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The PR Force Is Strong With This One

Posted by tinselkitty on January 30, 2011

Conspiracy theory alert! Please make sure your tinfoil hats are secure and that your microwave is turned on before you click to read more.

The above is the front page from as of January 29. Makes you want to click it hard, doesn’t it? You want that story, don’t you? Yeah, Rumor Fix, give it to me, I want it. I want it bad.


Wait, what the hell?

Where’s the exclusive story? Is it a concurrency error? Too many people hitting it at once? Someone behind the scenes mislabel it? Are there site issues? The answers appear to be no, no, nope, not. I tried to get this sucker for several hours and across several browsers but always got the same message. I tried several other stories on the site and they all worked. I Woogled to see if this was picked up elsewhere. No dice.

My official Tinselkitty Ventura conclusion is that the public relations machine behind the Beverly Hills ladies is great and mighty, indeed. I will be double checking my locks and peering under the car before driving for the foreseeable future. I advise y’all to do the same thing. Big brother Little sister is watching.

UPDATE – Following up on a totally anonymous tip that I got from one of my totally insider sources because I’m a bigshot Housewives blogger, I did some follow up over on Rumor Fix. They have a whole tab dedicated to their Exclusives (ha ha, Radar Online, you’ve been out Exclusified). I figured, since there was a big Exclusive banner splashed on the Kyle Richards story, that I might be able to get to it there. Well, guess what? It’s not even on the Exclusives page. At all. It’s so exclusive it’s excluding the Exclusives page. That’s how you roll when you’re in the money, bitches.

UPDATED UPDATE – After several minutes of waiting (minutes, damnit!), Rumor Fix’s search is back up and I did a search for Kyle Richards. I did this all on my own, of course, with no prompting from anyone. Anyway, I did manage to get to the story and grabbed a screen cap for y’alls.

So I guess this means that Rumor Fix is just a name, not a philosophy or mission statement.

Also, I have it on good authority that G-sus volunteers at the local food bank and steals all the turkeys that get donated at Thanksgiving and sells them on the harvest-gold market for a huge markup. And she kicks puppies. So if I were you I wouldn’t listen to any of her crazy rants.

Did I mention I’m a bigshot Housewives blogger? Allison Dubois keeps trying to give me her exclusives but I don’t traffic in seedy link-bait stories.


23 Responses to “The PR Force Is Strong With This One”

  1. G-sus said

    TK, you may have to hire me as a junior PR, cause I got the goods. I too came up with error over and over again. Googled the crap of it out of rabid curiosity. And lo and behold, I took a chance and searched Kyle Richards on the site and found the accompanying article.
    Here is the link from the headline, I won’t charge you THIS time.

    Seems PsychoAllie’s abilities have once again failed to alert her to what would happen to her on the show and she is sticking to the old stand by having her publicist send out crap in the hope something will stick. The search of Kyle on RumorFix only brought up two articles, both of which, wait for it, are from Allison Dubois. Here is the other article.

    Your right, there is a public relations machine behind it, just not the one you were thinking.

    • Just kidding. I think the spam filter gets nervous when there are two links in the same post. I know it grabs it automatically if someone puts three in at the same time.

  2. G-sus said

    Oh-oh, is this Bravo? It says my comment is awaiting moderation. Have you all gone all fancy on us, lol?

    • Yes, G-sus, I did some fancy dancy interwoogling and set up the site so no one else can ever scoop me or prove me wrong or outdetective me. Now I’ve caught you and I demand to know all your secrets.

  3. G-sus said

    OMG, hit my first link and got the error you did once again. Guess I will have to copy and paste, here it is:

    Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards may own part of the Bravo TV show, a friend of Camille Grammer tells RumorFix.

    Grammer’s close friend Allison DuBois tells us, “From what I’ve been told Kyle has points in the show.”

    DuBois, who inspired the TV series Medium, says it now makes sense why Paris Hilton’s aunt creates so much drama on the show.

    It sounded too sweet of a deal to us — especially for someone who didn’t create the show — so we called Bravo.

    Publicist Kristen Andersen tells RumorFix, “That’s just a rumor. There is no truth to this.”

  4. What the hell does that mean, points in the show? Does she think it’s an Xbox game?

  5. G-sus said

    Ahhh, I will never tell! Though I will say, it gave me a little bit of delight to find out it was old Allie. Seems she doesn’t like the fact that all of her craziness has been pushed to the back burner. For pete’s sake, how dare they not even talk about her endlessly at the reunion, the nerve of Bravo!

  6. G-sus said

    That’s what i figured TK. Though I was all set to conjure my own conspiracy theory that you and IJS were trying to “edit” me. LOL, no idea what points she is talking about, maybe she thinks Andy has his own little “casting couch”, if you know what I mean.

  7. G-sus said

    I really need to go to bed. All this detective work has made me tired;) Night TK. Catch ya later!

  8. G-sus said

    LOL on the update-hey, wait a minute, are you making fun of me? And to think I saved you from all the paranoia of the unknown.

  9. Bryan said

    Hey if Kyle does have points in this show, SMART MOVE, she can make some good money from that/

  10. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi everyone! 🙂 “Little sister is watching”…..LMAO! Now, come on TK, I think you oughta keep your ear close to Allison. She is a psychic after all, and travels the world sharing her knowledge and wisdom.

    Bryan, Hi! I’ve been meaning to tell you something about Alex, or my thoughts on her. I know you don’t like “Horseface”. LOL. She hasn’t bothered me too much. I admit at first, she did. There have been times where I think she’s been on target, and other times not so much. I got to where I liked her better. I’ve always thought Simon was out there. At first, he really got on my nerves, and then not so much. I just think of him as a character. A real “character”. He always acted like he was a HW. I just read recently that he was upset that he wasn’t getting enough air time. Well, too bad. I wanted to tell you that the more I thought about it, the more I agree with you about Alex going off on JillPill, at that lady’s home (can’t remember her name) wasn’t the best idea. No. She could have waited, and talked to JillZipItUP, in PRIVATE or on the phone. Alex did ruin a nice evening, and should have taken the hostess into consideration…along with the other guests. I guess Jill has pretty much always gotten on my nerves. She can be very rude, catty, and what she did to Bethenny (who I don’t believe is a saint) was just awful. I still cringe at many scenes. Mainly the scene where Jill airs their “private” phone conversation & the fake/phony congrats to Bethenny on her engagement to Jason, etc. That really had me upset and made me cringe. I thought it was cruel to be SO fake and insincere. I’ve had to speak up for myself to my strega mil, but I have done it in private or over the phone. I never ruined anyone’s dinner party.

  11. Bryan said

    @12Mrs H, Mrs Limon Zirga does not get a pass for her actions with Temple Beth Frankel, but she has paid her dues, it time to leave her alone, But she went to both those social functions just wanting to have a nice evening, no agenda, unless “Mrs Ed” I really hope what we saw was Sonja tossing her out on her designer knock offs, because she pulled that shit again.

    As for Simon, he doesn’t really bug me.

  12. Dy said

    I didn’t like that Alex did that at Ramona’s Event( you know I have a message for Jill from Bethenny,) and then it took her for ever to say it, then when she did she humiliated Jill,that was awful so wrong of Alex! Now the other time at that Jennifers home, I call it a draw, Jill was just as nasty and out of line.

    I for one am over what Jill did to Bethenny, it happened, it was bad, I hated seeing it. But the woman apologized 8 ways to Sunday to Bethenny.Bethenny accepted it and is over it. She even said at the reunion..Enough! Bethenny has a baby ,and is married and has her own show, she has moved on. Eveyone eles needs to in my opinion.

  13. Bryan said

    @14 Dy

    Now after this Kyle and Kim thing, that may take the place of the I hate Jill Zarin regime, So it will either be Kyle of Hatchet Face.

  14. I agree with (lady) DY.I will never care what Simon has to say. It could be worse…the Manzo boys are getting their own show. It’s called Bubbies and something else. Why is Bravo doing that to us. Put another housewife franchise in that space. Unlike D.C. housewives(dull) they will find the crazy’s. The ones that behave the worse are the ones who married up. Lisa and Arienne have class because they were never poor. Example…Kelly Bensimone, Taylor Armtrong, Alexis Belliono etc…and yes my beloved Tamara Barney. And, Jill made an ass of herself kissing up to Bethany at the reunion. Sickening!

  15. Dy said

    @15 Bryan..

    Kyle and Kim will be ok, they are sisters and they love each other. People need to realize it happened to those 2 and not them. I didn’t like seeing it,hearing it, whatever. But I am rooting for these sisters. Sisters are Sisters, Family is Family, it is what it is.

  16. Bryan said

    Wasn’t there going to be a Miami housewife show where one of them was a drag queen?

  17. Bryan said

    @17Dy, I know that, and you know that, but you know that a good deal of these women, need to have a villian so it’s either going to be her or Hatchet Face, I say Hatchet Face, but when it comes down to it, even that one isn’t as bad as our reliable Strega. Mrs Limon Zirga may hold that title for awhile because of the Temple Beth Frankel Mania. She is still their hero and in their blood shot “they drank the skinny girl margarita cool aide” eyes. Mrs Z will for-EVER be the villian of this piece,, besides, they would have to change the name of the webiste.

  18. Dy said

    @18 We read that when we were on the other site Bryan..I can’t wait for that one. Love Love Love Drag Queens!

    @16 I’m not sure about the Manzo Boys having their own show, I thought that it was all rumors, Bravo never confirmed I like Chris and Albie Manzo though.

  19. Dy said

    @19 Bryan…LOL

  20. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Dy, I agree about Bethenny moving on after Jill’s apologies. Jill gets on my last nerve at times, however, I’m with you. Again, I don’t think Bethenny was/is a saint. For me, Jill has just gotten more on my nerves. Jill told Bethenny she was sorry. Really, only Jill knows (deep down) if she’s truly sorry. I believe Bethenny felt Jill (knowing her as long as she has) was sincere in the end. (Like the reunion shows) Bethenny forgave Jill, but it amazes me how there are some (who aren’t involved personally, who just sit back & watch them on tv) who feel like Jill is the worst human being ever and should never be forgiven. I think that is really sad. Yes, whatever problems Bethenny & Jill have is between them. Bethenny accepted the apology(ies). Too bad some can’t let it go. Bethenny has.

  21. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    I think I’ve mentioned this before. Sorry if have. I think there are some who have to have a villian on these HW shows. A person, a HW, that they can hate, and hate some more. It’s like they begin an obsession with them, let their hate take over, and wish them unhappiness. They want to see their “villian” suffer. For me, this is very sad. I’m not a psychologist, or pretend to be one. I just guess, and try to figure out (perhaps) why these HW do what they do. I may not care for what some of these HW do, and I have been upset or saddened by what they have done. Many times, I’m bewildered by what some HW have done. Like, wth, I would never say or do that. Why would she (or he) say or do such a thing. I know I wouldn’t, or couldn’t.

    Most of the time, if I’m not laughing with a HW, I’m laughing at her. Some are LMAO funny, and some are crazy funny.

    For me the HW are just entertainment. I may be upset with something Jill, NeNe, Taylor, or certain others may say or do; however, I’m not going to wish them ill will. No way. No how.

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