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Real Housewives of Orange County – Vicki G’s Ex Ex HAS A FREAKIN BLOG!!!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on February 10, 2011


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I just got back from a cruise in Italy on the “Navigator Of The Seas”, I saw this girl and I knew I recognized her from somewhere.  She is Vicky from the Real Housewives of the OC.  I saw her dancing and drinking with this lil Russian looking guy all night, he was probably 5′ 6″, they were making out on the dance floor.  It was gross.  I also noticed she was still wearing her wedding ring and this dude is definitely not her husband.  I wonder if her husband knew about this lil romantic get-away she had??

Oh my blogger buddies.. I got some serious dirt for you all you are going to die!!!

It turns out that Vicki Gunvelson’s FIRST ex-husband, Mike Wolfsmith has a blog yall!!!  Thats right.. the blog is for his bantering back and forth with an unknown source to discuss the show, the kids – Briana and Michael and mostly.. Vicki’s outrageous behavior!!  He documents it all, from all the blog sites to the ragmag sites.  Or is it magrags??  But who cares!!  What a cache of HOLY SHIT!!  Its the mother load!!  (I can hardly contain myself)

Wolfie (exhusband) even adds emails from Vicki AND his responses raw as it all is.   The allegations are phenominal and so juicy, that I just HAD to share with my blogger buddies.. being your all so loyal to 

First, I started off above with Vicki getting caught BEFORE she filed for divorce cheating on poor Don.  I really think Jeana deserves Don.  But I digress.  This is a cruise that Vicki took again without her husband and was WHOOO HOOOing it up in another mans lap.  Ok if that is not good enough, some of you may remember Vicki getting a tatoo in a bar?  What you don’t believe me??  Ok you asked for it.. but first.. who gets a tatoo in a bar???  Isn’t that illegal or something??  for the patrons?


But wait!!!!  There’s More!!!!

Some fantastic Excerpts..  Don’t pee your pants now.. 

P.S.  I Don’t know who Ellen is.  It could be either Mike Wolfsmiths wife or the person he is chatting with

War Has Been DeclaredPosted on February 3, 2011 by niftyk

 NiftyK: Yep you know who I’m talking about.



From: Vicki GunvalsonSubject: Re: Re: RE:To: “Michael Wolfsmith” <******>Date: Thursday, January 20, 2011, 4:32 PM

Just so you know….. have filed a restraining order against you and Ellen and will continue with the order until you STOP!  I have all Ellens personal information now and all of yours so if I were you I’d move on.

NK:  Stop what? Exercizing our right of free speech? Just the way you have done on Bravo and in Life & Style rag mag?

NK: There it is ! Vicki is ADMITTING she has Ellen’s personal information!  Whom did you pay to get this?  How do you plan to use it, Ms. Felony?  Ellen is NOT the wet blanket your former spouse is. You are going to have a fight on your hands. What restraining order? More lies!?  Or is it  so Mike should stay 2500 and 1 mile away from you and your little darlings that you have done such a good job raising? Oh and the FILTHY spams Michael Jr. has been posting to this site {  ” you stupid f****** c***”. }   Nice language; you must be so proud;  he should have his evil little mouth washed out with a bar of lava soap. 

I don’t want your $$$, never have!  I wanted you to be a dad and accountable for you bringing 2 children with me into this world!  Wanted you to provide for them the way I have and to love them the way I have.  Ellen should never have had that mich influence on you to separate you from Mike and Briana.  


You even had your sister, Lisa,  show up at court for you when you were too busy with your fabulous life to fly back for YET ANOTHER child support increase.   This “poor me” statement is so far from the truth it is ludicrious. ”Love them the way I have?”  How? From 2500 miles away?  Michael and Briana were long estranged from their Dad before Ellen showed up. You spent the last 18 years disparaging Mike to his children.  He has NO relationship with them.  You made quite sure Mike had pathetically minimal influence on their lives.


  Wolfy:  WOW!  You are furious, aren’t you?

  NK: I am just getting started! DO YOU HEAR ME VICKI?  Your mouth has written checks that your fake bravado cannot cash!  Your army of lawyers will be busy! 


Blame it on the NeurotoxinsPosted on January 7, 2011 by niftyk

NiftyK: Hey Wolfy!

Wolfy: Yezz?

NK: Wow we got a REALLY viscious , infantile, email yesterday! Who do you think could have sent such a virulent attack?

W: I’m sure you have an idea?

NK: It sounded like it could have been a man, Michael Jr  perhaps? [who should change his last name because NONE of the Wolfsmiths’ like him] He has had to listen to Vicki spout abusive comments about you for so many years, bad behavior is ingrained [get your dictionary, dear] forever by now.


Rudeness is a Neurotoxin

American children today are raised in an environment that is far more hostile than the environment that nurtured today’s adults. Children today are exposed to behaviors, profane language, hostilities and stress from which we adults, raised a generation ago, were carefully shielded. When I was a boy, there were no metal detectors at the entrance to my school. The idea was inconceivable, and there was indeed no need for them. Not so today. I wonder: how does this different environment affect brain development?

First it is helpful to consider, from a biological perspective, what “rudeness” is, so that we can consider what is lost when formal polite behaviors are cast away. The formal “Yes, Sir, Yes, Ma’am,” is not a showy embellishment in the military; strict respect and formal polite discourse are the hub of the wheel in any effective and cohesive social structure. These polite and formalized behaviors reduce stress in a stressful situation that arises from being an individual in a complex society. Stress is a neurotoxin, especially during development of a child’s brain.

Studies have shown that children exposed to serious psychological trauma during childhood are at risk of suffering increased psychiatric disorders, including depression, anger, hostility, drug abuse, suicidal ideation, loneliness and even psychosis as adults. Using modern brain imaging, the physical damage to these children’s brain development can be seen as clearly as a bone fracture on an X-ray.  Impairment in integrating information between right and left hemispheres is associated with increased risk of craving, drug abuse and dependence, and a weakened ability to make moral judgments.  A series of studies by a group of psychiatrists and brain imaging scientists lead by Martin Teicher, of Harvard Medical School, shows that even hostile words in the form of verbal abuse can cause these brain changes and enduring psychiatric risks for young adults. In a study published in 2006, the researchers showed that parental verbal abuse was more strongly associated with these detrimental effects on brain development than was parental physical abuse.    The above quote is credited to Dr Douglas Fields, Ph.D.


W: So what are you saying?

NK: Vicki ripping your family apart and taking YOUR CHILDREN 2000 miles away from family;  that could be considered serious psychological trauma.  Wasn’t she constantly putting you down in front of them? Calling you names, claiming she NEVER got child support? Michael himself complained on camera that she was “coming down on me like she used to do to you”.  Briana mentioned she “didn’t have a dad”. It seemed they did not have much of a relationship with Donn?  I guess he was just there to provide Vicki with her “desired lifestyle”.They don’t have any relationship with your mom, Vicki probably discouraged that.  Brian has spent more time with her Uncle Billy [perv] than you. Your brother attempted to be an uncle to them. He no longer has contact with them , apparently.

W: So?

NK: Sooo, they cannot be blamed totally for the way they turned out.  They will never change. Briana hates you and probably me for this blog, Michael is just a complete embarrassment.  He is just like Vicki; blames you for their family disfunction. Rudeness, anger, veiled hostility, dependence, drug  abuse,  inability to make moral judgements? Like her, I think they both lie very easily, Briana asked you for your address and promptly gave it to Vicki and to Uncle Billy who has stalked you and threatened to ”kick your ass” .  Michael has appeared on camera [the business cruise] buzzed to the eyeballs [what was he smoking?]; he is still ,at 25, totally dependent on her, employed by her and living at home. They all drink too much.

W: Yezz, I remember.

NK: Good job Vicki! We know you like to pat yourself on the back. Michael likes internet gambling and I would just bet internet porn, kinda like your brother, and Briana seems confused about everything. Neither of them have “significant others”. 

W: Anything else?

NK: Give me time, I’m sure something will pop up when the show comes back on. Every angry email I get will provoke a response.  Your ex-family air their dirty laundry on television and seem to be so surprised at the negativity.

NK: OMG! Reruns! Vicki and Donn out to dinner celebrating his new job.  He was chiding her about her continued meddling in Michael and Briana’s lives, calling it “unhealthy”. Nailed that one , Donny boy. She’ll NEVER cut the cords. We learn Vicki’s 25th high school reunion is coming up, of course Donn was not invited. We get to see Vicki in her middle-aged “hooker wear” throwing her titties at other men at the reunion, chasing her old boyfriend “Bob” around.  The shrieking classless behavior we have come to expect. I guess that’s why this trainwreck continues to plug along.

Ho, Ho, Ho ! ! ! ! Donn!Posted on December 21, 2010 by niftyk

Vicki Gunvalson 2 Grinch

NiftyK: Hey Wolfy!

Wolfy: Yezz?

NK: Do you think  DonnyBoy has figured out the boatload of trouble he is in ?

W: Hmmm, I’d like to “friend”  him on FaceBook and find out.

NK: I wonder if he understands she intends to steal everything that her evil Grinchy heart desires?  

W: The big house and the best vehicle and she’ll talk him into giving her all the furnishings.

NK: You know there hasn’t been anything in the tabloids about the “proceedings”.  I just bet she has threatened him to keep him quiet. 

W: Maybe he realized he didn’t like airing all their dirty laundry.

NK: Kind of poetic justice;  do you think he is able to recall all the evil things she did to you?

W: Like burglarizing my house in Carpentersville and removing  EVERYTHING?   I need to make a list of what  her dad, brother Billy and Donn helped her STEAL from my house, do you remember now Donn ? Are you hoping she won’t try that with you? 

NK: He may have lasted a little longer but in the end he was just another stepping stone: a means to an end. The kids are raised [“I was a single mom doing it all on my own”]  he helped her get her start now she has “her ” money and he has become unnessessary. 

W: If he’s smart  he’ll get the best lawyer  money will buy him. If he’s stupid he’ll let her talk him into letting her lawyer run the show.  MAKE HER PAY YOU , DONN!!!  He told me he was paying Michael’s college tuition; she claimed she paid for everything. 

NK: Well he won’t have to pay CHILD SUPPORT!  How old would their “Love Child” be now if she had not gotten rid of it?  “Vicki the Christian“?

W: Well she went to visit him in California after Briana was born so, what , 21 ? He would be off the hook.

NK: You paid for that procedure, huh?

W: Oh yeah! She begged me not to tell our parents.

NK: Hey do you like the graphics Koko put together for me? Vicki as “The Grinch” sticking her big FAKE titties at you. 

W: Donn paid for those too.  We gotta send this to my Mom and brother. My Dad would get a kick out of this.

NK: Your Bro certainly has experienced a change of heart towards Vicki and the poisonous fruit.

W: Yeah he has seen  the real Vicki and her clone Michael. He has removed them from his Facebook . They should change their last name to Steinmetz.

NK: Didn’t Michael hang up on your Dad when Joe called him?

W: He’s lucky he is so far away. Little piece of shit.


Ok If you peeps think I can make this up, go visit Mike Wolfsmith’s blog page yourself here!!!  I suggest you start from the bottom, get a cup of something to drink and something to shmoke!!..  Maybe a pancake?  😉


73 Responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County – Vicki G’s Ex Ex HAS A FREAKIN BLOG!!!”

  1. carrot said

    Ooops #47 is suppose to be #48 (Dalai Mama). Sorry for that!

  2. Dalai Mama said

    @ Carrot – okay, okay, but I don’t look a day over 40!

  3. Dy said

    @50 Carrot 🙂

    I like Lady Lisa too, but I can tell that she can be catty and rude at times,and also butting her nose in where it doesn’t belong, as you said no different from any other housewife.
    I get what you mean about Adrienne too.

  4. Dy said

    @2 lol Dalai..That was good!!

  5. Dalai Mama said

    @4 Glad you thought so – I was worried maybe I should have gone for ’39’ instead.

  6. carrot said

    LOL@ Dalai Mama

    Mad props on that one 😉 I’m avoiding numbers for the rest of the night, thank you.

  7. Vicki-leaks is perfect. Its probably what she did when she saw his blog.
    Did Jezebel protect themselves enough with “may possibly be a…”?
    Ha ah-anybody could possibly be anything!
    I just hope that Bravo and the other BH ladies are onto Taylor.
    (especially Kyle ’cause she was taken for a fool from Taylor.It still burns me up the baby-tricks that Taylor used on Kim).

  8. Olive the OTher Reindeer said

    Bryan,,Bryan,,Bryan,,,we should have Vicki kiss a Republican,,Mich McCOnnell to be exact,,,,Vicki nor McConnell have chins,,ewwwwwwwwwwww

  9. Bryan said

    @8 olive, they would be perfect for each other, these people also need to relocate to Florida!

  10. Bryan.. ya gotta stop bashing Florida!! ya gonna git in some blogger boxing matches with a few!! 😉

  11. Bryan said

    @10 IJS, I’m going to send Chelsea Handler pictures of ROH’s dirty garden gnome garden, I can see it now ending up with her animated logo thing about “Only in Florida” Please people can pick on California all they want with our track record we are rife for it, yet still people keep coming here, even ones from Florida?? When they say they came here to get away from the weather and they say “I just moved here from Florida” You got to say what the hell??? maybe monthly hurricanes and the humidity begin to take their toll on sanity

  12. Bryan – Please send it to Chelsea and let me know if she posts the pics!! thats hysterical!!

    Um..peeps moving to Cali to get away from the weather?? Me, I would be more worried about the state falling into the ocean or getting flattened by an earthquake!! YIKES!!! 😉

  13. Dani said

    It seems all parts of the country take crap for one reason or another. The midwest is no different. People think we are hicks and fly over country. Every part of this country has good and bad things. But overall it is our diversity that makes this country a great place to live.

  14. Dani, and everyone thinks all Jersey peeps are repped by the Soprano’s and The Jersey Shore.. lol.

    I don’t even have an accent and I am born and raised!! I have never fist pumped in my life either!! 😉

  15. Dani said

    IJS – part of the reason I enjoy gabbing w/all is because it does give me the chance to talk to peeps all over the country. I like what everyone brings to the conversation. Makes life more interesting.

  16. suzyque225 said

    Vickies ex is the scum of the earth…..disgusting/low-rent/poor excuse for a father (oops, I meant to say sperm donor). Grow up Mike Woofsmith. U are just so vile, how could you ever talk about your son like that…..sorry I had to vomit……sickening!!!!!

  17. BobLHead said

    Hey Dani! I’ve been to Wisconsin in the spring/early summer…it’s lovely! Would not survive a week in the winter though!

  18. byebye losers!! said

    vickis ex DOES NOT HAVE A FREAKIN BLOG ANYMORE!!! the defaming morons have deleted their website!!!!and theres a lot of crazy rumors circulating around with this latest developement!!! i say good riddance to them both, the internet is a better place with them GONE!! congratulations vicki, YOU WIN!!!

  19. jessie said

    Thought ya’all would like an update on wolfy and niftyk. 3 years later they are reaping the effects of their negativity. Let that be a lesson to you all, you get back what you put out there

  20. jessie said

    It took niftyk 6 years to figure out Vicki had been right about wolfy all along. After the death of wolfys 14 yr old son, she’d had enough and wanted him out of her house. After a failed attempt to get an order of protection to get him out, she had this to say about wolfy:

  21. jessie said

  22. jessie said

    She also used twitter to berate and belittle wolfys 2nd wife also, less than 2 months after the tragic loss of their 14 yr old son. Really speaks volumes about her character dont you think?

  23. jessie said

    Read the comments

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