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Kim Richards on Entertainment Tonight

Posted by tinselkitty on January 25, 2011

The Kim/Kyle resemblance is strong here. FYI – the audio is out of sync on the video. It’s not your computer.


6 Responses to “Kim Richards on Entertainment Tonight”

  1. wildheart said

    So that was big Kathy, huh! Very interesting clip, TK! Thanks for posting it.

  2. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi Wildheart! XO 🙂

    I knew various info. on the different actors/actresses (mainly the Mills family), however, I didn’t know all about Richard Long’s history. That is so sad. I liked him in old movies, before his “Big Valley” days. He did a good job in 40’s flicks.

    Also, it is hard to see Kim’s mother in that clip. If what peeps/posters keep saying about her being so abusive to family & others, which I don’t doubt, then it’s very hard to watch her with Kim. It pains me. I wonder about her own family background.

  3. Thanks so much for Kim Richards Day. This interview is interesting. This is the first I learned about their mom’s breast cancer. I also didn’t realize Kim had been a single mom that long. Unless she remarried for the third husband? If not, she’s been single a long time.

  4. MHJ, could you share the source/link for the Richards’ mom being abusive? I haven’t seen that. It would explain some things, though, if true. I have wondered if there was alcohol or drug addiction in other members of the family. Kim’s work in the movie with Downy in a very drugged out Hollywood period of time certainly puts her in an environment where drug/alcohol abuse would be present.

  5. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @4 Realitywatchers, I believe most of info. posters have been referring to is from the book House of Hilton. I haven’t read the book. Need to. Just curious. That’s one thing about autobiographies & biographies. You can read 10 books on the same subject/person, & have 10 similarities and/or 10 differences. In one book, the author may state someone was definitely an alcoholic, abuser, or what have you. In another, written in same year, the author can deny the alcoholism. Claim it never existed or happened. Again, I think I will still read the book, just for curiosity’s sake.

  6. Thanks, MHJ. I want to read it myself now. I’m sure the author of that book has been thanking the Richards sisters for going on this show a hundred times a day.

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