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Camille Grammer Ain’t the Only Dancer in Town

Posted by tinselkitty on January 25, 2011

Camille never took off her sweater while dancing. Well, not that she admits to, anyway. Bonus feature – Kim’s hair’s all kinds of ’80s crimped. The hair fairies definitely blessed this family.


100 Responses to “Camille Grammer Ain’t the Only Dancer in Town”

  1. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @49 Mikki12, Hi sweetie! 🙂 You said it!!

    @50 Dy, I know. 42! I wanted to give her a medal. No wonder she was so thin, and always looked out of breath. Her oldest, a daughter, was I believe 9 when she had the triplets.

  2. Dy said

    @49 Totally agree Mikki well said.

    I was am still am upset about the episode last thursday, it broke my heart. It upsets me what Kyle did to Kim in front of friends and of course tv cameras. Awful just awful. I’m sure she feels bad and wishes she could take it back, but she can’t and she has to live with it. I’m hoping that she and Kim are working on their relationship because it seems they love each other very much.

    If this had happened to me with any one of my sisters, it would a take me a minute.I’m not gonna lie, to get over the hurt, and embarassment,and be able to forgive, but I would because I love my sisters and that is what family does, they live, love and forgive.

  3. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Dy, I agree. 🙂 They have issues they need to work out between THEMSELVES.

  4. mikki12 said

    MHJ: Triplets at 42? Had she taken fertility drugs or was this au naturale? I know someone, who was in her mid 30’s, and she had triplets. All I can say is better them than me. Had that been me I’d be typing this from the local mental hospital. One baby at a time was more than enough for me.

  5. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Mikki12, OH Lawdy! Don’t you know it. You and me both. Mental hospital. LMAO!!!! I had LONG painful labors with each one, too. Yes, she had taken fertility drugs. She told me that she (& hubby) wanted a boy. Well, they ended up with a boy & two girls. Four kids in all. It was enough to have mine a few years apart. Her mother helped a lot. In fact, she was kind of like an au-pair because of in-law suite. Practically lived there helping out at times. However, she always looked like she was training for a marathon. She always looked like she was jogging in place when I tried to talk to her. LOL.

  6. Daniela said

    @ Dy: Hahahahaha…take your puppy, steal your husband?
    You are too freakin funny. You’re right though. They are just regular people on a reality show. I am rooting for these sisters too. Every family has issues. What, these people should be different because they’re on TV? Hell no.

    @ Mrs HJ: I got you beat bella…I’m 54. Too damn old to babysit a 2 yr old. My youngest is 14 and I don’t know how I did it at 40. My sister had this baby at 44. I truly don’t know how she gets through her days…he is an active little guy. He is bull headed, his way or no way. Whew!
    42 having triplets???? Tell me she doesn’t have older kids! 3 times the fun…lol.

  7. Okay, Bryan, I think I wasn’t very good at what I was saying the other night when we were talking about why everyone was on the witch hunt for Kyle over in that other place. I didn’t mean that they had an emotional investment in Kyle and now they were feeling betrayed. I meant that they had publicly declared her the almighty awesomest bestest housewife ever and then they get that fight in the last episode. Now, since they’ve already spent 12+ weeks carrying her around on their shoulders, they look stupid. In order to save face, public proclamations of evil must be thrown out onto the RT record. Those who now say Kyle is the most worstest ever ever ever in the loudest voice win.

    Kind of like all the public figures that denounce homosexuality to the world and then hit up the airport bathroom to innocently tap out some rhythms while seeing a guy about a horse.

  8. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @6 Daniela, my hat is off to you. I was trying to think of the last time I was REALLY around a 2yr old. Apparently long enough since I can’t remember. OMG! your sister had her son at 44? I don’t know how she does it either. She must be in outstanding shape. His way or no way. Too funny! I remember babysitting a ton, before I had my own, and the 2’s are something else. Although some more stubborn than others. LOL. Yes, she has 4 in all. Oldest is 9 yrs. older than triplets I believe. She intended on just having 1 more, but took fertility drugs. When she told me her story, I thought to myself that there could be no way with just 1 child. (I don’t know for sure. I’m not a nurse or doctor.) Well, she acted SO surprised when she had triplets. I was NOT surprised at all.

  9. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    TK, your last line….LMAO!!!!

  10. Dy said

    @7 Tinsel..I don’t think that is it at all.I think they are upset that Kyle did this to her sister in front of friends and on tv, she humiliated her sister. But instead of hoping that the sisters can get past this they are actually hoping Kyle takes the bridge over this. I do not believe it has anything to do with them thinking Kyle was the bestest whatever whatever. It has to do with what she did to her sister. They are just taking it personally, too personally like alot of posters do, get too freakin involved in this stuff.

  11. Bryan said

    @7 Tinsel, the bathroom dance, in the gay world we call “Tea room”, It’s something I can honestly say I NEVER participated in out of 1, fear, 2 fear, 3 Fear, I never understood the whole nonsense and in the 80’s there was ALOT of it going around

    Also, the fight suddenly makes her public enemy number one??, In my opinion it made her human, because we all have moments we all regret later. I think they look stupid now going on and on with ridiculous posts, about movie comparisons and second rate bio’s. So the loudest one wins? What do they win

  12. Dy said

    They are too involved Bryan, freakin obsessed..Like dogs with a bone. Freakin root for these sisters not against them, Lord! If it wasn’t Kyle it would have been Camille because you know she is the worst person in the world too..Geeze people

  13. G-Sus said

    @7 TK I believe you are talking about an incident that may have occurred in my state. Now lemme ask you something, while I am sure our airport is not the dirtiest in America (I am guessing), I would like someone to explain to me how you could even think of doing anything but number 1 or 2 in a bathroom? lol.

  14. Bryan, maybe there is a secret RT Champ trophy that gets passed around? It can’t just be bragging rights because they’re all taking them, anyway.

    Wait, maybe that’s how they think they can get their name to be pink?

  15. Dy said

    @6 Daniela

    Yes, like I said. If it were me and one of my sisters did what Kyle did to me…..I’m not gonna lie, it would take me a minute to get over the hurt and embarassment,and be able to forgive, but I would, because I Love my sisters and that is what family does. They Live, Love, and Forgive!!!

  16. G-sus, why in the world would you ask ME? Great, now I’m going to obsess over everything I’ve ever written and what image it might have caused you to have of me.

  17. G-Sus said

    Calm down girl! I asked the question of you, but explicitly asked someone, meaning anyone, to explain to me the thrill of the act in that particular unseemly place. Even though I have seen today that you are prone to ask obviously gay men to “call” you, I in no means think you are an expert on the goings on at airport bathrooms, rest areas, or public parks.

  18. Dy said

    OH Dear LORD You 2, Tinsel and G-Sus!!!

  19. Bryan said

    @14 LOL!!!!!!!!!!! can you imagine the trophy!!! LOL

  20. Bryan said

    George Michael might know, he was using some awful public bathroom in Beverly Hills like a park bathroom, ewwwwwww!!!

  21. Dy said

    They all need a freakin cleanse/ enema trophy that they can take to get rid of all the #$%^ that they spew..Freakin Nuts

  22. G-Sus said

    @ 20 Bryan, I dont’ think that there is enough hand sanitizer he could bathe in to decontaminate ol’ George.

    P.S. Did you see my latest comment over at crack-laced tea?

  23. Dy said

    I was just there, I saw it G-Sus.

  24. Bryan said

    ROFL Crack laced Tea!!!! LOL!!!!!!

  25. Bryan said

    It’s turning into revenge of the unpopular girls on Crack laced Tea, I saw your post G it was good!!!!, Teresa, and Chachita, or whatever her name is, Seymorbutts their posts REEK of jealousy, they hated girls like Kyle growing up, So now they are using Kyle as their effigy, still fueled by high calorie snack treats sugary soda, toss in some tobacco too.

  26. Bryan said

    Oh toss in UpperAssCrack into that mix bitter angry tricks.

  27. Dy said

    @26 she is the worst, I think.

  28. Bryan said

    As my friend Craig Curits would say, “Hateful Swines”!!!

  29. Dy said

    @28 lol..Yep, anyone that spews that much hate for people on a tv show, that they do not know and never did anything to them..Yep “Hateful Swines” pretty much fits

  30. G-Sus said

    I’m gonna scream Conspiracy Theory. But, anyone else having trouble loading, reloading, or posting comments on crack-tea? Seems I am always getting a “server unavailable” screen when I try to do anything over there. Good thing I am persistent.

  31. Dy said

    Just about everytime I go there to lurk,that error comes up G-Sus..RT mentioned it in one of her blogs asaying that she is working on the problem..It use to happen all the time over there. Then it stopped and now it’s starting again.

  32. G-sus @17, I didn’t ask an obviously gay man to call me, I asked an obviously rich-as-all-shit-get-the-fuck-out! man to call me. Duh.

    And don’t think I didn’t notice the second half of your comment where you imply I’m a total prude. I’m on to your wiley ways.

  33. Shhh. Did y’all hear that? Bryan just threw out Female Jealousy™. If he goes straight to Systematic Bullying© next, we might want to back away slowly and let him cool off. Shhh, shhh, here he comes.

    Hi, Bry! What up, homey?

  34. Bryan said

    Systematic Bullying!!!!!!

  35. G-Sus said

    Ahhh TK @32 , that must be the Kim in you talking.

    And if you are willing to admit that you know the in’s and out’s of anonymous ‘men’s only’ public displays of affection, then far it be from me to stand in your way.

  36. Shit, he’s on to us. Move slowly towards the exits, peeps, and break into smaller groups. Harder to hit a small, moving target.

    So, yeah, Bryan, can you, like, tell us the best way to cook, um, fish?

  37. I didn’t say I knew all the ins and outs, G-sus, but I don’t appreciate your assumption that I’m all herpy derp. Offended, I say!

    Besides, I would think I’ve made it pretty clear that Tinselkitty does NOT condone mixing “business” with pleasure, no matter how hard the folks at Charmin try to make that connection.

  38. I need a little more Kim in me. My life’s crapped out right now. Bitch needs to spread that good luck she’s hoarding around a bit more.

  39. Dy said

    WT… No one is talking to me..Nice..

  40. G-Sus said

    @TK Follow Kim’s lead. Seems like anything she “puts” out there leads to money in the bank. Be it singing or well, you know the other way.

    If it makes you feel any better I know the in’s and out’s of public areas of affection personally. I was out with my my oldest when she was a couple months old. I had her out too long and she was screaming and hungry. Pulled over to a public park to “feed” her and had to avoid all the single men parked in their cars. Very next week the park was on the local news after an undercover sting for the illicit acts that were being performed there in the light of day.

  41. G-Sus said

    LOL Dy, sorry bout that. How are you doing hun?

  42. Hush, Dy, Bryan’s gone KellyKoo and we’ve got to sneak out when he’s not looking. I’ve got him looking for fish recipes right now but who knows when he’ll be back. We need to tiptoe out of here before he returns.

  43. Dy said

    No Worries..Guess I’m the unwanted… ya know..Tried to talk to Tinsel ( ignored me) tried to talk to G-Sus( ignored me) same with Bryan..OK, i get the hint..;)

    • Seriously? I’m so sorry, Dy. I’m working on some posts for tomorrow and checking in sporadically. There was no ill intent and I do apologize. Too many threads, sites and posts going on and I’m having trouble keeping track. Plus the brain’s been alternating between max power and nothing the past couple of weeks. Sorry.

  44. Dy said

    Too late Tinsel..You guys go play..I’m going to bed. xo

  45. G-Sus said

    Sorry Dy, sometimes I get on a tangent and run with it. Didn’t mean to ignore you. I did notice that RT seems to be up and running as usual.

    I wonder what she thinks of all the posts? It must be difficult to have a specific opinion or view on what happened on the show and not comment on some of the posters who go off in another direction.

  46. Dy said

    I am totally busting chops you guys…I don’t care that you don’t answer me when I post to you. Geeze I wouldn’t want to answer me either.

    Good Night,Sleep Tight!


  47. G-Sus said

    Now I feel bad. I think I will call it a night. Dy, I hope you don’t take it personally. Love you and your posts. I experience the same thing at times, I think we all do.

    Night TK, BTW, I am putting Tuff Turf on my queue for Netflix. I will have trouble explaining that one to my husband.

  48. Bryan said

    what kind of fish?

  49. Bryan said

    @43 Sorry Dy, I have been away from the computer

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