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All That Plastic Must Make Her Non-Stick

Posted by tinselkitty on February 8, 2011

Now, what was I saying before I was so rudely interrupted? Oh yeah, the Bellinos. Their foreclosure auction has been pushed back. Again. And probably will be pushed back another time. Taxpayer dollars at work, my friend.

Loving the OC Register

A foreclosure auction scheduled for Monday for the Newport Beach home of O.C. ‘Housewife’ Alexis Bellinoand her husband James is rolling to next month.

The new auction date has been set for Feb. 10.

But there’s a good chance it won’t take place then, either. As we’ve reported, James Bellino filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection for the company, Global Marine Inc., that holds title to his house.

Bellino is president of Global Marine, a single-asset real estate corporation. A document filed in the bankruptcy case says “after any exempt property is excluded and administrative expenses paid, there will be no funds available to unsecured creditors.”

The bankruptcy filing says the estimated number of creditors is between 1 and 49, and the estimated assets of Global Marine, Inc. are between $1,000,001 and $10 million.

Bellino’s business is based at his 6-bedroom home in Newport Beach, which, in addition to being in default on a loan, is listed for sale .

The 6,400-square foot, 6-bedroom house is also on the market and being offered as a short sale — or for less than what is owed on the mortgage. But the lender, JPMorgan Chase, would have to agree.

The asking price is $3,395,000. The published bid at auction is listed at $4,677,635.

The couple has said they are still negotiating with the bank.

The listing on the home states: “Owner has over $6 Million into the property, reduced for quick sale,” and notes that the house is ”50′ from $35M waterfront sale previously owned by Nicolas Cage.”

The listing describes the home, on a 9,135-square foot double lot, as having “every high-end amenity imaginable.”

That includes: “High ceilings, gorgeous crown molding, pristine wood floors, and a grand staircase… a state-of-art kitchen, wine cellar, home theater, & large recreational area with pool table & bar …” There’s also a wrap-around balcony, rooftop view deck, a gym and a 6-car garage.

Realtor John Stanaland of Hom Real Estate Group has the listing.



41 Responses to “All That Plastic Must Make Her Non-Stick”

  1. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    What is UP with Jim’s hair?! Besides 10 bottles of hair care products. I thought only boys wore their hair like that.

    Alexis’s “dress” looks like 2 of my scarves tied together. My scarves are thicker, too.

    • MHJ, you’re missing the point. She’s spent a lot of time and money on that body. It’d be just silly to cover it up. That’d be like buying a Prada bag and stuffing it inside a Hefty bag before leaving the house. Oops, I mean having her hubs loan shark a Prada bag. Silly me. She doesn’t have the money to buy one of those.

  2. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    TK, LOL. She did spend money on that face/body. Too bad it hasn’t done much for her. 😉

  3. KurlyHairedB said

    He is just disgusting to look at, plus men in sandals skeeve me out….

  4. G-sus said

    @ MHJ He does his hair like that so it can be closer to God.

  5. Bryan said

    Well Kurly Haired B sometimes when its hot we like to wear them I don’t wear them when I go to dinner I also do not wear them with long pants . I also have some that are called hiking sandles that are great when I have been to Hawaii, its a little warm there and shoes and socks are a bit on the warm and uncomfortable side.

    Personally my comfort is more important to me then you level of skeeved out-ness

  6. G-sus said

    Oh pardon me, is that trademarked somewhere? Or are you just jelly-belly because I said it first?

  7. Dy said

    “The higher the hair, the closer to God” .. line has been out there forever, it’s been said a million times since Jersey Shore and Jerseylicious. Just had to say something..

    @6Bryan My husband wears them also 😉

  8. KurlyHairedB said

    @Bryan, completely understand your need to wear them, doesn’t mean that I have to like it!!! When hubs and I started dating and I saw that he had sandals in his closet, I threw them out. I don’t mind the athletic type ones, its the “thong” type that goes between the toes flippy flop style that unnerves me. Ugh, just nasty.

  9. Bryan said

    @9Dy, I hate when people make idiot blind statements like that, fine if you don’t like it, but keep that shit to yourself.

  10. G-sus said

    @ Dy, I don’t watch either show. I do know “the snooki” though. I don’t know why, I just couldn’t watch those shows. Used to watch Real World though.

  11. Bryan said

    @10 I have both kinds.they both have a purpose. that too bad her let you throw them out, when your on vacation they are perfect from going from the beach to your room or pool to your room, I think it makes more sense to have something like that then wearing socks and shoes to the pool or the beach.

  12. G-sus said

    Oh Lord, don’t go on a woogling spree. I plead total ignorance on the hair to God thing.

  13. KurlyHairedB said

    @Bryan, not quite sure why you have a problem with my original comment about the sandals, that is my opinion and I am entitled to say it on here. I read many of your posts that you don’t like this, don’t like that, and I never have called anything that you have said “an idiot blind statement”. What I personally feel is just that my personal opinion and I can express it any damn way that I please. If you have a problem with my posts, then just ignore any or all of them, but do not put down my personal opinions or feelings.

  14. Dy said

    @13 GSus that is where that line comes from believe me.It’s been used a million times..

    @14 Bryan My husband has both kinds for the very same reasons.. He would never wear socks and shoes at the beach or at our back yard pool.

  15. Bryan said

    Well when you claim that all sandal wearing men “skeeve” you out, that’s bound to warrent some kind of response . I hope you never travel or vacation to anywhere that has a desert or tropical climate because there is going to be many sandal wearing men there who you have no control over their choice of footwear.

    Now if you said that men with unkempt feet who wear sandals skeeve you out would have made more sense, and that I can understand that can be said for both men and women who have really dry chapped or dirty feet in sandals.

    And if you don’t want anyone commenting on your personal opinions of feelings, you shouldn’t post them in a public forum

  16. Bryan said

    @17Dy, I think thats far worse someone with their shoes and god help us smelly socks and if your downwind of that, OY!!! A few times in Vegas that was the case.

  17. KurlyHairedB said

    I am just going to take the high road here because you are just determined to make more out of this then what my original statement warranted. Apparently you are allowed to make blanket statements regarding whatever you feel like, but others may not express their opinions without being judged unfairly and harshly. From now on, please do not read any posts that I may make as they may offend you.

  18. Dy said

    @19 Bryan.. lMAO..P-U!!

    Besides all that( and thats alot).. It just looks freakin’ bad! A total fashion don’t!!

  19. Bad Girl said

    Seeing those 2 lock lips skeeves me out more than any thong ware, ;p

  20. Dalai Mama said

    Something in her body language indicates two things – to look undeniably into the kiss (and by association the man); and to get it over with as soon as possible.
    With regard to that other thing, we Tibetan monks in our caves high in the Himalayas believe we look rather jaunty in our sandals.

  21. Bryan said

    @21 Dy a complete don’t. I will tell you here in San Diego you see alot of that with the tourists and since Im right on the strand , nothing worse the board shorts and athletic shoes and colored socks..

    KurlyB Where did I say you COULDN’T say what you please, If I make some statement here and these women didn’t like it, you can be sure one or more them would have no problem letting me know, and that’s fine. Make all the blanket statements you want, but if you don’t want anyone commenting on them don’t say them.

    22 Bad Girl, Yeah we could do without seeing that.

    23 Dalai, I once had some really cool sandals I got from a friend who was visiting India I loved them and they lasted a long time, this was back in college.

  22. Dy said

    @24 Bryan

    OMG…{{SHUDDERS}} By far the worse..ewww

  23. Bryan said

    Oh good lord look at this………………….


  24. CAgirl said

    Well, my diet is kicking in again, thanks for the pic!!

  25. CAgirl said

    TK, love your posts, thanks for the diet reminder, no time to read though all the posts/comments presently, but love the site and the comments!!! Hi to everyone 🙂

  26. CAgirl said

    And by diet reminder, I am referring to the pic of the wife as a toothpick–hellfire and damnation!!!

  27. LWoo said

    In my opinion, he’s too old to wear his hair like that. And it just doesn’t fit him.

    With her, yeah- she spent too much money on her body to cover up. I have to be honest: I’d wear that little dress…but I figure why not since I’m 35 and a size 3. Better enjoy it while I can before I start having kids! lol

    My man wears sandals, but not the thong kind. He brought them with us when we went to Puerto Rico and was VERY happy that he did; his feet were burning up in socks/ sneakers on the first day that we decided to walk around the fort.

  28. Bryan said

    Hi, Woo!!!!!, That hair is ridiculous especially at his age.

  29. wildheart said

    Ugh! Bryan, saw the post about heidi skanktag wanting to join rung. Not just no, but HELL NO!!! As for jesus barbie and her hubby, that photo just made me lose my lunch! He gives me the creeps and what she sees in him I’ll never know! To each his own, I guess!

  30. LWoo said

    Hi, Bryan! 😛 He looks quite ridiculous!

  31. Bryan said

    @32 Wildheart, he looks like he lost some weight or its just the angle , then you look at his chin and of course he doesn’t have one, she is such a SLOTH.

  32. wildheart said

    @Bryan, I don’t think he lost weight, I think he was wearing one of jesus barbie’s corsets! Maybe the french maid one from Halloween? Haha Actually you may be right but he gives me the heebie jeepies and I couldn’t look at the photo for too long! LOL

  33. Bryan said

    Look at Camille on the day of her wedding to Coke head.

  34. BobLHead said

    Holy cow….Camille was stunning….then.

  35. Bryan said

    Since this topic is about plastic, speaking of,,check out this ridiculous story….

  36. Rosie said

    Omg! This man gives me the creeps! Ewwww. That hair is redicules. I bet J-Barbie styled it for him.

    @38.. Bryan.. Now that is hilarious. I’m sure Jennifer could not care less if she shows up or not. Attention anyone? Thanks for the link.

  37. Rosie said

    Wow Camille looked cute. The divorce is final today?? I didn’t know that! Thanks again Bryan!

  38. Bryan said

    Your welcome Ro.

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