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Real Housewifes Of Miami

Posted by ImaJustSaying on February 4, 2011

Bravo has another installment of the Real Housewives franchise and now this particular franchise is bumping the new season of Real Housweives NYC!!  Somehow Bravo has deemed and confirmed that they are stalling the Real Housewives of NYC season and instead airing the Real Housewives of Miami!  Rumors are that there is not enough spice in the NYC season and it is being suggested that they need to film a few scenes with Camille Grammer while she is addressing her divorce issues with Kelsey and soon to be new wife Kate.. lmaoooooo  Oh the Humanity!!!!!

Maybe they should make Bethenny film with the boring ladies???  How did they not even get crazy island stuff from Kelly Been Smokin?  or Lying stealing and beating behavior of Jill Sanders Zarin?

Real Housewives of Miami is set to air on February 22 if you are to believe Bravo.. again..

Sources said that following good ratings for its brawl-filled Beverly Hills counterpart, the New York show didn’t have enough drama to satisfy producers, including new executive producer Omid Kahangi.

Andy Cohen had emailed the NYC cast members this.

“We decided yesterday that our best bet was to give ourselves a little breathing room,” Cohen wrote. “I would rather get the show right than rush it to air.”

Bravo doesnt even have Real Housewives of Miami yet on there main page.  This was sudden


10 Responses to “Real Housewifes Of Miami”

  1. Olive the othe Reindeer said

    I read non fiction,,,real life is stranger than fiction,,,a few years ago I read “The High Season” was all about society in South Beach and how they dislike nouveau riche….Trump had a house there,,,P Daddy,,,( when he was with JLO so u know the book was kinda’old),,but quite interesting. They have their own rules,,,kinda’ like why I love movies and books about the monarchy…sodecadent and vile,,,I love it,…lol

  2. Olive the othe Reindeer said

    oh High Season is the time of all the Balls and parties,,,I think it’s about this time of year,,before Lent…I can’t remember,,,apparently these people are nouveau riche and don’t follow the seasons…just kiddding.

  3. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    The unattractive blonde that is suppose to make rude comments to people, and then laugh about it as if it’s all in fun or a joke…….Yes, my strega mil. I get tired of people like that who justify bad behavior. I bet that woman thinks she’s intelligent, classy, witty, elegant, and very kind. HA!

  4. LWoo said


  5. Rosie said

    I wanted NY! 😦

  6. Bryan said

    Afternoon all

    don’t you just love “The Witch”, she looks like Walter Mercado and that gravel voice!!!! and now when I see which one the daughter, you can tell by the giant head!

  7. Leigh said

    The “witch” has an arrest record recently…

  8. G-sus said

    @7 great link
    I see we have another psychic on our hands. Couldn’t see that atrocity coming could she? And BTW that has to be the worst lady mug shot I have ever seen!

    @ TK Gifts from baby Jesus even before the season is airing? Looks like the Miami gals are going to keep you and IJS’ fingers a tapping.

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