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Allison Dubois – Exclusiving All Over the Place

Posted by tinselkitty on February 1, 2011

Allison is certainly whoring it up on the publicity circuit, handing out exclusives like they were Chiclets. This time she’s back with an old favorite, Radar Online.

Spaghetti medium says

Filming the reunion show for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was the longest eight hours of Camille Grammer’s life.

That’s what she told her pal Allison DuBois, who relayed the comments in an exclusive interview.

The show airs Tuesday night on Bravo.

Camille has not decided if she is returning to the show for a second season, although right now she’s saying no.

“Camille told me she is NOT going to be doing another season of the show. Of course, that could change, but Camille has told me that she is looking forward to moving on with her life without the Housewives,” DuBois told “It’s just been so much extra drama for Camille.

“Camille said that filming the reunion show was the longest eight hours of her life. Camille thought the filming was never going to end, eight hours seems a little long. It was extremely draining for her, emotionally.”

Allison, the psychic who is the inspiration for the TV show Medium appeared on the infamous dinner party episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and things got ugly. She tells that she feels sympathy for Kim Richards, little sister of Kyle, who sparred with Allison.

“I don’t know Kim at all, and she seems to be going through a lot,” Allison told us. “If I were her friend, I would encourage her to get help if she needs it. Clearly, Kim isn’t the only one that needs help. I just hope the show doesn’t ruin a relationship between two sisters, because at the end of the day, they are family. Kyle and Kim need to work their issues out, off camera.

Allison says that Season Two of the Housewives could focus on Kyle’s marriage. “When I told Kyle at the dinner party that I saw problems in the future for her and her husband, I meant that,” Allison told “I wasn’t being mean or malicious.

“She pushed me for a reading that night, and I told them I was off the clock and not working. When Kyle persisted, I relented and told her that her marriage was headed for some troubled waters. I think next season, viewers will see Kyle’s marriage at a crossroads. Here is an opportunity for Kyle to look inwards and assess her marriage.”

I’ve decided to go with spaghetti medium as her official title because, at this point, she’s just throwing a bunch of shit at the wall to see what sticks. Anything that doesn’t land on the floor will be considered a vision or prediction or whatever mumbo-jumbo she’s calling it.

Is everyone ready for tonight’s reunion finale? What do you want to see addressed?




180 Responses to “Allison Dubois – Exclusiving All Over the Place”

  1. Dalai Mama said

    @ TK Love that. But doesn’t all that spaghetti get stuck in the crucifixes and leave schmutzes on the stained glass? Has anyone ever found a strand of pasta in the communion wine, or had their communion wafer spattered with tomatoe sauce?
    Hey, do they serve garlic knots there?

  2. Dalai Mama said

    Oh dear. I appear to be the last monk left in the pool. Better climb out, dry off, and toddle off to sleep in my cave high in the Himalayas.
    Tashi delek to all.

  3. Nah, we’re respectful of our pasta. There are no crucifixes or stained glass. There is a beer volcano, a stripper factor and a lego church. A decrease in the number of pirates (classic Johnny Depp style, not Somali style) has been shown to be the cause of global warming. We revere midgets because the Flying Spaghetti Monster touches us all with his noodly appendages but he’s touching the midgets more and that’s why they don’t get as tall as the rest of us. September 19, Talk Like a Pirate Day, is the unofficial high holy day.

    Here, check this out first and then poke around the rest of the site.

    Here’s the lego church.

  4. CAgirl said

    Sweet Jeebus–I forgot that The Reunion Part Deux was airing tonight and forgot to set my DVR. Aack, so lost!!! And it doesn’t appear to be re-airing until tomorrow night at 10. For now, I will have to satisfy my questions with all your comments :). Cheers all!!

    • Nope, sorry CAgirl, your lack of respect for the housewives must be punished. How else will you ever learn to set the DVR? I’m sorry, no cheating for you and I will be reporting you to Princess Andy posthaste.

  5. Dalai Mama said

    Gott in Himmel, Tinselkitty, you are an outrageously good writer.
    Do you know we actually acknowledge Talk Like a Pirate Day at my little house of worship? Rev. Geer always threatens to show up with an eye patch and a plastic parrot stuck to his shoulder but he never does. He does, however, talk in The Pirate Voice. Mostly ‘argggghhhhs’ and ‘avast ye swabbers’. Stuff like that.

  6. CAgirl said

    I know it TK–I am currently suffering withdrawal, which is well-deserved, judging by my lack of foresight (as well as lack of foreskin). I blame Bravo at least partially, as I have been conditioned to NOT DVR anything on Tues night (no need to watch Ms. Stanker). For that I should probably go to bed without a nightcap…

  7. Dalai Mama said

    @6 Wow look at you, Tinselkitty – going all Nurse Ratchett. You are clearly a many faceted woman of untold talents.
    I’ma tella ya, I’ll take you over Richard Lawson any day of the week. You blow Gawker out of the water (and into the air, and onto the roof of this woman’s house I really hate).

  8. NO YOU DI’INT! Sweet clove of garlic, IJS, I just got compared to Richard Lawson! Have you read his stuff? Dalai Mama said she preferred me! Not just hey, I’ll read you both, she said if she had to chose it’d be me! I have moved from Aqua-Fresh all the way up to Crest Whitening, preferred by 4 out of 5 dentists who had a preference.

    Thanks, Dalai!

  9. Dalai Mama said

    @4 TK – Alright – I’ve just read the Open Letter on the site you linked. Its….you’re…. the…..

    WHO ARE YOU BEHIND THAT MASK OF TINSEL(KITTY)? I must know. For you write with the fire of The Onion and the wit of Douglas Adams and the soul of….oh, I’m stumped here. Will you accept the soul of Lewis Black?
    Seriously, are you published? You’re inventive, your smart, your irreverent, you’re… my kind of gal. Look me up the next time you’re in Dharamsala – the Dalai Lama and I will take you out for a mo-mo and a can of coke.
    Or you can divulge your identity right now…Alfred’s still in the Bat Cave buffing the ash cans – he won’t hear a thingQ

  10. CAgirl, it’s a well known fact that foreskin equipment at birth (even if subsequently removed) is a precursor to proper DVR/TV/DVD operation. Had you been blessed with a foreskin those many years ago, you would never have to worry about missing out on a television opportunity.

    On the plus side, you probably don’t worry about toilet tissue break through nearly as much as those less foreskinnally challenged.

  11. CAgirl said

    TK, you have officially turned my frown upside down!! LAMO! I ask, would my hubby ever “miss” the Superbowl, or forget to tape it at least? Hell no!!! But yes, he does win the “poop, there it is!” contest on a regular basis. Such is life, and I am resigned to being a lady ;).

  12. Oh, no, Dalai, I can claim no credit in the discovery of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I am merely one of the true believers, dedicated to spreading the word like a tasty garlic butter upon thick bread. Also, science. I do loves me some science. It works, bitches!

    Side note – I took a political test one time that plots you on a graph so you can see where you fall compared to some famous historical figures. I was in the same quadrant as the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa. This was a couple of years ago and I’m still feeling quite smug about it.

  13. CAgirl said

    Co-signing on the Dalai Lama’s statements as well!!! Loved the letter, signed from all the scientists in the world (myself included). And IJS, love garlic butter on thick bread!!! Congrats on your achievement, I hope to simply not fall on the quadrant assigned to all reality stars.

  14. Dalai Mama said

    And well you should, because none of them ate much. There will be plenty left over for you. And I bet if you ask nicely, the Dalai Lama will give you his butterscotch pudding. He’s just that kind of guy.

  15. CAgirl said

    Crap, I meant TK!!! Been a long damn day…

  16. Dalai Mama said

    I dreaded to say these words, that I so oft have myself dodged,
    (whoa – was that iambic pentameter?)
    but are you on Facebook?

  17. Oh, no, this is where you discover my secret paranoid tendencies. I fear your judgement but I must admit that I am vehemently opposed to being on Facebook. There is a reason they make money and I am not willing to part with my privacy. Too much data mining and info gleaning. That being said, if someone offered me a job on the other side of it, I would jump in a heartbeat. I am fascinated by the power of data and could happily spend my days searching for patterns. I tell myself that I would use my powers for good.

  18. Dalai Mama said

    I am paranoid too – when you approached me on the RCH site, I did not know who you were. I grew suspicious, and got skeered. And I ran away like a frightened pygmy lemming.
    But I did finally get on Facebook last week, so you know. Baal hungers. We must feed him.

  19. I figured as much. After I left that comment I realized you probably didn’t know who the hell it was since I used to be someone else. That’s why I didn’t do it again. Not saying I wouldn’t have, eventually, but I wasn’t going to do it so again so quickly. I prefer to stalk in stealth mode. Those crazy look-at-me-stalkers just make their jobs so much harder than they need to be.

  20. CAgirl said

    Just out of curiosity, who did you used to be there TK? I realize this is likely to impinge on your desire for anonymity, which I do respect. i’ve only been the same unoriginal moniker everywhere I’ve posted, mostly because I can easily confuse myself.

  21. i used to be a wallflower, CAgirl. I’ve since come out of my shell. A little. Just a little. Perhaps I should have gone for a turtle moniker.

  22. CAgirl said

    Wallflower–I think you’ve outgrown that one and then some!! Tinsel kitty is far more appropriate (brings to mind glammer and glimmer, two of my faves). And it reminds me of Xmas as a kid, always happy when I think of tinsel on the tree 🙂

  23. Excellent segueway, what is it you called tinsel? Some people say garland is the tinsel. We always used it as another name for angel hair or icicles.

  24. Dalai Mama said

    Well,my little monklettes, I must go to sleep. It is 2amin New York. If school is not called off due to weather, I will have to arise and inspire my teenager to get out of bed.
    Night all. TK, an exceptional pleasure.
    tashi delek

  25. CAgirl said

    G’night Ms. Lama–don’t let the roaming mountain goats bite!

    TK, I always called tinsel the old-fashioned stuff–those little strands of silver that had the ability to stick to any surface and never come off. No matter how much you vacuumed, it never fully went away. And depending on who was decorating the tree, it was done in either very tasteful strands, or large clumps of silvery tangled balls! Brings back great memories 🙂

  26. Hell, I forgot. I was in there with Gandhi, too.

  27. CAgirl said

    For god’s sake–I’m now calling the Dalai Mama “Ms. Lama”. An intervention is clearly called for–I’ve missed my ho-wives crack, and the writhdrawals are bearing down on me, with most unfortunate consequences. Feel free to snark on my stupidity in the absence of a great reunion.

  28. Allison Dubois – Exclusiving All Over the Place « Tv Time 101…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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