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Party of Two, Should be Under Salahi. Okay, Go Right In.

Posted by tinselkitty on February 8, 2011

Tinselkitty is hearby declaring that all gates, ropes, gauntlets, any device that serves to redirect folks a certain way, all of those need to just be flung opened, torn down and unarmed. If a closed gate is the siren’s call for the Salahis, then we need to make this the most open country in the world. They will be momentarily flummoxed, at which time we may seize them and ship them off on a cruise line and they can be cruise directors or something.

From TMZ

It’s practically Fort Knox — but that didn’t stop Tareq and Michaele Salahi from penetrating the owners’ suite at Cowboys Stadium yesterday for the Super Bowl … because get this … they were actually invited.

Michaele tells TMZ, “We were guests and stayed in the Owners Club Suites the entire time and had so much fun meeting new friends.”

And one of those new “friends” was none other than Jerry Jones Jr. — son of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and the current VP of the franchise — although we cannot confirm if the guy actually knew who they were.

How do they do it?

Well, yeah, they said they were guests of the white house, too. Hey, you there at TMZ, if you honestly can’t think of anything else to ask them then you need to give me a call and we’ll go over some of the things you missed out on. A game, people. Bring your A game.


12 Responses to “Party of Two, Should be Under Salahi. Okay, Go Right In.”

  1. Olive the other Reindeer said

    Does Salami own a different jacket??????? Freinds with Jerry Jones..birds of a feather,,ya’ know.

  2. wildheart said

    Gee, and I was hoping the salamis were holed up somewhere in Tonga, too embarrassed to surface …guess I was wrong again! TK, tmz needs to hire you! You would bring the triple A game and leave the salamis a drooling, muttering pile of flesh. LOL

  3. MaryK said

    Once again….Salahi BS. They weren’t in the owners box with the real celebraties including Pres.Bush, etc. They were at the Owners club. Same old story. Just like Salahis claim they were in the inauguration box with Obama’s and Bidens. These events were televised….they weren’t really there. By the way, google and read about the fake emails Salahis tried to pawn off to the court in a recent lawsuit agains Dylan Howard, Exec for RadarOnLine. Thats a felony!

  4. Busted said

    They got busted. Were escorted out…not wanted. Hasn’t made the rounds yet but thanks to Salahis efforts to blog this lie, they will be exposed!

  5. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @1 Olive, hey sweetie! Hope all is well. 🙂 LMAO!! I’m surprised he can afford any jacket.

    Hi everyone!

    @3 MaryK….thank you for info. Wow!

  6. Olive the other Reindeer said

    HI MHJ,,,,I wnated to tell u,,ur man was on the red carpet at the Super Bowl,,I think he picked the Steelers,,,I know Jennifer Aniston picked Packers UGH! lol

    That jacket is so worn and way too small,,c’mon Tareq in all the con thongs u do,,u would think he could get a new jacket,,,lol


  7. Rosie said

    Hi! Does this guy own any clothes, that actually fit him??

  8. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @7 Rosie, HI! 🙂 LMAO!! I was wondering the same thing. I guess he can’t even afford a tailor. Well, that and some teeth whitener.

    Olive, hubby may pick the Steelers when they are the “underdog”. If so, he’ll go with them even if he normally doesn’t. 🙂 (Again, sorry hubby picked Packers. He told me the game was a close one.)

  9. Rosie said

    MHJ.. Lmao. I’m speechless on this guy. It just amazes me.

  10. G-sus said

    It’s all my fault. We had a relatively Salami-free zone going on and then I had to go mention that old Duck-Lips and her personality-deficient sidekick reminded me of these two dipshidiots. I might as well said “Bloody Mary” three times.

  11. Logan K said

    Oh boy, this is the first I’ve heard from them in months. No words….

  12. debbi said

    TMZ listened to the lies of those people? Well, now, I don’t know who to laugh at more! Invited???? Then why were they escorted out?

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