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Not Only Does Taylor Not Own Anything She Does…

Posted by tinselkitty on February 4, 2011


She also doesn’t own anywhere she lives. The Armstrongs rent strong, kittens. $15,000 a month strong.

The home Taylor and Russell have been renting was a new construction that was finished in 2008, the year America hit bottom. It was never sold so the owners are renting it out. It’s all about appearances. I hope Snowball’s fate was not decided upon a clause in the lease. No, I’m sure it was Kennedy’s allergies to a hypoallergenic pooch that has hair instead of fur.

As I’m finding these details, it’s becoming very clear that, while Taylor had plenty of screen time and more than enough to say, she’s really kept her back story on the down low. Think about it for a minute. How much do you really know about Taylor and/or Russell beyond vague dates and glossed over resumes?

If you dream it, they will come.










41 Responses to “Not Only Does Taylor Not Own Anything She Does…”

  1. Dy said

    Don’t know.. Don’t care about knowing about Tay Tay or Russell.

    All I know is that Tay Tay is a shit stirrer,and was mean to Kim, and is up Kyle’s Ass.

  2. Rosie said

    Hi Dy! Lol

    The floor plan in her house, isn’t bad, but I noticed the houses are very close together. No privacy.

  3. Dy said

    Hi Rosie!!

    Terrible curb appeal..yuck!!!

  4. Rosie said

    Dy.. Yup. She wanted the BH, address on her mail. Not a pretty house.

  5. Bryan said

    That lawn needs watering!

  6. Mrs T Soprano said

    Geez, I would’t pay 15 large for THAT!!! Not attractive at all.

  7. LWoo said

    LMAO @ Bryan!! Yeah, where the hell is the grass?!?!

  8. Olive the othe Reindeer said

    Grass????? oh u mean the kind in the yard,,LWOO,,heard a good rumor,,,gays have the best stuff…altho Bryan won’t share..*sticks tongue out at Bryan…

    I saw a clip of Jennifer Aniston..she said she confronted Perez and asked why is he so mean ,,,we are people,,and she said now he doesn’t write mean things about her,,probably so happy a real celebrity talked to him…

  9. Olive the othe Reindeer said

    For BH style,,no frontage,,, fugly house…she just wants that BH lifestyle,,,where did I read about her and Russel’s scam? They tried to sell people I think it was property and passed her off as one of the Fords,,or maybe I dreamed that,,who knows?

  10. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @5 Bryan, LMAO!

    I agree about unattractive house and no privacy.

  11. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Olive, thanks for sharing that about Jennifer. I wondered what she had told him.

  12. Daniela said

    Here is what I can’t figure out…If you can afford to spend $60 thousand on a 4 year olds birthday party, why the hell do you need to rent????

    It just doesn’t add up. Maybe Taylips and Russell are grifters.

  13. G-sus said

    @Daniela, you said what I was thinking word for word, lol.
    I suppose if they rent, when he files bankruptcy again, they can’t take his house. Also, if he is such a businessman, wouldn’t you be buying right now since the housing market is at it’s lowest in decades? These people are like swiss cheese and the holes in their story are getting bigger and bigger. They remind me of the Salami’s. They are all talk and no substance.

  14. Jelly, Peanutbutter & Jelly, Jelly Bean...whatever! said

    “Think about it for a minute. How much do you really know about Taylor and/or Russell beyond vague dates and glossed over resumes?”

    We know that Taylor saw that OH SO irresistable Russell from across the room….and JUST KNEW this was THE man!!


  15. G-sus said

    Lol Jelly

    I just noticed, who the hell stole the front door?

  16. Bryan said

    @14 JPBJJB, Whores, they are all whores!!!! and they don’t water their lawn~!!!! The action of Whores!!!!

    • Slow down, Bryan, I’m getting confused so I’m going to start writing it all down. So you’re saying I need to get the good drugs from the gays and have the whores water my lawn? Or is it whores/drugs and gays/lawns?

  17. Bryan said


  18. CAgirl said

    OK, so I am a CA resident and home owner–I rented out my “high end” house when I relocated to SD. I have no problem with these women leasing their houses or living in leased out houses. What’s the prob here?? I may be low class though…

    • She’s cool, guys, we tight. CAgirl can hang with the big dogs right nice.

      CAgirl, the renting itself isn’t the problem, it’s the posing that I’ve been highlighting. Taylor really wants to be one of the big kids but she’s going about it in a shady manner. If you look at any one thing, it doesn’t look like a big deal, but when you start pulling them all together and seeing them in the larger context it starts to tell her story. Which is not the same story she floats. And yes, I’ll totally admit to being fascinated by the lies people tell, especially when they are so easily popped. If you are trying to fake yourself into society, why would you go on a show like Real Housewives and put it all out there when there are all those cowardly internet cowboys just waiting around the next corner to snag you?

  19. Bryan said

    You must be new.

  20. CAgirl said

    Actually, no, I’ve been posting here since just before Xmas. I have no problem ragging on these women for all their other mis-steps, but this is one that I don’t think is such a big deal. Clearly just me though.

  21. CAgirl said

    I got you TK–you’re right, the fact in and of itself isn’t so bad, but all together with the picture she’s painted of herself it doesn’t all fit together. I’m watching part 2 of the reunion right now and I literally want to turn my head away every time she comes on the screen–I had forgotten how everything she does annoys me to no end!! My bad…

  22. Bryan said

    CAgirl, Alex is my Taylor, although both are rather equine to me and could be hooked up to one of those coaches that roll around central park. They are both annoying and both are suck up’s

  23. CAgirl said

    Bryan, lol. Alex is sort of meh for me, but Taylor makes my skin crawl. Maybe I’ll feel differently if and when RHoNY ever airs again–it could be that those ladies are just too distant a memory.

  24. Bryan said

    @26CAGirl, this is true, then I saw the clip where Sonja was kicking Alex out of her house, she was probably trying to start another scene with one of the other women at a social situation where it didn’t belong and Sonja is a appropriate thug like way said, “bitch has GOT to go”, If I was there I would have held the door open as Alex is carried out and dumped on the side walk…where she belong

  25. Bryan said

    @25Tinselketty, its another alternative to psychiatry. Don’t take responsibility for your actions blame them on someone you haven’t met yet or someone you KNOW but might do something to you in the future.

    I still say, get Pam Anderson in for the new housewife, she’d fit right in.

  26. CAgirl said

    @27 Bryan–she’s probably trying to amp up the dramz to “fit in”. I can’t believe they are delaying the start of the show, I won’t even remember who’s who by then!

  27. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Alex can get on my nerves, but I don’t think she’s nearly as bad as Taylor. UGH!

    Looks like a whole lot of folks want to see Taylor gone. LOL! It’s so ironic, and she wanted to be the most popular BH HW, too. LMAO!

  28. KurlyHairedB said

    I am one of those who just cannot stand the sight or sounds of Taylor. The rolling of the eyes, the condescending looks, the whole “who me” look. grates on my last freaking nerve everytime that I have to see her on the screen. Her lies and half-truths are starting to unravel all around her, and am wondering if perhaps they would have stayed in the closet if she would have been a little bit nicer and less of a bitch.

  29. Daniela said

    G-Sus: Great minds think alike!
    Sing it sister, they ARE like the Salami’s!!! Great comparison.

  30. Bryan said

    @29Tinsel They do both, it makes for good press, if they need the press.

  31. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    You all may have already seen this clip. I don’t remember this on the show ( could have forgotten) …but the question
    was asked to Adrienne about being Kennedy’s Godmother.

    Adrienne looks rather annoyed.

  32. KurlyHairedB said

    AT Jelly…The look that Taylor was giving Adrienne was “please, please, please back me up on this” and Adrienne just shut Taylors ass down. I think that Adrienne looked really annoyed and kept shooting Taylor the evil side-eye. Who negotiates the terms of being a Godmother? WTF does that mean? I am Godmother to all of my nieces and we never negotiated the terms, except the venue of the baptismal dinner. My SIL wanted a pot-luck dinner in the church hall (Tacky with a capital T), my brother and I wanted a nice function in a restaurant. I won. though I have to admit our little function wasn’t anywhere near the level of Tacky Teresas affair at the Brownstone, ours was just family and friends.

  33. @Jelly – Tay looked like she was gonna cry! poor thing wants to be in that circle SO bad – she can’t stand it!!!
    the kid is four years old already and hasn’t been baptized? they’re gonna have to baptize her at the same time she makes her first communion!
    oh, Shana Hughes, i could just go on and on about her … she irritates the %#@& outta me! and she looks like a transvestite .. just sayin’

  34. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said


    I love that bobble headed Taylor with the pleading look. Adrienne wasn’t buying it.
    Yeah, that side-eye look from Adrienne was very telling!!

    Being A godmother is a very huge responsibility..good for Adrienne for declining the nomination!!

  35. carrot said

    The look Adrienne shot Taylor was priceless. Adrienne always has pokerface, but it slipped a little there. Her face said something along the lines of you have committed waaaay too many crimes for me to just let this one go.

  36. carrot said

    @Jelly # 37

    lmao@ bobble headed look. Exactly!

  37. PeachyG said

    A few people posted that Taylor just wanted the Bev Hills address on her mail, but living in this house, she doesn’t even have that! This house is in Bel Air, but (I’ve heard) it is but a stone’s throw from a part of LA dubbed “fake Bel Air!” The street address is 1950 Linda Flora Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90077. Here’s the Zillow link:

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