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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills HALF CAP, SHOT OF VANILLA – Reunion 2

Posted by tinselkitty on February 2, 2011

Yeah, you know whose they are!

The viewer question I’ve been waiting for is up next. Does Kyle see how she can come off as mean to Kim? Yes, she can see that but they’ve always had this relationship where they joke a lot. I believe Kyle thinks they are joking a lot. I don’t think Kim feels like a lot of that stuff is jokey. Andy tells Kyle that she seems like the dominant person in the relationship. She can see that, too.

Does Kim think that Kyle bullies her? “It’s like she sometimes misplaces her anger but you take it out on the people you love and I understand and…” and Kyle interupts her to say “and she’s not any pushover, believe me, we just don’t always see that.” Oh, Kim, please stop apologizing and making excuses for Kyle. Stop allowing her to minimize your experience. Your feelings and perceptions are just as important as Kyle’s.

Does Camille think Kyle is a bully? She thinks Kyle’s tough on Kim. Kyle does not agree as evidenced by the smarmy head shake she gives back.

Kyle – “We do clash at times. I could be a lot more gentle with Kim. It’s not always one-sided. Right?”

Kim – “Yeah.”

Kyle – “Maybe sometimes I a little strong, but it’s who I am.” [shrug] “You know my mom was raised strong, too…”

Kim – “You’re a lot like mom.”

Kyle – “I’m a lot like my mom and maybe I just, sometimes I’m too tough on her.”

In what may be another case of hypervigilance, I take note of how Kim and Kyle refer to their mother. For Kim, it’s “mom”. For Kyle, it’s “my mom”. A linguistics professor would have a field day with this.

Also, why is it okay for Kyle to maybe be a little strong because it’s just who she is but it’s not okay for Kim to be, well, pretty much anything from what it looks like, because that’s just who she is?

Andy asks if Kyle thinks she’s too tough on Kim. “I think I just. maybe think a little tough love sometimes but take it a little too far, maybe.”

It’s been really hard for Kim to have their relationship magnified on tv. “I feel at times she is a little too hard on me, I’m very sensitive, and I love her and I don’t want to fight with her and she’s the last person I want to fight with in the world, and so when I hear her _____ that just makes me maybe understand a little or, I don’t know.” I couldn’t make out the word Kim said there in the blank space so let me know if you understood what she said there.

Watching the head shots during the video clips is incredibly interesting. There are times that Bravo brings the video back out to the whole screen and I yell at them through the tv to bring back the reaction shots. In fact, I wish they would have put up shots of both couches full of ladies for the entire clip. I also wish Andy would have asked Adrienne what it was like to sit through it in real life and then to sit and watch it on film.

What was Kyle feeling that night? We won’t know because Kim jumped in to save her from having to answer. It seems to me that Kim spends a whole hell of a lot more time shielding Kyle than the reverse. For all of Kyle’s talking, if there was a catastrophe I think we’d find Kim would be the one to throw herself over Kyle to protect her. For all of their fighting, Kim is the one that keeps making the peace moves. Kim is the one apologizing. Kim is the one trying to get back to good. Kim is the one that doesn’t want to talk about it and wants to move forward and not dwell on the nastiness.

Kim does not look back at being a child actress with regret. She loved entertaining and her fans and loved it. Again, when Andy tries to ask Kim about the financial burden and responsibilities of earning money, Kyle jumps in says that’s not entirely accurate. Just to be fair. Her dad was successful, too. It wasn’t all on Kim’s shoulders. Kyle was a child actress, too, you know. Kim’s been hit with this one before but it still deflates her.

Lisa knows that Kyle goes out of her way to protect her sister. I’m sorry, Lisa, I have to disagree with you now. You know what Kyle tells you about having to protect her sister. You just said you know it more from Kyle’s point of view as you speak to her daily. How much do those stories get skewed in the retelling? I hope you’ll spend some time with Kim, Lisa. She could really use a person like you in her life.

Interruption by Taylor to ensure some screen time #3 – “This is a long history, and you know, there’s, I think, a lot of scars, and we all understand a little bit about what that might mean.”

“You started the fight.” Yes, Andy, be more like that, more often. Do that again. Many times.

Come on, Taylor, if you don’t have the balls to say she was drinking then you don’t need to be insinuating it with “there may have been other factors involved”. Chickenshit, pot-stirring bitch.

And back to “the fight” we go. This time we’re going to the scene of the secondary crime, the dinner party from hell. Did you know that Camille was uncomfortable during the party? Not uncomfortable enough to actually do anything to stop the festivities, but her PR peeps explained this all to her before they went into this reunion and they told  her she was uncomfortable. Camille assures us there was no advance plan of attack. I believe her. I believe she called in reinforcements and then let them do what they felt necessary. See, no advance plan!

A viewer asks if Kyle felt any responsibility for her part in pestering Allison for a reading. She did, sort of kind of, because it had already been a weird night. Had it not been a weird night, who knows? Maybe they’d all be the best of friends. Yeah, right.

Another viewer asks if Camille set up the whole evening by getting her admittedly-obnoxious-when-drunk friend drunk. Of course not! Camille didn’t poor the booze down Allison’s gullet. In fact, one time she even pushed Allison’s glass a few inches away from where it had been before. If that’s not a responsible host then I don’t know what is. Drunk people are notorious for quickly giving up the search for their glass that still had some liquor in it. Now you all know. Next time you go out with your friends you don’t need to take their keys, you just need to reposition their glass when you’ve decided they had enough.

Did Kyle feel ambushed? No, but she felt like there was a set up. At this point I am demanding that Bravo sit these two ladies down and explain to them what terms like ambushed, set up and attack mean. Specifically, ambushes happen after your enemy has positioned you for a set up. These distinctions need to be understood before anyone gets to film next season.

We just can’t leave without at least one more discussion of porn. Andy reads a viewer question for Camille, asking her why she went out of her way to point out Faye’s past but glossed over hers. This, you see, was another of the evil editor issues. The way Bravo presented it, yeah, it looks like that but she’s not glossing over it. It was just edited poorly. Andy has had a taste of power and decides to go back in for another bite. Can Camille not see how, as a viewer, that’s how it looked? Okay, if you insist, I suppose it looked that way as a viewer. Because that’s how your editors edited it.

But here’s the thing. Camille thought she was getting baited by Faye. Throw that word in with the others so the ladies are straight on it, okay? Anyway, baiting was happening right there under the watchful eye of all three Bravo camera crews. What you may not have known is that Camille wants everyone around her to be sincere. Lordy, don’t we all! So even though Camille was busy “playing a character”, she expected everyone else to be thoroughly genuine and charming. Faye’s little smile at her was not genuine, nor was it charming. It was baiting. Must not make easy joke connecting baiting and a certain housewife’s mouth.

Then there were the pictures in the limo. Take this as a learning lesson, all y’all that have Blackberries. If you happen to have an email that, at a later date, proves your side of an argument, you are setting someone up. You might be setting someone up right now. Wow, you just aren’t a nice person at all. Baiter. Don’t be so quick to get on the finger pointing train, smart phone peeps. You’ve got the whole internet at your fingertips. There’s no telling how many people you are setting up at this current second. Chickenfuckers, all y’all.

To her credit, Kyle fessed up to that one right quick. She was not about to let Faye Resnick take the fall for that one. Does anyone know if Faye has sisters? Perhaps one of Faye’s sisters would treat Kim the way Kyle treats Faye. Then everyone could be happy.

Camille does finally admit to having said some mean things during the mean girl session that Kyle found so disgusting, but only after Kyle bombarded her with wrath and asked her to please admit to at least that.

Andy has saved the #1 most asked question for the end of the show. Did Allison use her psychic powers for good and warn Camille that she was going to get kicked to the curb? Nope. Well, sort of. She was getting her Camille vibrations mixed up with her Kyle vibrations and ended up getting a read off Camille that she pointed towards Kyle. Poor Kyle still hasn’t gotten her reading, then.

Interruption by Taylor to ensure some screen time #4 – “Uh, uh, I would say, the only thing I would say is I think that we would have, we, uh, we could have circled the wagons and had a nice dinner, if it weren’t for the extra people that were in the room. I think we were all ready to be on the same page.” How very Oklahoma of you to want to circle the wagons, Taylor.

Camille agrees and tries to outline her original idea for the evening and happens to mention New York in her comment. Kyle can’t let that one go and asks Camille if she really wants to go there about New York. Again. Spaghetti monster on a plate, Kyle, just because someone says the words New York does not mean they are trying to pick a fight with you. It’s a big damn city and not every reference to it is an invitation to throw down with you.

So who has regrets?

Lisa? Nope.

Taylor? Only the Oklahoma thing.

Kyle? Many. For a complete list I refer you to

Adrienne? Nope, she’s going to ditto Lisa.

Kim? Yes, but she’s glad she did it. She regrets arguing with Taylor and arguing with her sister.

Camille? Yep, a lot. She’s so sorry to Kyle, it’s been a really tough year, not that that’s an excuse.

I have a few leftovers that I’m just too exhausted to go back and find the proper spot for so I’m just plopping them in here.

Kyle certainly does have quite the double standards for people. She thinks doing soft-core porn is way more corrupt than tasteful nude photos. I won’t even harp on how she uses flattering adjectives when describing her friend’s activities. But I will wonder out loud how she would describe Paris Hilton’s penchant for releasing a video of actual, for reals sex.

She treats Kim very poorly over an alleged alcohol problem that Bravo camera crews couldn’t seem to catch. Again, how would she describe Paris Hilton’s tendency to get caught, many times, with drugs?

What do you suppose she’d say if she had to compare Kim’s stint in jail with Paris Hilton’s stint in jail? Do you suppose Paris’ would be explained away as a learning experience or a youthful brush with the law while Kim’s was described as a pox upon the family name? Oh, wait. Kim never went to jail. Whoopsies, my bad. Paris is the only jailbird, isn’t she?

Because Paris is supposedly cultivating an image of a certain young, party hardy lifestyle, it’s okay for her to be drinking and using and going to jail, because those aren’t the real Paris, they are just parts of her carefully crafted brand. Kim’s alleged alcohol use is, allegedly, real. Kyle seems to harbor no ill will towards Paris but a metric shit ton of it for Kim. So it’s more palatable for everyone to think someone in the family has incredibly public issues than it is for someone to actually have issues that no one beyond the family seems to know about? Paris gets more sympathy because…?

Lisa seems to have a very defined Kyle/Kim narrative going on already. The problem is, this narrative has been given to her by only one of the involved parties. It would be interesting to have Kyle and Kim both give you an account of the same story and then see where they differed.

I am giving Camille some props for standing up to Kyle, but I sure wish they wouldn’t have dragged it out so damn long.

Exactly what kind of manners do you learn in a back alley in Oklahoma?


38 Responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills HALF CAP, SHOT OF VANILLA – Reunion 2”

  1. Mikki12 said

    For some reason no one mentions or seems to have heard Camille say to Allison at the dinner party from hell that she should eat something because she was drinking quite a bit. I almost missed it because she said it very low and I might have missed it completely if I hadn’t had the closed captioning on. (I always use the cc when I don’t want to miss a word!) So in fairness to Camille she did try to do a little more than just push Allison’s glass to the side. Of course, as the hostess, she should have done more. Moving along.

    According to Kyle she suggested her sister Kim for the show. I will accept her word for it at this time. So why would you let your alcoholic sibling be on a reality show? Initially, I thought that maybe Kyle thought this would help Kim to straighten up. But that’s so risky and doesn’t really make much sense. So my other thought is could Kyle have not been aware how serious the drinking had become? Considering that Kyle does a pretty good job of packing away the booze herself maybe she was missing the signals. Once they started filming the show perhaps Kyle started seeing that Kim was in more trouble than she realized. I wondered why Kyle made so many nasty comments to Kim and could it be that she felt that she had been duped by Kim in some way? I’m not excusing Kyle’s behavior in any way but there has got to be more to this than we are seeing. Or was Kyle just evil enough to want her sister on the show so she could put her down and show “the world” what sweet, child actress Kim Richards had become?

    News Falsh: If that was Kyle’s intention – it backfired. Kyle has come across as despicable and Kim has garnered the sympathy and good will of many viewers. I assume Kim won’t return but Kyle is going to have to do a lot of damage control to be everyone’s favorite next season. If she can ever recapture that title.

  2. Dy said

    Yes, she did Mikki, I remember that also. And I also agree, she should have shut the mess down when it got out of hand with the whole Kyle /Faye/ bait Allison BS. Yes, I said it, because that is what happened.

    Kyle suggested everyone for the show..She said it enough..Geeze she probably even suggested freakin Giggy!!..I’m tellin ya she is reminding me of the Yenta,I’m calling her Yenta2.

    • Dy, with that whole bit about Kyle suggesting the rest of the cast, that reminded me of the stories that Jill was pissed off because she thought she was supposed to be the star, not that everyone was kind of equal.

  3. Dy said

    Iknow Tinsel..I’m telling ya Yenta2 ..And I’ll tell ya something eles, the whole asking Camille about going to Hawaii,and going on and on with 50 freakin questions.. I don’t know that I wouldn’t have been a little taken aback by her nosey roseyness of the whole thing,as Camille was. I mean I wouldn’t have taken it as far as Camille did hearing something that wasn’t supposedly wasn’t said. But I think I would have shut her down.

  4. G-sus said

    @1 I remember that too Mikki. But evidently to Mz. Dubois, a girl’s night out is the equivalent to a liquid lunch. One thing that puzzles me is if you know your friend gets out of hand when she drinks, then why did she go to the nearest Pier 1 and get drink glasses the size of one’s head?

    I agree on Kyle. I think she is in a constant struggle of wanting to help her sister while being resentful of having to help her. Their personalities are on both ends of the spectrum. Kyle is aggressive, Kim is passive. Both need to make it to the middle. Take any family and you will find different personalities and different conflicts.

    I give them both credit for not discussing the specifics on the show. They both obviously want to move past it, but I do hope they are actually working on it privately and not just pretending it didn’t happen. If they aren’t addressing their issues, the next blow up will be even worse.

    I also agree, I don’t think Kim will return. I don’t think she was prepared for the drama or the scrutiny. As for Kyle, I think she will be able to redeem herself. Other than the conflicts with Kim and Kyle, I think about her at Mauricio’s party, at the bike ride, and others throughout the season and think that may be more like her true personality. As much as we say Kim doesn’t handle drama well, I don’t think Kyle does either, it just comes out in a different way.

  5. G-sus said

    Hey Dy and TK. How sad is it that when I started writing my comment, the only comment was Mikki’s, and all of sudden when I finish there are 3 more. Either I am a slow typer (which I am not;) or I tend to blather.

  6. Dy said

    I stated last night on the other thread, I was glad to see that the sisters seem to be working towards rebuilding their relationship, I don’t know how they are doing it, frankly I don’t care, but it looks like they are on the right path. Family is Family. Sisters sre Sisters. It is what it is.

  7. G-sus said

    @ TK great recap! I give you a lot of credit, I don’t know how I would come up with new funny things to say when this season seems be summed up by only 3 or 4 different events.

  8. Dy said

    @6 Gsus…lol..You just had a lot to say

  9. G-sus said

    Yes Dy I did, but they weren’t funny, lol.

  10. Dy said

    They don’t don’t always have to be funny

    Ya know I have never been a Kyle, Kim or Taylor Fan..I have always been a Adrienne and Lisa fan.

  11. G-sus said

    @ TK, I am not going to admit that for fear you might start posting nekkid pictures again to divert our attention from our BH exhaustion;)

  12. Dy said

    Maybe burned out Tinsel..What more can be said that hasn’t already been said 10 ways to Sunday, ya know?

  13. G-sus said

    Now that you mention it, I’m exhausted. Think I will call it an early night.
    Night Dy and TK!

  14. Mikki12 said

    Good question. Where is everybody tonight? When I was the first one to reply to TK’s great recap I figured I must have logged on at the exact moment it went up. Not so sure now. So strange not to see more of the glitterati here. Anyway, I watched “Ellen” today and didn’t learn anything particularly new. Didn’t think I would so I wasn’t disappointed. Kim wasn’t there and hints are already being dropped that she won’t be back for season 2. I wonder if that puts Camille in a stronger bargaining position? Not sure if Bravo wants to make more than one cast change for the next season but who knows? Wish to God they would dump Taylor. Also, as much as I like Adrienne she needs to up the ante. She just doesn’t say or do enough and is in danger of becoming really boring. Then again, I’m sure she has an image to uphold and her husband being a doctor she really is in an awkward position to bring on too much drama. On Ellen’s show today when she was asked about Charlie Sheen she chose her words so carefully I was almost in danger of falling asleep waiting for her to come up with the right thing to say.

    • I would watch a show with just Kim, for a little while, at least. Maybe not a whole season but a little mini-season might be fun. Something with her getting back into life and acting or something. It’d need to be a feel good show, though. Don’t want to watch her spiral downward.

      I’m rooting for you, Kim!

  15. Dy said

    I wouldn’t blame Kim one bit if she didn’t come back just as I wouldn’t blame Camille.

  16. carrot said

    I like Adrienne too, for the most part; unfortunately we learn likability doesn’t always translate to interesting ;(

    I do hope Kim comes back. If the second season offers a chance of redemption to Camille, just think what could be in store for Kim… But if Kim has been outed as problematic and poor, guess who we have? Lynn. And Bravo don’t care about Lynns (or Lisa Wu-Hartwells). We all wish we could say bye bye to Tay. Lisa will of course be back– Bravo will shell out the $$ for that one. Kyle will be back too, but I think she will only redeem herself for about 3 or 4 episodes before her anger takes itself out on someone.

  17. Dy said

    Camille was no worse than any other houswive on any other show..At least she owned up to some things at the Reunion,said she had regrets,and apologized to Kyle. I for one thought she was sincere. I never ever thought she deserved that title most hated housewive that was freakin ridicules.

  18. Dy said

    Really would any of them being interesting enough to come back? I didn’t notice any of them having anything interesting going on in their lives.

  19. carrot said

    My final thoughts exactly. I’ve changed my mind a lot with her, because of something Lisa mentioned earlier– Camille is hard to read. But in the end, I think she handled what she did the best that she could. She isn’t perfect, she is an affluent snob, as are all the other housewives, and she had a difficult year. Like you said Dy, she apologized, while Kyle couldn’t even muster up real affection for her sister.

  20. Bryan said

    They are all pirates!!!!!

  21. Dy said

    @ Carrot

    I never thought she was awful, and I took alot of flack for it. People acted like she deserved to have her pos husband humiliate her and her children,they acted like she took their husbands and kicked their puppies..Really what the hell did she do that was any worse than any other catty,arrogant,sometimes mean housewive do? I never got it…Actually in my opinion her and Kyle are alot alike. Both can be and have been catty,arrogant and mean.

  22. Mikki12 said

    @ Carrot: Fingers crossed that Bravo doesn’t make Faye Resnick a regular cast member. Kyle has enough reinforcements with her hand maidens Taylor and Lisa. Let’s find a hosuewife who can give Kyle a run for her money.

  23. Bryan said

    Pam Anderson, she was a housewife, has a couple of interesting ex’s and two now young teenage boys, she would give all these broads a run for their money

  24. Bryan said

    And I think she needs the work.

  25. Dy said

    @ Bryan..Now that would be interesting…lmao..Bwaaaah!!

    @Mikki..I just threw up in my mouth!

  26. Mikki12 said

    Dy: I also never thought Camile was as bad as she was being portayed. Then after we learned that she did know through most of the season that her marriage was over a lot of the stupid things she said made sense. I defy anyone to be on a reality TV show while your marriage is falling apart and act normally. I take that back. Maybe someone with loads of acting experience might be able to pull it off or maybe someone with great intelligence. Neither of which Camile has. Plus the manner in which Kelsey ended this marriage would be enough to make some women act plain crazy. And – justifiably.

    One more thought. Only because I want to consider all aspects. Most of us see Kim in a good light despite her alcoholism. We need to remember that Kim is an experienced actress. Yes, I know she was a child actress but that doesn’t mean her acting talent disappeared because she grew up. I’m mentioning this only because whenever we saw her on the show Kim always seemed to have her act together. Could be that what we were seeing was a child actress who can still act. Her drinking problem could be a lot worse than we’ve been allowed to see on TV. At any rate, I only wish her the best and if it means staying away from her toxic sister until she is stronger than so be it.

  27. Dy said

    @29 Yes, Mikki you did think the same as I regarding Camille. I have 3 sisters that went through divorces and believe me they went through alot,and they were not themselves.

    I feel sorry for Kim because of what happened, but I always thought she was goofy, socially awkward, and immature.

  28. Mikki12 said

    I’m going to say goodnight, Dy. I’m getting very sleepy. Talk to you tomorrow.

  29. Mikki12 said

    Oh, and goodnight to Bryan, too! And anyone else still out there.

  30. Dy said

    Me too Mikki Good Night

    Good Night..Bryan, Carrot, Tinsel, Anyone eles..

  31. Bryan said

    Goodnight all!!!

  32. Olive the othe Reindeer said

    Good morning everyone,,,,Dy,,I must say you know your housewives,,,when everyone wanted to throw gasoline on Camille and light her up,,,you knew,,you just knew,,,I think she handled herself well on the reunion and on other shows being interviewed,,she comes off very likeable,,,I also agree with the Yenta2 thing with Kyle…seems she cast all the housewives,,what a gal,,eh? I thought the same from the beginning about Kim,,,she was a child star so she really never interacted with kids her own age and made her socially impaired…I thought the same as TK,,,if Kim is an embarassment,,,wth is Paris??? I feel Kim was bullied by Big Kathy and now Kyle,,,after reading that passage from the book of Hilton,,OMG,,,their mom was a piece of work. Sorry for talking about their mom,,but it explains a lot. I like Adrienee,,I think they could do an hour on her and her hubby,,they are just too funny,,,in all the franchises,,I can’t think of any HW that is anyway near her down to earthiness (ok that’s like Machivelic)…Lisa and Ken are really cool too,,but it kind of makes me mad that Lisa thinks Kyle hung the moon,,,and her and Taylor fighting for Kyle’s attention really feeds into Kyle’s ego. ok,,I’m
    One more thing,,maybe I’m the only female who doesn’t think Mauricio is hot,,he looks like John Turturro..

  33. LWoo said

    So, I actually had a chance to watch this last night- thanks to DVR.

    Kyle- Not a fan of hers anymore. I think Kim DID buy her a house. I think Kim HAS been taking up for her. And, for some reason, I don’t think Kim has a drinking problem. (Am I alone in this?) If I had to be around some of these women, I’d drink too!

    Taylor- Bitch. I think it said a lot for her to be so buddy-buddy with Kyle in front of Kim like that. I think she does it on purpose. As for her ‘relationship’ with her husband: they’re not in love with one another. You can tell. Even Lisa said that they have NO chemistry. They don’t.

    Why, oh WHY, didn’t they show the airport scene for ALL to see right there, right then?!?!? That ticks me off! I was yelling at the screen, “Show the airport scene!!! Show the airport scene!!”

    Everyone could see what Taylor said and what she did– by going to blather to Camille about what Kim said!

    Camille. She didn’t admit to shit. Sorry. But she didn’t. She would half-ass admit to something and throw in the word “maybe” so it wouldn’t be 100%! Did anyone notice how her eyes went wide when Mauricio blew her a kiss and she blew him a kiss back? She looked excited. You can tell she’s changed a bit, though. Even though she’s still off.

    Lisa- So messed up what Cedric did to her and Ken.

    Adrienne- still love her.

    Kim- I think she should distance herself from her sister. Taylor has weasled her way into Kyle’s life and trying to take over. I think Kim should spend time with Kim, therefore letting Kyle figure out Taylor on her own.

  34. LWoo said

    LOL @ 35! He does look like John Turturro! But he has a sexiness about him that makes him a hottie. And I think the accent helps!

  35. BobLHead said

    Ug…I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing a close up of Taylors lips. But, on the postive side, I don’t really need to whip the kiddos anymore, this picture scares them into submission. Only problem, I now have a special work detail as they keep crapping their pants in fear.

    Back to the sweat shop ladies!

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