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LynnNChicago Meets Bethenny Frankel – The Story

Posted by LynnNChicago on January 29, 2011

IHJZ Bethenny In Chicago! Jan 29, 2011Posted on January 29, 2011 by LynnNChicago

I Hate Jill Zarin Bethenny In Chicago! Jan 29, 2011

What a beautiful venue. I’d driven past the Genessee Theatre in Waukegan many times, I used to work in Waukegan and this theatre is one of Waukegan’s proud landmarks. Jack Benny, before he was on TV used to broadcast his radio shows right from the stage that Bethenny graced last night.

The VIP room / lounge area in the Theatre is named after the late great Jack Benny and that is where I finally got to meet our favorite Skinny Girl!

But first, the “Conversation With Bethenny Frankel” was impressive! I have to say that the show went beyond my expectations. After being introduced, Bethenny walked straight up the center aisle greeting fans and high five’s all the way along, when she took to the stage sitting in a high bar stool like chair with just a table of her books, some beautiful roses, a glass of water and of course a Skinnygirl Margarita.

Jason sat in the front row just in front of me and my friend who skeptically came along with me, but she’s thrilled that she went, she was unexpectedly surprised at how entertaining Bethenny was just talking to the crowd.

Also sitting in front of us was Jason’s friend and baby Bryn’s Godfather, and Bethenny tells us at this season on her show Bethenny Ever After, Baby Bryn gets “accidentally baptised”. I can’t wait to see how that happens. Bethenny described her and Jason as they sneak into a backyard of a home in Los Angeles that they’re considering buying and it really is a hilarious story.

Relaxed and easy-going, Bethenny spoke with confidence and poise. One of her opening remarks prepared the audience that she had absolutely no intension of bashing Jill Zarin, she was clear that they had been very good friends and she doesn’t say anything negative about friends, past or present. She did add that Kelly was fair game, however, since they’d never been friends. (lots of laughter there!)

Bethenny explained to the large crowd that she would not be going back to Housewives, no surprise for those of us who follow Bethenny’s career. She explained that the negativity wasn’t good for her or her family and that her show was so much fun and so positive and upbeat that it just didn’t make sense to spend time with certain people who only bring negativity to her life.

We learned that Bethenny does keep in touch with Ramona and Alex, mostly through text messages but everyone’s lives are so busy that she doesn’t see them too often. She also shared with us that Ramona actually asked Bethenny if she could be in the delivery room as she gave birth to Bryn. Obviously Bethenny turned down Ramona’s generous offer, but we were all allowed in there through Bravo’s cameras so I’m assuming that Ramona simply wanted more air time on Bethenny’s show. That Ramona is a crazy broad!

Bethenny talked about her book, “Naturally Thin” and while I had already read it, as I’m sure several others in the room had as well, Bethenny explained in a bit more detail what each step of the process entailed and had some really funny remarks to make and personal stories to tell about each area of the book.

Her upcoming book, “A Place Of Yes” that will be released on March 22 was another short topic of discussion, she told us how her positive outlook and constant efforts to succeed are what created her life, her business and even her family. She is living proof that you really can have it all!

Toward the end of Bethenny’s show, she did a Question/Answer session allowing audience members to ask any question they’d like, I personally didn’t learn anything new, in fact, I probably could have answered the questions for her, although not nearly as clever and funny as Bethenny did. She really does have an amazing sense of humor and a quick wit.

There were a few dozen others who were allowed into the Meet and Greet where Bethenny signed autographs and took photos with fans. She was so upbeat, and personable, her laugh is contagious and her genuine warm welcome was so incredible. My friend and I stepped up when it was our turn and I could see a brief recognition on Bethenny’s face when she looked at me, it was as if she’d seen me somewhere before.

My friend announced that I was “Lynn In Chicago” and Bethenny screamed, jumped out of her chair and gave me a huge hug. It was so wonderful! She was telling her assistants and even the theatre crew that I was the one who wrote the “I Hate Jill Zarin” blog. (I wasn’t going to mention the name of the blog, but Bethenny did) Bethenny’s assistant, Jackie told me that she reads my blog and Bethenny gave me a signed copy of her book on DVD in addition to these little mini Skinny girl mirrors that you can attach to your cell phone.

My friend and I brought Bethenny and her staff a few gifts, we found these great lotions and bath gels with scents called “sweet dreams” and “relaxation” which are perfect for our Skinnygirl who doesn’t get enough rest or relaxation. I also bought baby Bryn her very first Chicago Blackhawks baseball cap and little t-shirt both with the Blackhawks logo on them. Finally we found these great Chicago oven mitts and kitchen towels with a chef cooking a deep dish pizza and Chicago written on them. Another perfect gift from Chicago for a chef.

Bethenny’s assistant, Julie was instrumental in getting us the VIP tickets and meet and greet passes. I wanted to go and see Bethenny and my friend knowing what a fan I am was so thoughtful and wrote to Bethenny’s assistant Julie that she and Bethenny’s biggest fan, LynnNChicago wanted to attend the show.

Julie was kind enough to leave two tickets at the VIP will call counter with our 2nd row seats and our meet and greet passes. Julie couldn’t be with Bethenny in Chicago but she brought her other assistant, Jackie and so my friend and I brought each of Bethenny’s assistant small gifts as well.

It was an amazing evening, we really enjoyed hearing Bethenny speak and meeting her was so great! She’s everything that you see on TV and so much more! Take a look at Bethenny’s tour schedule, if you get a chance and she’s near you, make an effort to attend, it is well worth it!

Until Next Time….


27 Responses to “LynnNChicago Meets Bethenny Frankel – The Story”

  1. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    IJS, HI! 🙂 and thanks. I saw a pic a long time ago of Lynn H. with Alex and Simon. (I think it was for their book signing.) However, it was a blurry pic. Now I know more of what she looks like. Does she do a lot of events, or what have you, with these HW?

  2. cutie pie said


    Bryan…Where are you???

  3. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @2 Cutie Pie, gotta go. Just ducking in real quick. Just wanted to say you always crack me up. ALWAYS! From the very first time I “met” you. 🙂 xo

    Night everyone! 🙂

  4. I love me some Bethenny and love me some Lynn.. hold your tongues unless u want some wrath!! UNLEASH THE CRACKIN!!!!!!

  5. cutie pie said

    LH be one crazy lady. She has harrassed these reality peeps to no end…thru twitter, contacting sponsors, sponsoring hate mail campaigns, publishing home addresses.

    I can see by the photo that she’s still lushing it up!

  6. Bryan said

    First off as I said before, “Temple Beth Frankel” is NO Garrison Keeler, I don’t really know what the purpose is for her “An Evening with Bethenny Frankel” is about, maybe just an over priced press tour for the up coming second season of her show and this new book. But if that picture says anything she is looking a little too skinny girl. What do you really get coming away from these “Talks”? Is it like a seminar, It doesn’t sound like it, more just like when you go to something like Comic Con and you sit in on one of the many panels for, this movie or that TV or writer or composer. I don’t know what it cost to go see her but at least with Comic Con its a circus and a half with the panels and the vendors and fanboys and Fangirls in costumes and you know what your going to for your money.

    There really isn’t anymore that I can say about LH that I haven’t already said, I hope she has never made a comment about Kyle and her hair because, well if there is someone that should give up the long hair at her age its LH. But as of recent events reading the manic ravings of other HW fans over on “Reality Sanatarium”, she isn’t alone in her mania for these women. I always find the bringing of gifts to these people a bit bizarre, I wonder what they really think about it when these strangers are bringing them all this stuff., do they like it? do they keep it?’
    She said Bethenny wasn’t going to say anything bad about her friends and former HW colleagues except Kelly. But when she was introduced to Lynn From Chicago and mentioned what she wrote “I Hate Jill Zarin” Blog I always find that word HATE to be very strong, I rarely if ever use it to me it takes alot of anger to HATE someone, I never understood what “Mrs Limon Zirga” ( my nick name for JZ, thanks to Gawker) did to LH to warrant an entire blog named after her in such a fashion? Is she a disgruntled Zarin Fabric customer? , I wonder if TBF knows about all that stuff that CP mentioned, the shenanigans that LH is known for, I mean if she reads the blog she should, shouldn’t she? I wonder what she REALLY thinks?, as the commercial says…”The world may never know”

  7. Dy said

    @7 Bryan..Well said..I truly hope that St.Bethenny doesn’t know, let alone approve. That really would not be be very nice.

  8. Bryan said

    @8Dy, Morning Dy, No it wouldn’t be nice, If anything I would think she might want to distance herself from that kind of stuff.

  9. Dy said

    Good Morning Bryan

    I would think so too.

  10. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi everyone! Bryan, just what little I know, and I do mean little, I agree. I use to lurk quite a while back (after SO much NY ooop-laaa), and let me say that was enough. I can’t see making a “life” so to speak out of the HW.

    Oh, and Bryan, “sanitarium”…..LMAO!!!! Some take it to a whole other level.

  11. Bryan said

    @11 Mrs H. It happens with all kinds of things, but with the housewives it always struck me as odd the fanatical behavior it conjures up in people.

  12. For Ms Jackman to say she’s calmed on the housewives is a joke. Go to some of the other topics and she rants forever. She takes her views of Kim’s drinking to that of a corner stand preacher. She will go on about her life. No One Cares. This is for fun. Not an AA meeting. I’m Ms. Jackman and I’m an ass.

  13. Dy said

    @13 That is not very nice..I happen to like MHJ,and her posts.

  14. G-sus said

    @ 13 You must be new here. Just a FYI, we all tend to have our different opinions and feelings about the shows and the housewives. But on here we don’t attack anyone for their views or resort to calling people names. You can disagree with someone, just don’t be mean about it and make it personal. If this doesn’t interest you, rest assured, there are other sites that you will find yourself right at home.

  15. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @Click Click/my cat, I noticed that you don’t have much of anything positive, or nice, to say on the threads. I don’t know what your problem is. If you don’t like what I have to say, I suggest you use the scroll key. No one is holding a gun to your head to read my posts, or any post here. I hope not anyway.

    For the record, I have said my peace & will no longer read or comment on anything you have to say about me.


  16. G-sus said

    @16 Well said MHJ, xoxo

  17. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Thanks G-sus and Dy! xoxo

  18. Bryan said

    How did I miss all that!?!?!?!?!? I don’t need to add anything other then I agree with Dy and Mrs H and G, there is always Crack-tea

  19. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Love ya Bryan! Thanks! XO Crack-tea LMAO!

  20. G-sus said

    @ Bryan, Just noticed another shot taken at our dear MHJ on the pre-party post. Think someone is a little bit starved for attention, too bad she is on the wrong site.

  21. Bryan said

    @21G, I know I think they had a little too much of the crack-tea

  22. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @22 That’s one of the reasons I love ya TK! XO

  23. Yep I went there

  24. Cutie Pie.. I have never made no claim.. I am just saying to be respectful.. How do I have a relationship with other bogglers but you want to take it there.. its not condusive to my style so shove off.. find your beatem path cloud of the way out.. mazal to and all your endeavors.. find another place to rant your ugly.. u look familiar.

  25. oK Cutie pie is out with the big ol shovel in her azzzz

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