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Casting Call – Seriously Hate Snooki?

Posted by tinselkitty on February 1, 2011

Jersey Shore’s gone meta with a reality show about hating a character on a reality show.

Anyone here have intensely negative feelings for the Snookster? This is your chance. Although the title here says strongly dislike, the link that brought me to this page had titled it Seriously Hate Snooki, so it looks like they’ll go for a range of haters. It’s reality, though, so you’ll probably want to put on your most hatingest hat for your audition.

As always, if one of our readers gets a gig, IJS and I are claiming first dibs on your publicity.


7 Responses to “Casting Call – Seriously Hate Snooki?”

  1. Dy said

    OK..Who started this nasty business..Let me at ’em . Let me at ’em!!

    I Love The Snookster ( guess you like my name for her huh, Tinsel 😉 )

    The Snookster must stay..This nasty site/ person go away!!

  2. Bryan said

    Why hate this girl? There worse people on reality tv to despise ( See Strega!)

  3. BobLHead said

    Who could hate this little ball of fluff?

  4. Dy said

    Thats who to blame for this nastiness Bryan…The Strega, yea, thats it!!

  5. CAgirl said

    I personally love me some Snooks–although I probably won’t be buying her “fictional” book 🙂

  6. LWoo said

    I love Snooki! She’s hilarious.

  7. BurnTheOrangePiglet said

    Snookie is a pig whore that I will enjoy to watch burn at the fall of her show.

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