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Breaking News – Allison Dubois Found Someone To Believe Her

Posted by tinselkitty on January 30, 2011


As always, we are bringing you the news behind the news. Methinkies one Miss Allison Dubois has savored the sweet taste of fame and it was good.

From Rumor Fix

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer is leaving the hit Bravo show and considering doing a new reality show about piecing her life together, RumorFix has learned exclusively.

Allison DuBois, who is one of Camille’s close friends and appeared on one episode of the reality show, says, “I have talked to her and told her that maybe it would be good for her to do a show on rebuilding her life –- she was open to the thought of that.”

DuBois also tells RumorFix exclusively, “She said she wasn’t going back for a second season. [Bravo executives] are obviously trying to get her to come back, but she can’t see putting herself through that again.”

DuBois, who is the real psychic behind the TV show Medium, says taping the reunion show scheduled to air on Thursday night, “reinforced [Camille] as to why it’s not healthy for her to go through that.”

DuBois also says Camille isn’t opposed to being in love again — and thinks she might even be open to making it a TV show. Producers are you listening?

DuBois expects Camille to make her decision public after the reunion show airs.

Well, for fux sake. If this is all it takes to get yourself in front of the press then why is no one knocking down my door yet? I’ve been talking to Camille all season long, and I have written proof! I’ve told her to stop being such a snotty bitch, many times. She may or may not have been open to that.

Nice little moment of vision there at the end, Allison. Did your psychic abilities tell you Camille would be making a decision public after the reunion show airs or was it TMZ? Don’t make my Woogle pull some Oklahoma on your ass, Allison.


10 Responses to “Breaking News – Allison Dubois Found Someone To Believe Her”

  1. G-sus said

    Love the irony that Rumor-faux’s only fact check is to just to have Allison send them a press release.

    Camille might want to tell her friend to zip it. The other time she gave out a statement to this site she basically outed a little whopper Camille told on the show. Remember how adamant Camille was that Allison didn’t know what was going on between her and the other ladies before the dinner? Stated it as easily as telling us what she had for breakfast. Then old Allison tells anyone who would listen, obviously only Rumor-Fix, that the only reason she went on the show was because Camille had called and complained to her about what was happening with the other ladies. Gotta love it.

    Gotta give Allison credit though, she sucked us in to talking about her again, dammit.

  2. Who in their right sane of mind would watch? Maybe Kelsey for a laugh? “Look, Kate, you won’t believe what she just said.” “Hold on Kelsey, let me get a dictionary.”

  3. Bryan said

    Have another drink you fortune teller drunk!

  4. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Bryan, LMAO!!

  5. crosseyedskank said

    have another jack daniels you vicious slut……

  6. LWoo said

    Since when did Allison become her publicist? And what real friends does Camille have right now—- who she’s NOT paying?

  7. Bryan said

    @6Lwoo, she was probably drunk when she made these comments LOL!!

  8. Sophie said

    Why would anybody be interested in a show about Camille without Kelsey there?

  9. G-sus said

    LMAO Sophie, perfectly put.

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