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Kelly Sez…

Posted by tinselkitty on February 9, 2011

Less Bethenny = More Real

From Hollywood Life

Kelly Bensimon isn’t worried about Bravo pushing back the premiere date of  The Real Housewives of New York City to March. In fact, she thinks fans are going to love this new season even more because the drama and relationships are more real… now that Bethenny Frankel has left the cast!

“There was the Bethenny character that flew in and out and made all this drama,” Kelly tells exclusively. “It’s a totally different season [now] — totally different show.”

“People think that without Bethenny, ‘Is the show going to be able to last?,’” Kelly says. “It was so unauthentic for the past two seasons. The great thing about this season is that, because the relationships are now three to four years old, the actual situations are organic. They are deep and they hurt.”

Still, Kelly won’t admit she’s happy Bethenny is gone. “I would never say that I’m glad,” she says. “She was a cast mate on the show and they chose her. Now she’s gone and the show is taking a completely different direction, which is really exciting.”

And Kelly doesn’t think fans will be let down this season, despite critics suggesting it might be boring. She assures us there will be plenty of drama! “It’s drama that you have — drama that I have with my friends,” she explains. “It’s going to attract so many more viewers because it has depth. It’s not topical drama. I’m making memories [and] there are some very painful moments for me.”

Kelly’s Real Housewives co-star Ramona Singer completely agrees that fans shouldn’t worry about a lack of entertainment this season:

“This will be the best season ever and will be everything but boring,” Ramona assures us. “The viewers will be in such anticipation for it to be on and so will I. The trip to Morocco has it all — great events, tears and laughter!”

Well, thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster that it’s not topical drama. We dodged a bullet on that one. I wonder whatever happened to that Bethenny character.


4 Responses to “Kelly Sez…”

  1. carrot said

    Did they go to Morocco just because of Sex and the City 2? I mean, I get that people go to Morocco regardless, but the fact that they’re gals in NYC, known for drama, traveling to Morocco for a show… And people say Bethany is gimmicky?

  2. G-sus said

    Now if we could only make the Kelly character go away;(

  3. wildheart said

    G-sus, Kelly will go away when it is authenticly organic for her to do so! 😉 She is heewackitydoodah! LOL

  4. Miss Figg said

    I’m already bored with them and they haven’t started. Maybe it’s from coming off of BH but the NY women seem stale to me. I don’t really care if Jill is nicer or if she redeems herself, don’t care if Kelly is taking her meds or acting loco, don’t care if Ramona drinks too much Pinot Grigio or punches a producer.

    I think these franchises should only run 3 years and then they let that city ‘rest’ while Bravo does other cities like Chicago or Dallas. The first year is great, everybody is new and we try to get to know them and figure them out. The second year with the full first year cast is still great but these woman learn quick and become very camera savvy. By the third year there’s usually camps – this group and that one and a couple of them have books out and they definitely know how they want to come across. If they know it’s a three year gig they’d better be interesting, bring the drama and get their crazy on quick. Since 99% of them don’t have any discernible talent to be considered a celebrity we can hope they go back into anonymity and we don’t see them again. Let a season or two go by then bring in a new cast in that particular city and start over and rotate.

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