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Taylor Ford Armstong The Big Fat Liar Remixed

Posted by ImaJustSaying on February 8, 2011

A Good Blogger Buddy of Our’s – The Real City Housewive    …..


… has created a magnificent video of the Real Housewife, Taylor Ford Armstrong whom WE love to hate!  Camille Grammer is so off the hook for now.  She got a free lunch ticket..

RCH or as I know her on twitter as @PutYourHairUp    (Kelly Been Shmokin reference) is another Real Housewife blogger with more great shnark and never ending talents who should be an editing producer over at Bravo that we have been wanting or really praying for!

Below, she has a fantastic montage of all “Shana Hughes”, “Shana Taylor” or  Taylor Ford Armstrong as we have come to know complete with the  tall, legged, fat lipped, skeletal face or just a plain old liar all in a fantastic single video clip.  The set up of each scene is truly genius with the side eye looks and eerie music..

This video clip really confirmed to me what a con couple the Armstrong’s are (allegedly) with the ease of the lying and scamming for fame. 

To follow RCH on twitter or read her blog, please select the links on this page

Click me to go to blog


I think I am going to develop  an end of season awards show for each franchise.  We have so many great blogs of the Real Housewives, all with different takes and styles.  Here are a few of my favorites:                                


33 Responses to “Taylor Ford Armstong The Big Fat Liar Remixed”

  1. I would like to chime in and say that RCH’s Twitter feed is highlarious and I may or may not have been stalking her lately in an attempt to make her adore me. Allegedly.

  2. Leigh said

    Flipping fantastic!!!!!!

  3. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    Too tooo funny!! I love this! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I didnt even notice the time when she claimed Adrienne was her daughters godmother! This is such good stuff. AMazes me the ease of lying she is able to do. Con, scammer and LIAR!!!!

    hey. I’m just saying.. allegedly 😉

  5. Olive the other Reindeer said

    tINSEL..AGAIN I BOW TO U,,my knees been hurtin’ girl!

  6. Olive.. you must look at the freakin authors.. ur KILLIN me!!

  7. Olive the other Reindeer said

    oh my bad..I bow to u IJS,,,,shheesh,,yep Traylor said Adrienne was Kennedy’s Godmother the 65000 bday party,,then on the scenes thst were not shown..Adrienne said no,,was too much repsonsibility,,and Traylore said “we are still talking” to try yo save face,,,,

    Again IJS,,I am so sorry,,,,what can I say,,my knees hurt,,,dammit

  8. Olive the other Reindeer said

    when I read that Old housewife from Mantatee county,,i thought she was writing about Kim Richards,,OMG,what a shocker,,,I won’t be a spoiler,,but leave the blogger lady alone!

  9. Olive the other Reindeer said

    Bats baby blue eyes at IJS

  10. Tweetybird said

    thanks tinsel kitty…great work…love your stuff.

  11. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Is it possible to ROTF! one second, be creeped out the next, and then be totally repulsed in the following seconds? No wonder Taylor rec’d 1% of vote in the WWHL poll. Freakin’ SCARY.

    Like I said before, at first I wondered about her. Is Russell not being nice to her, etc. Well, I came to the conclusion that they were both weird. Now, I think they are both crooked & creepy.

    I remember when Taylor said that Adrienne was Kennedy’s godmother. I don’t know why, but I believed her. I thought who would say such a thing on national tv if it wasn’t true. Apparently, Taylor doesn’t care when/where she lies. UNREAL. What a moron!

    Thanks for showing the part where Adrienne in essence is calling out Taylor. I don’t think I remember that part. It’s hard to keep track of all the lies, and all the soaps going on between these HW. What is really sickening/scary is that Taylor is SMILING and looking all innocent/coy when Adrienne is sharing her side of the godmother story. Taylor has definitely done a great job of digging her own grave. I hope Kim is having a good time laughing. I wonder Kyle has to say about her very dear friend.

  12. Tweetybird.. you want a shmack upside the head too? You peeps need a bloggin101 on reading.. 😉

    Olive.. isnt that something about ROH?? She is not taking this standing down. It has nothing to do with her blog posting but the comments from peeps who say they know her. Very different then someone posting a blog then someone commenting..


  13. MHJ – If Kyle doesnt see through Taylor now.. Kyle is as much an idiot.. period..

  14. Rosie said

    Omg! This video is hilarious! 🙂

  15. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    IJS, I think Kyle is smart in certain ways and NOT smart in others. No kidding. LOL. I think Kyle likes having cheerleaders….like a Taylor and Lisa….around her. Kyle thinks she’s very smart, but she should watch out because she’ll trip herself. There are a lot of folks upset with her. I think she was one of the top HW, and now not so much. She let her mean side out….even before limo scene. I think Kyle is the kind of person who wants to have people, like Taylor, around to worship her & help keep her on that pedestal/throne of hers. It has always bothered me how Kyle goes on & on & on about her niece Paris. Frankly, I don’t care. Personally, I wouldn’t be bragging. Oh, look at me….& I’m Paris Hilton’s aunt. Another thing that keeps standing out to me, is how Kyle has gone on about how she looks after Kim. Yes, Kyle, you are so wonderful. Let me write down everything you do that makes you so great. I think Kim keeps Kyle more grounded….tries to bring her down to reality about certain things. Whereas, I think Taylor & Lisa will feed Kyle’s ego & tell her what she wants to hear. I really do feel like Kim was outnumbered, and it sure didn’t help that she didn’t have Kyle’s total support.

    So glad all this info on/about Taylor is coming out. The truth usually does come out.

  16. wildheart said

    Kyle reminds me of a certain mom at the kids’ school …likes to be the queen bee of her little clique, plays the martyr and gets her sycophants to do her dirty work. MHJ, you made very good points and ita! IJS, great post but you’re killing me! Just what I need, more blogs to read! I can’t keep up now! Oy!

  17. lmaoo Wildheart!! I had to stop reading a few cause I have to much on my reading list and its killin me!!!

    You guys need to check out Reality chopped blog. She is a photoshopper and she just does pics and the latest of taylor are hysterical!!

    MHJ – Kyle is no dummy but she will believe anyone who kisses her ass. Like Jill, oh so sweet.. I will RT your great words of my beauty!! turds

  18. I’m glad everyone liked the video.

    Thanks for the compliments IJS. I never knew you had this blog! I see your posts on my site but never knew this was here!

    Tinsel – see u on twitter 😉

  19. Humbruh said

    Abso-fucking-lutely brilliant!

  20. Hey RCH!!! Glad you stopped by!! Your video skillz are genius and cant imagine the patience to peice together while adding all the audio… great job..

    Humbruh I so abso-fucking-lutely agree~!

  21. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Wildheart, you crack me up sweetie! LMAO!! I know EXACTLY the type you’re referring to. Lawdy! Gets on my last nerve. I met a lot of nice women while my kids were growing up & I was involved in/out of school activities. I did a whole lot of various volunteer work pre-K to 8th. By high school they don’t want parents around as much. LOL. There were some moms who had to be worshiped & had their followers. Oh, and if you got talking to the “wrong” person, Lawd have mercy on you. I don’t care where you live….Atlanta, Chicago, or NY….wherever….these types are everywhere. 😦 I always tried to steer clear of crap….like the Taylors who sucked up to the Kyles, etc…..but still some come looking for a headache. You know it’s bad when you have different groups…some tight cliques….one one side of a classroom just glaring while they have their cupcakes and fruit juice. LOL. It’s a sad day when the little kids show more maturity than the grown-ups.

    Like I keep saying….sorry….Kyle better watch it while high up on her pedestal. That fall won’t be pretty.

    Some people are so busy being (thinking they’re) right all/most of the time, that they don’t want to acknowledge the pain they cause others. Who? Me? Why, I’m perfect and have no flaws. Kyle really needs to own it. I hope she gets a wake up call, and make some changes….before she falls flat off that pedestal.

  22. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Totally off-topic. Does anyone watch “The First 48”? I’ve always watched this show. “Lost Footage” of BH will be a comic relief in comparison.

  23. Daniela said

    That video wins top awards, seriously!

    The look that Adrienne gives Taylor regarding being “Godmother” to Kennedy is PRICELESS!!!
    Adrienne was so uncomfortable having to play along with the witch, without coming out and calling her a liar. If looks could kill, Lips would be dead.

    The cotton candy scene still makes me nauseous. I hope I never see it again as long as I live. That is a retched, wicked scene.

    Hi Mrs. HJ! I have watched it, but it is disturbing to me.

  24. Daniela.. what about the eyebrows on Andy when Adrienne was giving that face to Taylor!! lmaoo every time!!..

    how bout the music while Taylor was eating that cotton candy.. killin me!!!

  25. THe crickets and the bright white smile slowly deflating into oblivion is still stuck in my head..

  26. Daniela said

    IJS: lol, the music was perfect!!! Andy did do his eyebrow thing. Adriennes face had me ROTF…even Kim’s expression was hysterical. Lips is a piece of work. I guess it’s safe to say, anything that comes out of her over inflated mouth is BS!
    That has to be the best compilation of Lips…EVER!
    Awesome job!

  27. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi Daniela! 🙂 Yes, I watch it and sometimes I wonder why. I like to see the detectives in action, AND catch the bad people. The show I can’t watch is “Animal Cops”. It’s beyond painful for me.

    What am I watching now? One of my favorites. “Gaslight”.

  28. Mikki12 said

    ATTENTION OLIVE: I found the post you were referring to on the Blast from the Past thread. Whoopee! This is very impressive indeed. All I can say is: I’m stickin’ with you kid. “Oh when the saints go marching in..oh when the saints go marching in…”

  29. CAgirl said

    Wow–like a collision of forces here!! Love both IJS and TK posts (but also read RCH, ducking now). Have much love for you all!!! You ladies make life funny 🙂

  30. CAgirl said

    BTW, IJS, we’ve had some great late night talks, and you write wonderful blogs as well–don’t :want to leave u out of my adoration :).

  31. CAgirl said

    And TK knows my love has no bounds :)–even if she has a massive virtual wedgie :).

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  33. […] know most of you had seen the video she created here “Taylor Ford Is A Big Fat Liar Remixed” , Now RCH has created a new video of “Dinner Party From Hell” and it appears Camille […]

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