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Stewart Nails FOX Again on Nazi Statements

Posted by ImaJustSaying on January 28, 2011

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                                                                                             Stewart Nails FOX Again on Nazi Statements Follow my videos on vodpod

For the third time in about a week, Jon Stewart has dedicated a “Daily Show” segment to dealing with angry, Nazi-related rhetoric used in media and politics. But what seems to bother him more than nonsensical Hitler comparisons is Fox News pundits’ inability to see their own Nazi references as inappropriate.

John Stewart is just genius in this segment and says it like it is!!  Go John!!


2 Responses to “Stewart Nails FOX Again on Nazi Statements”

  1. G-sus said

    IJS Didn’t see this post. You must have snuck it in there when I wasn’t looking. I love it when JS nails FauxNews on their BS. Brightens my day. Thanks for the video.

  2. G-Sus.. there is a problem if you create a draft and save later to post.. it gets posted the day you created the post.. ugh

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