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Blogger – The Really Old Housewives of Manatee County Legal Battle With Kim G! **UPDATE More pics of ROH Gnomes!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on February 11, 2011

The Real(ly) Old Housewives of Manatee County

My Twitter friend RealOldHouswife (ROH) and Blogger buddy of  The Really Old Housewives of Manatee County   appears to be a charming and sweet woman living in a 50+ community in Florida and has found herself in a legal battle with none other than the wrinkled puss of Kim G  from Real Housewives of New Jersey.  You remember Kim G right?  She is the old lady in stripper pumps and booty shorts trying to climb that pole and the official shit pot stirrer for all things NJ?  (Allegedly)  <—  Just in case I get a letter now too..

No, this is not a joke, no need to clean off your glasses, Kim G is trying to strong arm our sweet ol lady friend into removing a blog post of hers due to locals of Kim G’s neighborhood commenting on a ROH blog post and claiming to have personal information and sharing it.  It appears there must be some truth to some of the comments if Kim G’s granny panties are wedged so deep, that she hired an investigator and an attorney to identify her name and location and send her a ‘cease and desist’ letter and possibly threatens the ownership of her triple wide trailer.  I wonder if the ol lady garden gnomes and signs are in her sights as well.

I believe it was this particular post  <—–  that got the panties wadded up DEEP!!   Particular names have been removed but you can assume the XXX’s are you know who.  ROH had so many interesting comments all over her recaps of RHoNJ and decided to make a single post with all the claims!!  Oops.. bad idea

ROH has made an appointment to seek legal counsel and with all her twitter fans and support has decided to flip off the threat of “I will buy all your furniture and sell it for charity” possibilities.  Her blog posts are hysterical and its a must read.

Her latest blog posting is below.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dear Kim-

Dear Kim,

Based on what was said in the letter from your lawyer and by my calculations, my time will be up this coming Monday. Actually, I don’t think that’s fair. My ten business days should have started on the date I signed for the certified letter. I don’t have an electronic cigarette that gives me psychic powers like Allison DuBois, so I had no idea until last Friday that you don’t like my blog. But okay, I won’t quibble about a few days.

Over the weekend I’m going to get my roots touched up, give myself a new pedicure, and shop for a really cute new mumu and flip flops. I want to look my best when you send Dog the Bounty Hunter to round me up and haul my ass to court. That reminds me, I need a favor from you- could you call and give me a head’s up a few hours before you have me picked up? I’m assume you have my phone number since you went to the trouble to get my name and home address (I was just wondering if I’m on your Christmas card list now that you have my address. I need to know if I should add you to mine. I hate it when someone sends me a holiday card and I haven’t sent them one, don’t you?). So what do you say to giving me a little warning? I’ll return the favor by blogging all the updates regarding our little legal squabble.

I should probably send you a picture of the mumu I’ll be wearing to court. Lordy, wouldn’t it be embarrassing if we showed up wearing the same thing? I would die! I hope I have enough time to lose 10 lbs before we appear in court. I’m seriously starting a diet Monday. Yes, I’ve been saying that for months, but this has gotten me motivated. I know the camera adds pounds and I’m already a good 15-20 lbs over my ideal weight. Have you found it hard to control your weight after menopause? I never had any problem with my weight until then, but it’s been a struggle ever since. Do you diet or work out to keep your weight down? Probably both, huh? We should do lunch during a court break so we can compare notes.

One good thing that’s come from your threatening letter is how we tweeters and hobby bloggers have united. Beth Donahue-Weedman made a video of her chat with a lawyer here and LilSnitch wrote an open letter to Bravo here. Oh, and I almost forgot Malibu Eve is organizing a letter writing campaign. So much going on, but I’ll be sure and post updates so you can keep up with all that’s going on.

I was just asking Isabella if she was worried about you getting possession of her when you sue me. Evidently she isn’t because she barely opened her eyes, rolled over and went back to sleep. Ahhhh… to be as worry free as a dog… Isn’t that the life?

Very Truly Yours,
Real Old Housewife (ROH)
Isn’t ROH a hoot??  I am secretly planning to do away with ROM and retire with ROH in her triple wide decorated with nekkid garden gnomes!!  I want to see her knockers..  door knockers that is..
Run over to ROH blog here and start reading from the 2.4.2011 post and then work your way up.  She even includes a copy of the cease and desist letter for our viewing pleasures.  Aint she sweet?
**UPDATE!!!  My camera did not break after all and I recovered the remaining pictures of ROH garden and household gnomes!!!!
I found this gnome on ROH walkway awaiting Kim G’s arrival with her goones…
I have no idea what this display of gnomes means that are scattered in her driveway..  help?

Garden gnome paparazzi waiting to get the controversial shot!!

I think this is a likeness of ROM.  Or so he thinks….

Thats all I could recover for now..   I am still working on saving my memory chip and If I can restore the remaining pictures, I will post as soon as possible..



24 Responses to “Blogger – The Really Old Housewives of Manatee County Legal Battle With Kim G! **UPDATE More pics of ROH Gnomes!”

  1. Where in the hell did you get that picture of me saving the world from lawn gnomes? Did Kim send you that? Is she having me followed?

  2. LMAOO!!! ROH – when I first published it somehow cut out the bottom paragraph. I fixed it now..

    Now everyone knows what you look like too! lmaooooooo 😉

  3. Bryan said

    Someone call Mama Manzo to set Kim G straight!!!!!, leave this woman alone her blog is great!!!

  4. lori024 said

    Great blog! My only thought is that if the “wrinkled puss”, or the ALLEGED wrinkled puss wants to take on ROH, then she should have to take on ALL of us….Count me in on whatever I can do to add a few more wrinkles to her upper lips and support ROH.

  5. Hey Lori!! Ok I am adding you to the list..

    Now I am getting pissed.. first the bottom paragraph disappeared on me.. then the links in ROH blog post..

    I think something funny is going on and am wondering if my blog is the next target!!! geez

  6. Dy said

    Well ain’t that a kick in the head!!( my favorite Dean Martin song btw)

    Who the hell does Gertiol G. think she is? She really has some damn nerve!

    I’m sorry this happen to you ROH 😦

  7. Humbruh said

    I need more pictures of these nekkid gnomes!

  8. lmaoo Humbruh!! It took me 15 minutes just to find those!! lmaooo i will dig around for more!!

  9. Dalai Mama said

    ROH’s letter is hilarious and charming – reminds me of E.B. White. Surely there must be some proviso in HW contracts preventing these dingbats from suing people?
    Litigious people vex me.

  10. Dy said

    The Gnomes pictures are freakin great IJS!!!

    l Love Fat Ass Gnome mooning, and Big Daddy Gnome, flipping off Geritol!!

  11. lmaoo Dy!!! Twitter has been abust with this post. You wont believe how some peeps thinks ROH really is the gnome lady in the pics and a collector of strange sorts.. I am ruining her reputation.. lmaooo

    Bryan – ROH hates to follow peeps who are on lock down!! she is old and cranky and thinks its a diss or begging.. UNLOCK UR TWEETS MR!!

  12. I swear the two gnomes in the field of daisies are photos of Real Old Man and me

  13. lmaooo ROH!! I just did some dishes myself.. chicken soup today 3 hours of cooking during all this.. ugh..

    So you got a pooch too? 😉

  14. […]… […]

  15. m293131 said

    Great blog!!!Maybe the girls from Jerzey can get together with Caroline and pay a visit to Kim for a sit down!!!!

  16. heya M2! Long time no see!! Maybe we should enlist the help of feather bangs Danny?

  17. Dy said

    @11 IJS

    Well I’ll tell ya some peeps..You clearly stated, ROH has a triple wide and lives in a 50+ community in Florida..Well this lovely Gnome lady,it seems to me does not live in Florida nor has a triple wide..Pffft..LOL

  18. Dy I thought it was a dead giveaway.. lmaoooo

  19. Dy said

    Your so silly IJS..lmao!!

  20. OMFG! I never realized how SEXY! garden gnomes can be.
    Great job capturing ROHWOM in action.
    I like ROHWOMs blog-header image, but if she ever decides to do an update, there are a couple pics here that would be perfect.
    I would love to see some/or one of these every time I opened her page.

  21. Fleur said

    I LOVE ROH! She’s hilarious and spot on. She must be hitting a nerve for Kim Grannytell to go freaking out on her like she is.

  22. […] Ms. Bensimon will take action against any and all flagrant mumuing. ROH, please reconsider your decision to mumu! You can’t escape the Kelly. She will run any street to chase you down, and let’s be […]

  23. OMG! This shit still makes me LOL. That one picture of me with my arms folded looking all pissed off is so me! I’m such a bitter old bitch!

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