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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Lost Footage Tonight

Posted by tinselkitty on February 8, 2011


It’s finally winding down. Although this has been my favorite franchise thus far, I do hope the Bravo people are willing to scale back on the heavy drama for Miami and OC. Sure, we get it, no one wants a snoozefest but we also don’t want to feel dirty and tired and like some of our life force was seeped out over an hour of watching women interact. So please, people in charge, can we bring back the lightweights for a little while? A season of superficial wouldn’t kill us. Just, please no more limo fights. And can someone please check on Kim for us and see how she’s doing? We understand (and have quite a bit of respect for) her going on the downlow with all the frenzy right now. We’d just like to know she’s okay.


84 Responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Lost Footage Tonight”

  1. BobLHead said

    I know I’m way to good for ANY man Mrs. J! This is why I stay single and surround myself with my child laborers that are required to tell me every hour how beautiful and funny and generous I am….if they don’t, I rip the stale bread right out of their ungrateful mouths!

    I agree TK…poor parenting G-sus. Hey, if you want, I’ll “babysit” for you!

  2. G-sus said

    @ TK You would think they would be already, but 3 kids under 7 are hard to train, and I am plumb out of Benadryl.

    @ BobL, I would have to see some references…. oh wait, that is the good mom in me talking, gotta remember to act like a Housewife on Bravo night…. Come on over BobL, I’ll leave the door open.

  3. BobLHead said

    I don’t need no stinkin’ references!!!

    I’ll put those little suckers to work, you can enjoy your show AND get your house re-roofed at the same time!

  4. G-sus said

    @ BobL You’re hired! Just remind them to shovel off all the snow before they re-roof the house;)

  5. BobLHead said

    Yea, ok, I’ll “remind” them.

  6. BobLHead said

    Just heard on the news that Southern California could be sunned-in for the next several days. Residents have been urged to hunker down at your nearest beach for further instructions. Use extreme caution when braving this blizzard of sunshine, preferably SPF30. We are asking our friends and relatives to the north to please keep us in their thoughts and prayers as we deal with 2 feet buried in the sand.

    What is “snow”???

  7. G-sus said

    Oh BobL, there you go again, poking the sleeping polar bear. I do believe there was quite the tussle a while back when us frozen people were mocked by the sun-worshipers out your way. It did not go well.
    Come babysit, BobL, I will teach you all about 8 foot snow-drifts, street skiing, and how to plug your car in at night (and I don’t mean those fancy-schmancy electric vehicles). We are expecting lows in the −24 area tonight, so bring your Uggs and Parka!

  8. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    BobLHead, I KNOW you have those children well trained. Very, very, very well trained. If you ever decide you could do without one….spare for an hour or two, could you please send one over my way? As far as the praising goes, I’m sure if Mr. Clooney was around you he’d be singing your praises non-stop. OH GEORGE! GEORGE!! (Ok, I did that for your benefit out of the kindness of my heart. Now when can you send me one of your little helpers?!)

  9. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    BobLHead, if my friends/family that live in Chicago heard what you had to say…..TRIPLE GLARE. I can laugh though since I’m in Atlanta.

  10. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    @43 Bryan

    or watch the news, or read the paper, or deal with family, or listen to friends….

  11. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    IJS or TK, can you do your art work….and after you have a replay of Kyle getting onto that lady for hanging on/hugging Mauricio….KYLE’S HUSBAND….can you draw horns, tail, and pitchfork?

  12. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Kyle and Kim are seeing a psychic. Hmmmmmm. Well, that explains a lot.

  13. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Why didn’t they show that nice scene with Camille & her friend earlier?

    Won’t be able to watch scene of Giggy at the vet. Just glad Lisa & Ken decided not to put Giggy down. 🙂

  14. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    I did it! I’m proud of myself, and I watched the scenes with Giggy….where Lisa talks about Giggy, bathes Giggy, & is at vet. with Ken. That vet was great. LOVE Giggy….too adorable!!!!

    OK, I’m wrong if that woman was whispering sweet nothings in Mauricio’s ear. WOW! Need horns, tail, and pitchfork on that (drunk) woman.

  15. BobLHead said

    G-sus….I’m totally poking at the weather gods…my lawn needs water and I’m to lazy to do it…especially since I’m farming out my best workers (10 and older! and partially fed!) to you!!! Oh, and 24 below or above, I still don’t get it!

    Mrs. Jackman…help is on the way!

  16. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    LMAO! when Paul told Taylor about her “wrinkles” at Mohammed’s party. Her face may not give away when she’s mad according to her, but her eyes….and “joking” sure does. Taylor is the joke. A very bad one, too.

  17. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Thank you BobL.! Now I can turn in feeling better.

    Night all. 🙂

  18. Dalai Mama said

    Are you still open?
    Lights are off.
    Don’t see anyone at the bar.
    Darn it. They’re closed, and everybody went home.

  19. Dalai Mama said

    I amble sadly back to my cave high in the Himalayas now.

  20. Bryan said

    @11 Jelly Bean

    Well then it would safe to say you should go hang with Dalai in her cave, listen to nature and temple bells, have some rich yak buttered tea, and get mellowed.

  21. Bryan said

    Kyle was right to kick that drunk trick out of her party, Mauricio looked like he was glad to see that old ho go too.

  22. Jelly, Peanutbutter & Jelly, Jelly Bean...whatever! said

    I am already mellow. Hence the low tolerance for unneccesary drama.
    You needn’t worry about me so much Bryan. I am doing okay.

  23. Bryan said

    @24 Okay, and I know what you mean when you mention all those forms of media, sometimes you feel so surrounded. I keep thinking about Dalai cave, it sounds kind of nice from time to time.

  24. Dani said

    What the heck? I wake up this morning to read my favorite site before toddling off to work and I find I am being mocked for living in the tundra. Gsus is right. That’s like poking the polar bear. Talk about kicking one when they are down. Not to fear however, Gsus take heart. You and I both know all our suffering has made us tough as nails. Yeah, that’s right BobL, we know how to endure. Wimps we are not.

  25. BobLHead said

    Oh you guys….you have no IDEA how I suffer…I have to wear sun block EVERY DAY! And that big bright ball in the sky hurts my eyes, I have to wear protective eye coverings (sunglasses) whenever I go outside for fear of burning my retinas….

    Plus we have earthquakes.

  26. BobLHead said

    Oh yea Dani…I’m also tough as nails…it takes a lot to deny children their basic human rights, starve and beat them…you gotta block out all the whining and crying….all that AFTER applying sunblock and choosing my protective eye coverings.

  27. BobLHead said

    On a serious note…stay warm and safe my snow bound friends!

  28. Dalai Mama said

    @ BobL You know what the Masters say… Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water, shovel snow. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water, shovel snow. And even the Buddha himself sees the serene wisdom in popping open a cold beer after all that labor. It’s all good…

    @Bryan You are welcome in my cave of serenity anytime!

  29. BobLHead said

    Thank you oh Wise One….I’m always happy to see you here Dalai!

  30. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said


    Dalai, looks like Bryan and I may be coming for a visit soon. I will bring the beer!

  31. Bryan said

    @30 Dalai, thank you oh wise one!!!!

    @32 I wonder of the Nepalese have their own brew?

  32. Dalai Mama said

    @32 and 33 Come on up!
    We’ve got chhaang, which is excellent barley pop to wash down mo-mos and tsampa. No wireless, no electricity, but I can teach you all to throat sing…

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