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NeNe Leakes Whines In An Interview and Step Child Speaks OUT!!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on January 25, 2011

I'm A Mudda Fudda Good Person!!


NeNe Leakes gave TVGUIDE an interview recently and I taken back on how much she lied and refused to own up to!  She is completely blaming Kim for her bad behavior and just chalks it up to  Kim sleeping with a married man and she couldnt take it anymore.. WE all know that Kim has broken off that relationship while they were filming and mostly, in the previous seasons, we have only seen NeNe lash out at Kim “Close your legs to married me” when when they were in conflict and she was intentionally hitting below the belt for effect. Is there something about Kim that’s made you angry in general? You seemed to be more angry this season…
I don’t know what show you’re watching, but I think I’ve had a good season. You’ve seen for the past several episodes me working at 11 Alive. Early on in this season, there was a clip of me and Dwight going at it, and one of me and Greg, and the time when I talked to my son, but those things happened awhile ago.

Just being friends, well, not friends, but being an associate of Kim is just a stressful thing. I’ve been married for 14 years, so for me to even hang out with a chick who’s sleeping with a married man was already stressful. I had to hear it from my husband and girlfriends who are hanging around me like, “You really need to cut her off.” Big Poppa and his wife lived in my neighborhood at the time, so I was getting it from everybody. They were like, “You need to not hang out with her.” … No, I just think that Kim not a genuine person. I lost my temper, for sure, but I feel like anyone would lose their temper if they had been sitting around not being able to get off that bus.


I also find it interesting that she complains that not any person from Bravo was concerned for what she was going through.  What was she going through?  Marital issue’s which she has yet to file for divorce? Did you ever consider not participating in the show because of what was happening in your personal life?
Oh, absolutely! The whole time I was shooting this show, not one person — and I mean from the top of Bravo to the damn bottom — not one person said, “Let me sit down and just talk to you. How are doing? How are you really handling this situation? How is it that you’re able to get up and go to work and send Brent off to school every day and really be able to shoot and do all of these things and take criticism?” I would really have appreciated that.

Now NeNe is using the “I am edited to be a villian” card.  She repeats what she said to Dupri in that infamous interview and thinks she can con us into thinking she was genuine. She was very upset that you brought up her name to Jermaine Dupree. Fair?
I asked him about Kim and Kandi. You guys didn’t see all of it, but he had very good comments to say about “Tardy for the Party” — and he had bad things to say about Kandi. It’s funny how they decided to play Kim, because they knew Kim would take offense. That’s how she is, whether it’s negative or not you can never bring her name up. Had they played what he said about Kandi, she probably would have said, “Alright, whatever,” and let it go.

And it was nothing! All I said was, “Do you think people should get in the business at 20 or is it OK at like 32, which Kim’s age?… She sang ‘Tardy for the Party.’ Have you heard of it before?” And he was like “Yes, I’ve heard of it. It was a good song. I like the beat.” And I was like, “Do you think she can sing?” And he said, “Now I didn’t say all that.” He was really playful with it. His delivery was really nice. Of course, they didn’t play all that. It’s [an interviewer’s] job to ask the questions that the viewers want to hear the answers to. It was simply my job.

UGH!!!!!  NeNe????  YOUR MINDS IN DANGER GIRL!!!!  Clink the link to read/view the interview  TVGUIDE an interview

Links below for OTHER NeNe news…

In other news, Radar Online is reporting that Gregg and NeNe Leakes disowned Gregg’s other children when Gregg met up with NeNe and a rift still exists between Gregg and his other children from a prior marriage.  Ughh

Additionally, Radar Online is reporting that Gregg and NeNe are seperated but has not yet filed for divorce and Gregg wants his money back that he invested into a lifestyle that HE says made NeNe a household name.


32 Responses to “NeNe Leakes Whines In An Interview and Step Child Speaks OUT!!”

  1. Dy said

    Really NeNe Really..What about your bestie Diana Gowin you know the gold digger that couldn’t keep her legs closed to a married man and had twins by him?? Please!!

  2. Dy said

    Btw Diana Gowin is getting child support to the tune of 28,000. a month.

  3. G-Sus said

    Ahhh, that’s my Nene, working on her job security daily. She’s mastered the art of the ugly housewife quite well.
    I wonder what Greg is like in real life? He has always seemed to be very level-headed. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like if my husband and I were having a rough time and he went on Reality TV and talked about our marriage like Nene and other HW’s have done. However, I COULD imagine what I would do to him after I watched the episodes air.

  4. G-Sus said

    P.S. TK, LMAO at the picture, NO ONE puts Nene in a corner! I said that at Andy’s NYE special. They sat Nene in the back at one time and my Lord, you could actually see her clamoring to get the attention back on her. She was aiming pot-shots at anyone and everyone, including Lisa!

  5. Dy said

    I always thought that about Greg too G-Sus..But then when NeNe confronted him about what Dwrong had said,and how he back peddled and stuff..Hmmm, seems to me there is something more about Greg, I know there have been stories about him being in trouble with bad checks and his business and stuff, so I don’t know.

  6. wildheart said

    Wow! I had no idea Nene was so delusional! She has really started to believe her own hype, evidently. I also didn’t know about her darling bff Diana’s illustrious past with a married man. Watched the scene again today where everyone was sitting at the table and Nene was telling Kim that she and diana would be sleeping there …Nene was absolutely insufferable in that scene!

  7. Dy said

    IJS..LMAO!! Freakin NeNe in a dunce cap..Bwaaaaaaaaah!!

  8. Dy.. I snagged it off google.. it cracked me up!! been waiting to use it and now I found the perfect opportunity! lmaoo

  9. Dy said

    It’s freakin perfect IJS…I love it!!

  10. G-Sus said

    Sorry if this double posts but my comment disappeared.

    Sorry IJS, I didn’t notice you wrote the post. Feel terrible, need to remember to read the small red print.

  11. Thank ya G-Sus.. I was gonna give you a virtual slappin.. 😉

  12. Bryan said

    LOL THAT PICTURE!!!!!, its great!!!!

  13. Mrs T Soprano said

    IJS, that picture is so perfect! She looks like the idiot she is. What a nutball!!!

  14. G-Sus said

    IMJ Thanks for sparing me. But I would have deserved it;)

  15. Bryan said

    Send it to Rita Farb on twitter, she will use it for her new Icon profile photo LOL

  16. lmaoo!! Glad you all like the photo as much as me!! I wish I knew who photoshopped it so I can give the appropriate credit! lol!

  17. G-Sus said

    @ IMJ Have to say, I love your links to the antics at Chuck E. Cheese’s. My twins call it Chuck E. Jesus. I swear I avoid it like the plague unless it is for a birthday party for one of the girl’s classmates. I was there once and found a 2 year old wandering around aimlessly and upset. I tracked down the “mom” while she was playing a video game, and she told me that the “nanny” was supposed to be watching him. Came to find out that the “nanny” was a 7 yr. old cousin.

  18. G-Sus.. its krazy to me how many incident reports stem from the Chuckie Cheese franchises!! I think the message is to the rest of the country is this.. if you a low down trailer/ghetto trash resident.. head on down to Chuckie Cheese!!! a child is necessary for admittance and we dont care where you find the baby!!

    My gbaby is freaked out by the big mouse.. He thinks the mouse is gonna eat him.. make us lmaooo

  19. Bryan said

    @17&18 Oh my god!!!,that place scares me, you always hear in the news some crap went down at one.

  20. G-Sus said

    IMJ, that is a good thing about your G-baby (love the nickname obviously). Scared of Chuckie is a gift from God. Don’t know how many times I have had to lie and say that the place is closed to avoid having to bring my girls in there.

  21. Dy said

    Holy Cannoli..Stay away from Chuck E Cheese, Stay far far away!! Ewwwww!!

  22. IJS @8, look at you flexing your Woogle! Good on you!

  23. Fleur said

    LOL Love the photo and the story! NeighNeigh needs a Pinocchio nose when she does these interviews. Liar, liar…

  24. Tinsel.. If it wasnt for google.. I would be in deep doo doo!

    Fleur… the photo is befitting Oh yeah a pinochio nose.. love the idea.. gonna ask someone for a favor 😉

  25. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Good morning everyone. 🙂

    I think when people talk about “Hell on Earth”, I think they’re referring to Chuck E. Cheese places.

    Dy, thanks for info. on NeNe’s good friend Diana. WOW! I had no idea. It amazes me how NeNe (did) does bash Kim. Kim was suppose to be a good friend, and now she acts like she was never so. Hmmmmm. Convenient friend. Sounds like Kim is a friend to be picked up, or left on the road side whenever she feels like it. If Kim is SO awful, then why has NeNe been hanging around her so much?! NeNe is so full of BS.

    IJS, the pic is one of the best I’ve ever seen. LMAO!!!! Thanks!

    NeNe thinks she’s the smartest one. She also seems to think she’s the victim, her poo don’t stink, she’s ALWAYS right (& everyone else is wrong), and that she ALWAYS has to be the center of attention.
    What a spin doctor. Surprised she’s not in politics.

    G-sus, I saw your work over there. (Sometimes I have a hard time getting in there, too.) Great job like others. LMAO! I’m having a difficult time reading all the negative comments….villian type stuff, but I like to read your responses & the others. It saddens me that some are wanting to see a battle to the bloody end.

  26. mikki12 said

    NeNe is such a hypocrite I could just scream. I’m wondering if Bravo has been showing more of Diana because they might be thinking of her as a replacement for one of the other housewives.
    Sheree seems to have hit a dead end with her “storyline” and Cynthia could go, too for all I care. What will we be watching next season? How many ways can Peter abuse her – no thanks.

  27. Fleur said

    Good evening and sparkles to all! Sunny and cool here in Cajun
    @MHJ, I totally agree. In addition to NeighNeigh being ghetto trash she’s also a big fat hypocrite! Emphasis on the word, “big!” HAHA I troll the RealPeeTv site once in awhile for amusement but I won’t post there because my loyalty and snark are reserved for Tinsel Kitty. Those people are like a bunch of starving cats after a sardine. Dangerous!

  28. Fleur said

    @256 Mikki, my computer is crazy today. Sorry my post came in after yours and then a few of my words were missing. Darn the luck. You’re so right! Buh bye Sheree and Cynthia and no thanks to NeighNeigh’s trashy friend.

  29. Rosie said

    Cutie Pie aka Tweetie Bird is on the Giggy thread.

  30. mikki12 said

    Fleur: Love that visual. “Starving cats after a sardine.” Pefect. just perfect. I’d rather see Sweetie become a housewife than Diana. She’s got enough money. I wouldn’t mind seeing Sweetie making some extra cash.

  31. Fleur said

    🙂 TK, Mikki and Dy and Bry

    I just looked at the Bravo blogs and I must say that Cynthia Bailey’s a better blogger than she is a reality tv star. She’s boring on the show but her blogs are pretty funny. We need to get her here as our guest blogger on TVT101. She was posting comments and answering some of her Twitter followers. She did something like 10 posts and this one was in response to Phakedra’s comment about her on the catwalk in Miami. It had me ROFL. Hilarious!

    3. Twitter supastar219: When Phaedra said that you looked like a pretzel dipped in cottage cheese.

    CB: Well, maybe next time you can be the swimsuit model, and I can sit in the audience. Mmmmm Hmmmm.

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