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WWHL – Afer Show With Kim and Kroy

Posted by ImaJustSaying on January 31, 2011

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                                                  WWHL – Afer Show With Kim and Kroy Part 1, posted with vodpod


Vodpod videos no longer available.


Last night’s show was sort of tame.  Kim is not hell bent on defaming NeNe as NeNe is hellbent on slamming Kim every moment the opportunity rears its ugly head.

I found Troy very comfortable in letting Kim have the spotlight and not too comfortable talking about the “Ladies”.  I also see a budding relationship between Phaedra and Kim which seems genuine.   Phaedra is definitely growing on me and it appears she is slowly losing her facade of a southern bell now that she has had her baby and the world knows her timeline.

I also can’t wait for the reunion as to witness NeNe try and take another poke at Kim while pregnant?  Geez.  No one is safe from NeNe’s wrath.

NeNe latest tweets..  (Coming from an ex stripper.)

Whats trashy is having an affair with a cop when she was 17 n he was married<She is mos def a trash box

Talking trash & having a baby by the 3rd man! Now that’s real classy

Sweetie would have kick them also! Is she a man? lmao<A Monster wit lip gloss on! LOL

@Kimzolciak would not b as famous as she is w/o @NeNeLeakes so she needs 2 givin NeNe praise<She has a fake degree

I don’t know miss Fake’dra from the housing project WIG

Kick rocks trashy whore!

@NeNeLeakes what u think abt Kim being preggo<3 kids by 3 different daddys & no husband is nothing 2 b all happy about

Gee is Kim keeping it real or does she just sound like a bitter old fool?


110 Responses to “WWHL – Afer Show With Kim and Kroy”

  1. Dy.. dont put words in my mouth.. cause I can spit far!!! I never said anyting about a body.. Kandi has a great one as well!! I am just saying who wore it better and I stand by it!! Put em up.. put em up..

  2. Fleur said

    IJS and TK y’all have me ROFL tonight. I’m still trying to read the other comments but y’all are killing me! HAHA

  3. lmaoo Fleur!! COme on in the water is fiiiine!!!!

  4. Dy said


    WTF??? You wanna go..Jump froggy Jump…
    I didn’t say you said that..I was just saying like I said before I didn’t like the dress on either one of them because it is a Wilma Flinstone Butt Ugly dress..

    You are the one Missy that went on about who looked better in it..I don’t care..It’s a freakin butt ugly dress!!!

    Now I can take ya, one hand behind my back …lol

  5. Bryan said

    IJS, If Temple Beth Frankel keeps loosing anymore weight, she’s gonna look worse then she is looking lately, and no matter how much she gets her clothes tailored she’s gonna look bad, when she was pregnant and had some meat on her, her face was fuller and she looks so pretty and soft, I hope she isn’t falling back into old habits, I think she could use about 10 to 12 lbs on her body.

  6. Dy.. dont point your finger in my face.. I can whip ya and beat ya and call ya Edna all the same..

    I said 3 times and will say it again.. Bethenny looked betta!! Like butta.. on a mudda who is fodda..

    The dress was lovely.. lol

  7. Bryan.. I guess I get her weight thingy.. I have said so many times.. I delivered my kids at less weight than I have now!! #2 kid I delivered at 117 pounds and the doctors threatened to put me in the hospital for fear of low birth weight!! Turns out I delivered a beautiful baby boy at 6.5 pounds totally healthy.

    Some of us have issues with losing weight or even gaining weight and I totally believe stress has alot to do with it.

    When I was getting divorced.. peeps asked me my diet secret.. i said.. “Divorce!!”

    Now post menapause.. I dont have the gift of being skinny or a size 1.

    We saw Bethenny eat like mad on her honey moon or even the entire Bethenny Getting Married show.. That was BEFORE she had critism for her after baby weight and all the speculation (inlcuding you) that she had a premature birth for body issues and liposuction?? after the baby was born.. ugh..

    Some people nerves or activities will keep them thin for various reasons.. I was even skinnier than Bethenny after my second and not the first. Dang I looked good in those Baptismal pictures.. lmaooo I was the skinniest girl holding a baby in church that day.. 😉

    There were many a times I needed to gain weight and couldnt either. Now if I only had that problem.

    Its all good.. life it what it is and the day that Bethenny gains weight.. u peeps are goin to be all over her like white on rice..

    Know that.. 😉

  8. Dy said

    @15 Bryan

    I agree she is a waaaayy Tooo Skinny Girl, not attractive,and it making her look older.. She could use a good 15 lbs, I’d say.

    @16 IJS.

    .OK, Now I’m scared..Ummm Not…The dress is butt ugly ,and neither on of them looked good in it because again it is freakin butt ugly!!!

  9. CAgirl said

    Hi everyone!! I haven’t watched RHoATL or WWHL yet (on DVR), so no comments there, just wanted to stop in and say hey and your comments are still keeping me LMAO!!! I forced myself to watch last week’s episode finally yesterday–when did watching RH become a chore?? I guess when they feature Kim and NeNe fighting. Keep up the laughs, looking forward to Reunion Part Deux (doesn’t that sound classy?) tomorrow night! Can’t wait for your recaps.

  10. Dy said

    Iagree Ijs.. sometimes it can be stress,and she has been working a ton between fliming her show, interviews and now her tor or whatever it is.. That can cause you to lose weight. But she is too freakin skinny and this has been like this since this summer. I think she even mentioned something about seeing herself on skating with the stars and not liking how she looked, that she was too skinny..

  11. Dy said

    Hi CAgirl!!…

  12. Dy I agree.. I think her schedule is waaaay to busy.. I guess you need to capatilize when its good. I am glad to hear that she has the baby with her when she travels.. even Jason!! I am guessing she is making so much money he doesnt have to work. Good for them. SHe needs her support group and I dont see her doing this without them. Its a deal breaker for her since we learned how vunerable she is.

    Have to say.. its a good deal for them all. In a few years they can retire while Bryn is still young..

  13. CAgirl said

    Hi Dy!!!
    IJS, I wish I had the same appetite I had when I was getting divorced–but without the dramz!!! Guess it’s not meant to be, but at least I’m happy!!

  14. Heya CAGIRL!! Girl you have missed alot.. you have alot of reading catching up to do.. shmackin your hand wit a wet noodle

  15. CAgirl said

    IJS, you know it!!! I’m slowly trying to work my way through the shows, and blogs :). Busy time at work, and I’ve not fully been able to devote my attention to the important things in life!

  16. OMG CAGRIL.. IBS all the way to the end of the divorce!! lmaoo I know TMI but lord have mercy.. it was horrible living with a man who refused to leave and called MY home his.

    No lie.. I was out of town on a project as usual.. he enlisted all the kids to remove my mom out of her room whom I have taken care of since 1991. i let me mom have the big room since she needed her own bathroom in lieu of sharing with 4 kids.. ugh..

    He brainwashed all the kids while I was travelling and each time I came home, there was new issues and kids rebelled against me.. ugh..

    If I bought a new floor carpet for bathroom or kitchen.. he would scream that I was modifying HIS house.. it was so ugly.. I cant even properly explain..

  17. CAGIRL.. why is work so busy right now?? Is it a calendar thing.. or just good business?

  18. CAgirl said

    IJS, how HORRIBLE!!! So sorry to hear that!!!

    I got divorced and ex-hubs was the one who decided to leave, so I found myself not wanting to eat for about 6 months. It was a wonder of a weight loss plan though. Don’t want to go back to those dark days, but I did lose a hell of a lot weight (200 lbs+, as the classic joke goes!). Wouldn’t want to go through that again, but would like the figure :). Anyhoo, we’re both a helluva lot happier now, right??!!

  19. CAgirl said

    IJS, work is busy because I never have a real schedule :). I mostly work during the week, but sometimes have to come in on the weekends. And, like last week, I may have to bring home work with me, so I have no time for my shows or blogs :(. But I am happy to employed right now, so no complaining!!

  20. CAGirl.. did he really weight 200 pounds? lmaooooooo You got me for a sec..

    The dark days where hard. Seriously.. you are never prepared for those dark days.. ugh

    Glad your outta the dark and much happier now.. Mazel

  21. Dy said

    @22 IJS..I agree she has to strike when the iron is hot..Thats why I have no problem with any of these houswives/ bravolebrities doing what they have to do to make money . I would do it too, who knows how long any of this will last, if people are interested in them and they want to write books or have meet and greets or do tv shows..Go for it.

    @26 IJS..I’m sorry you went through that 😦

  22. CAgirl said

    TK, I would never cheat on you!!! The blogs I refer to are all your blogs, + Dlisted, etc. That doesn’t count right?? I need to know what’s a going on (TM Brett Michaels) with my non-reality celebs as well. I do read RCH, which is is how I found you again 🙂

  23. Dy said

    @ CAgirl..I’m sorry you went through that.

  24. CAGirl.. I so underdstand on the appreciation of being employed.. I was wondering cause it was busy that maybe your an accountant.. My daughter is very busy right now..

    Ok.. shameless ads.. but my daughter is 2 stones away from her MBA and scheduled for her CPA examas and working for a fantastic CPA firm.. and get this.. 5 mins from her home with 2 small babies.. You would say she is living the dream.. but she is in hell with tax season.. up until today it was corp stuff for 1.31 deadlines.. and now not so sure of the committment she needs to make for public stuff and what their clientelle is..

    All I know she is working 12 hour days and really needs a break and I am scheduling a trip down to help her out. Her husband not so helpful and she really needs help. ugh..

  25. CAgirl said

    Actually IJS, he weighed more than 200 lbs–probably more like 225. And with the 30 or so lbs I lost, it was quite an experience! But that was many years ago, and I am happily re-married. So Mazel to us both that we have moved on and are happier!!!

  26. Dy said


    Wow your lucky Tinsel is talking to you, she never talks to me anymore..

  27. CAgirl said

    IJS, I feel SOOOO bad for our accountant–just got an email reminding us that it was tax-time again!!! It has to suck when you have such seasonal business. And congrats to your daughter, she will surely be successful!! I feel a bit guilty, I don’t have kids (my choice), so I’ve always been able to fully throw myself into work. It has to be tough when you have kids and balancing career–I was never good at balance, so I never tried, LOL!

  28. Dy.. it was way too ugly.. had young babies callin me names and such.. young as 7.. It was so hard to come home after working the week. And then just be abused by all.

    My sister whisked away my mom to sanity to get away from all of it since I was on the road during the week.

    I do have to say.. ugly head due reveal themselves.. it took some time to bring my kids back to sanity once I got off the road due to obvious reasons.. but it was a long haul..

    It was all worth it. Kids still love their dad and I am glad for that.. but talk about ugly.. it was unneccesary what he did. The courts deamed the right parent.. what an ugly battle because I travelled and thought I had a responsible parent at home.

    Its almost a wake up call to all peeps who travel and bring home the bacon. Male/female alike.

  29. CAGril!!! Good for you that your remarried!! I wish the best for you.. Cynthia from RHoA is a bit skeary to wish Mazels too..

  30. Dy said


    Wow good for your daughter IJS..Double edge sword huh? i hope you will be able to go down and help her out..Talk about stress, geeze!!

  31. CAgirl said

    IJS, I got married way too young, and was too stubborn and bull-headed to see the writing on the wall, which is why I’m able to (almost) laugh about it now, and say it was the best diet EVAH! All’s well that ends well.

    Hi Dy,
    I’m TK is merely too busy working on more stories for us and woogling :). Thanks for the kind words–feels like another lifetime now, and a whole ‘nother person!!!

  32. Dy said

    @39 IJS..

    Wow, I’m so sorry that you went through that, how awful. I’m glad you made it to the other side, but boy what a terrible thing to go through.

    @36 CAgirl…I’m happy you are happy now!

  33. CAGirl.. You dont have to defined by children.. I guess you know that.. but most peeps dont. my best friend.. my sister doesnt have kids either but she perceives my kids as her own since she lived with me so many years before she had her own place and now married for like maybe 10+ years to her amazing husband. They live on a complicated property in north jersey that is attached to a golf course.. dont confuse that with contempory golf course communities.. its weird here in Jersey.. but they love their community and golfing and their club house.. lmaoo. I can only wish their life..

  34. Dy.. my guts were turned inside out during that entire time.. worse.. I had so much guilt for leaving that fool. Even funded more than I should.. to the demise of my current relationship.. its a process and have to say.. the process let me grow.. out from the old relationship and as a person.. dang I need to write another book. 😉

  35. CAgirl said

    IJS, I so feel for you!!! If it’s any consolation, he was probably doing a lot to drive you away. I say that only because I did basically did a lot of destructive stuff in my previous marriage, and I can’t blame my ex for leaving me (although it didn’t feel that way at the time). With the help of lots of therapy, I saw how I was acting out, and made changes. So hopefully you and your ex were able to grow from it. But it just sucks–divorce is never pretty. And you should write that book!!! With your humor, would likely help a lot of people out there…

  36. CAGirl.. I so agree.. I so agree he drove me away.. but the guilt I felt on leaving was such a toll on me. Peeps may never understand.. but finally I know understand… guilt was the worst thing in divorce. I never did revenge for all the years.. or retaliate.. just the freakin Irish guilt. what an ugly thing..

    Needless to say.. I got over the guilt eventually and was free’d .

    Kids are all good and have their priorities straight for the rents and my ex is remarried.

    Ok he is remarried but thats a whole nutta issue.. lmaooooooo

    I will leave that for another day!! (back of hand on forehead speakin like Scarlett!~!)

  37. CAgirl said

    IJS, I’m looking forward to that book to hearing the rest of the story!!! Seriously. So glad you are over the guilt!!! Sheesh, we all have so much guilt in our lives (and to what purpose?)–good thing we have the RHoXX to snark on, and make us all feel better about our own lives 🙂

  38. Cagirl.. Girl… you dont have to tell me that twice.. I enjoy shnarking on others in lieu of myself.. its much kinder.. lmaooo

  39. CAgirl said

    Lordy, I can’t imagine what peeps would say about my life–then again, I’m pretty boring!!! Although I wouldn’t have known the price of a gallon of milk–we only buy half gallons!!! LOL. I believe it’s about $1.99, for the record 🙂

  40. lmaoooo @Cagirl.. you are out of touch and sublime… shmooches

  41. CAgirl said

    I was just halving the cost from Kyle’s estimate + carry the extra 2–oh hell, what do I know!! Hubby does the grocery shopping and I, along with the RHoBH, have no idea what milk costs!!! We buy it like once/month and throw it out when it gets chunky 🙂 See, I am like a RH!!!

  42. CaGirl.. I dont shop eida.. Mr Man does all the shoppin and he is a freakin hoarder!! We have 3 rooms dedicated to his food shoppin.. I am plannin an intervention next week… I (not him) throw all kinds of stuff away weekly.. 2 fridges 2 freezers and a whole lot of space that can used for other things… HE IS MAD!!!!

  43. CAgirl said

    OMG, you have one of those too??!! My guy prefers to shop at Costco–even though it’s just us two. I don’t need to go to a grocery store or farmer’s market except for the fresh stuff we need. And his logic is “if one is good, three is better”!! I find myself managing our mini-warehouse of a garage of food-stuffs. If we should ever have a major crisis, we’ll be prepared :). G’night!!

  44. Holy Chit CAGirl.. mr man does ALL his shoppin at Costco.. no lie.. I keep tellin him it will break his bank and WTF?? Go to the local market to get on of those that you buy 3 of those and we throw them out!!! HOLY CHIT!!!

    OMG.. u get me..

  45. Pixie said

    OMG. I feel like I’m watching an HBO commercial for Weeds and the Big C.
    So which one of u is Laura Linney and which one is Mary Louise Parker?

  46. Bryan said

    @6Pixie, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Pixie said

    IJS & CAgirl, Thanks for reminding me to replenish my vodka stash which is running low. Will have to make a costco run tomorrow. Wish I was a vodka hoarder, then I’d never have to worry about running low.

  48. Pixie said

    Hey, Bryan! Only one more hour till the reunion! I’m going to try watching it sober and see if I pick up on the nuances so I can better understand TK’s recaps.

  49. CAgirl said

    Hi Pixie!! We also buy liquor in bulk–which one does that make me :)?

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