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18 Responses to “And Now A Word From Our Sponsors”

  1. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    IJS, where’s a pic of Hugh in the shower?! 🙂 xoxo

  2. Logan K said

    Hey MHJ! I don’t know why I didn’t tell you this earlier but I actually met Hugh in New York a few years ago and oh my gosh, he was hunkier in person!

  3. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @2 Logan K, OMG! Ok. First, HI! Now onto Hugh. I know you are not kidding me. Lawd have mercy! It’s a good thing I wasn’t there with you, because even with my real hubby with me, I would have passed out. I have met some “celebrities” in my life, or seen them from a distance, but I have NEVER met Hugh. I think I’d be lucky if I got a “Hello, it’s nice to meet you.” out. I bet he was hunkier in person. In some of his pics he looks really hot, however, in some I don’t think they do him justice. He is raw animal magnetism imo. His eyes, his smile, his laughter, his hair…..WTH am I saying, his BODY. Ok, his charm, too.

    Logan K, I have to admit I’m a bit envious, but it’s all good. 🙂 Ok, details. LOL.

  4. Logan K said

    Hahaha Lol-So when I was in New York I saw his play on Broadway, The Boy from Oz, and after the show he came out of the theater and signed autographs. He was so adorable with the sweetest smile and a gorgeous hunk o’ hair on his head. Anyway, I pushed my way through a crowd of screaming women and told him “Hugh you were so wonderful tonight and i’m a big fan,” and he looked back saying “Thanks, sweetheart, so glad you enjoyed it.” I was gushing so much I couldn’t even get the chance to ask him for his autograph! But I did manage to get a picture!

    On a much less important note, Kelsey Grammer (ironically), was at the show that night and came out with him (think they were going to dinner together), and lets just say Hugh makes Kelsey look terrible when they’re standing next to each other.

  5. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @4 Logan K, again OMG! Wow! Were you more brave than I would have been. I know you were glad you weren’t shy or hesitated, and just did it. He has always seemed like such a nice man in interviews. He has always seemed like he is so in love with his wife, and kids, too. Just a very sweet man, who also is a HUNK. Yes, I always thought he had a great sense of humor. I would love to see your picture of him. Probably a good thing I don’t have a personal photo. Hubby would probably give me a hard time. LOL.

    I can’t imagine Kelsey standing next to Hugh. It’s like comparing beer to champagne. 😉

  6. Dudes.. he is not hugh.. but he has stuff Hugh cant offer. delish and omgish.. BAZINGA!!

  7. Bryan said

    So why is this guy here, did he do something or is he going to be on something?

  8. Dy said

    Woo Hoo..The ATL Finale Is on tonight, RT has a clip of it on her site. Looks like NeNe went shopping in the juniors dept. again, for her dress.When is that woman going learn how to dress and get the right size? Lord have mercy! Cynthia’s dress is pretty, but that bow would work my last nerve. Her hair and make-up look beautiful. Peter looks…Meh!

  9. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi Dy and everyone! Isn’t Cynthia’s dress just beautiful. (Know what you mean about big bow, I’d be afraid I might get whiplash, but still pretty.) I’ve read where some folks say it looks ugly and cheap. Well, imo, it’s stunning. I agree about Peter. LOL.

  10. Dy said

    Hi MHJ

    Yes, her dress is beautiful,her hair and make-up flawless..The bow, I’m not afraid it would give me whip lash,I just think it would annoy the hell out of me,like I’d want to keep batting it away from my face. I agree that dress does not look cheap,or ugly, I read that too.

  11. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hey Dy! xo

    Yes, I would be batting the bow away from my face, too. LOL. Cynthia looked stunning from head to toe. She has beautiful bone structure, great complexion….and I love her high cheekbones.

  12. Bryan.. have you never seen the old spice commercials? the man you want your man to be? or something like that..

  13. Bryan said

    No, But I heard about him and then I heard the “Big O” going on about this guy and I knew then it was someone to avoid.

  14. Bryan.. here is the commericial.. it so went viral..

  15. Bryan said

    @14 LOL!!!!!

  16. Byan.. I cant believe this escpaped you.. this is viral for a man who your mans wants be. lmaoooo

  17. Bryan.. I am on horse.. Not tellin u what horse it is.. but its hung all the same.. I am on a horse.. pifft

  18. Phew.. Bryan.. I rode that horsey.. and now!??!!?! I need a cig.. phew

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