooperate!!! I gave up!

  3. The View ladies did a good no. on Camille also.

  4. G-sus said

    Kelly really should have her testosterone level checked. Something is definitely not in balance in that “woman”.

  5. BobLHead said

    Good thing that cotton candy on her head wasn’t Pink! TayTay would have gone down on it!

  6. Dy said

    That thing on top of the Yenta’s head looks like a swirl of Cotton Candy., Maybe she sent it to Tay Tay when she was done with it. 🙂

    Nice slam Barbara( regarding Patty Stinker)..Just when I think you’ve lost it, you come bouncing back..Proud if ya Babs!!

  7. Dy said

    Oh dear Lord Bob we were think the same freakin thing :0

  8. tweety bird said

    Kudos to Babs…yes, I saw the interview.


    Hi Dy!

  9. G-sus said

    Babs is really smacking it down lately. First Camille, now Patti. Watch out bravolebrities, Babs is on the prowl.

  10. Dy said

    Hi Guys!

    Yea Babs is letting it fly… Good for her..Just when ya thinks she out..These freakin nuts..Pull her back in..Love Love Love it!!

  11. Linda said

    I’d love to see the comments made by Barbara on the View! I just can’t stomach watching that show anymore but once in a while there is something or someone on that I’ve just got to see. Great blog!

  12. Bryan said

    How did that clown get to co-host ??????

  13. Bryan said

    Good evening everyone…

  14. Linda .. welcome!!!

    Bryan.. it always bazzles me how an urchin gets to cohost. ugh

  15. Bryan said

    @14 IJS, same here, speaking of urchins and hookers, one of my local gays with a blog posted this about Barnyard Barney, he likes her, he was one of the few gays who was actually photographed for that NOH8 nonsense by that clown Adam Bouska

  16. Bryan thats cool that he had the opportunity to be photoged for NOH8.. uncool for him that he has bad taste in fameHUUAAARREES!!!!! -)

  17. Bryan said

    I have no clue why he likes that twat and he can’t understand why I dislike her.

  18. Bryan said

    Ramoner’s vintage….OY!!!!

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