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It Doesn’t Take a Psychic to Know Not to Drink and Drive

Posted by tinselkitty on February 6, 2011

Yes, it is true. Teh Baby Jesus has seen fit to bless Tinselkitty in 2011 with gifts from above and has even taken to delivering them via our awesome readers. This beauty has been brought to us courtesy of Leigh. A round of applause Leigh’s way before you click to read more!

This delightful mug shot belongs to Elsa Patton, mother of Marysol Patton, soon-to-be splashed all over our television screens in the upcoming Real Housewives of Miami. Ms. Patton is a pretty famous celebrity seer. Not a medium, a seer. Celebrities got to her to get her seeings. Might I recommend to all you celebrificated peeps that you book your appointments with Ms. Patton first thing in the morning? It appears alcohol clouds both the ordinary and the extraordinary sight.

So what does one do they day after Mom gets busted for a DUI? One apparently does this –


18 Responses to “It Doesn’t Take a Psychic to Know Not to Drink and Drive”

  1. Bryan said

    She’s a witch, someone throw water on that She-Thing!

  2. […] It Doesn't Take the Psychic to Know Not to Drink as well as Drive « Tv Time 101 […]

  3. Bryan said

    Okay here is a picture of Walter Mercado the famed astrologer from Mexico…I believe, looks like a relative of the Bruja above….

  4. Leigh said

    You are very welcome Tinsel Kitty!

  5. Olive the other Reindeer said

    oh hell come now Bryan,,get an effing exorcist!!!!!!

  6. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Am I to understand that Elsa is a “seer”, and has a drinking problem?! I know she’s 76, but she looks absolutely awful. It’s very sad. I don’t know if it’s that she hasn’t take care of herself….too much plastic surgery, too much of alcohol, or what. All I know is, she should has seen a “seer” a long time ago. Perhaps they could have prevented her from looking like she’s been to hell and back….numerous times.

    @2 Bryan, thanks! Yes, I have seen him before through the years channel surfing or in some mag. He looks like he’s related (LOL), but looks a whole lot better than Elsa.

  7. Julie said

    My name is Julie Fogel and I am speaking on behalf of Marysol Patton and her lovely mother Elsa. I am the Director of Media Relations for Marysol’s PR firm, The Patton Group.

    On October 9, 2010, Elsa Patton was one block from the home that she has lived in for 20 years when she was pulled over for her car lights being off. Earlier in the day, Elsa had her car washed and the car wash people turned her lights from “automatic” to “off”. Elsa was obviously confused as to why she was pulled over and refused to take a roadside test and to that she was brought in to the station. Because Elsa in fact did not have a drop of alcohol that night which was obvious, she was released after the misunderstanding and being falsely accused and all chargers have been dropped.

  8. Leigh said

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..Don’t they then take your record and pictures off their website?

  9. Leigh said

    She was also charged with not having a valid drivers license.

  10. Bryan said

    @7&8 Leigh, I think the Patton PR firm need to do better then this, yeah why is it this still up on their website I wonder if this person forgot about the DL. , This PR group would NEVER make it in Hollywood.

  11. G-sus said

    @ Leigh and Bryan. I laughed so hard when I saw this. This PR lady better get her big girl panties on, because it’s going to a bumpy ride for her once the season starts and all the closet bones come busting out. Good point on the DL bit Leigh. Also, why not take a breathalyzer so you can prove you’re not drunk?
    And if your Mom was falsely accused of a DUI and arrested, would you be kicking her while she was down and set fire to her Christmas decorations? Apparently so, lol.

  12. Bryan said

    Maybe burning the xmas stuff is some kind of latino ritual punishment for embarassing the family?

  13. Leigh said

    @Bryan and G-Sus. You are both so right! I’m taking a long drag of my e- ciggy and predicting many long nights at work for Julie!

    • Leigh, maybe you should predict the best routes for her to drive home instead. You know, the roads with the least amount of unlicensed, breathalyzer-refusing drivers. I bet you could make some money with those kinds of predictions.

  14. Leigh said

    @TK Future looks cloudy for Julie,she should take public transportation.

  15. OMG! The RHOM are already making the news, and not for good reasons-LOL

    • Hey, ROH, are you blogging on the lam? Remember, smart phone screens put off light. If someone’s coming make sure you turn the phone off so they don’t see even a hint of it. Trust no one, woman! But, you know, us. You can trust us. We be cool like that.

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