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RHOBH Taylor Ford Armstrong Is A Fraud!! (Allegedly)

Posted by ImaJustSaying on January 21, 2011


Last night we discovered that Taylor Armstong is a liar, shit pot stirrer, initiates most of the altercations, botoxed to death and most recently now.. “A Fraud”!!

Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live asked his guest Taylor last night about her name change.  She seemed taken off guard and reluctantly admitted that Taylor was not her original first name but it was her last name..

Then I reported last night that her name as she attended high school is actually Shana Hughes by a   High School Reunion web site that provides updates on alumni.

Now since I have posted this information, commenters have been asking why the name change?  So I was inspired to do some digging and this is what I found.

Another blogger whose website is was contacted by a reader who actually met Russell and Taylor in Florida before they were married and she does not have flattering things to say about the couple.  The weekend in Miami was for Russel to woo this couple to investing in Russell’s latest venture and their behavior was so bad, that the display alone was the reason for the couple not to invest.

The wife of the potential investor explained that Russell AND Taylor tried to pass off Taylor as some kind of Oklahoma Trust Fund Baby from get this…  Taylor “Ford” from the Ford Motor Family of Oklahoma.


It was said that Taylor was incredibly rude,  was making out in the back seat of the couple’s car and they even skipped out on a large bill at a restaurant they were at and they snuck out the back door!  LMFAOO

Please go read this very enlightening blog post    <——-LINK   that will make your jaw drop!!

Your all welcome…  I am now taking my bow… (allegedly)  😉


46 Responses to “RHOBH Taylor Ford Armstrong Is A Fraud!! (Allegedly)”

  1. silverstreak said

    Not only that, if you look up Taylor Armstrong on


    Possible Employment / Business Associations:

    CALIFORNIA SWIMWEAR INC Miscellaneous Apparel and Accessory Stores
    Available BEVERLY HILLS, CA
    LOS ANGELES, CA Possible Relatives:


    Possible Roommates / Associates:

    View Details

    No mention of the fabulous ford family fortune!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by TIP, Whats in a Name??. Whats in a Name?? said: RHOBH Taylor Ford Armstrong Is A Fraud!! (Allegedly) Name change reason that is O-M-G!! : […]

  3. Bryan said

    Peasant!!!! she is!!!

  4. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Had to come back & post. Taylor married for money?! Isn’t Russell suppose to be having financial difficulties? Russell married for looks? Whatever.

    What a two-faced fake. Lisa called her out big-time. Watched that episode again. The look on Taylor’s face after Lisa told her to be honest was priceless. PRICELESS.

    Taylor is a Beverly Hillbilly. I rather hang out with “Jethro”, “Ellie May”, and even “Granny”. LOL.

    Taylor married Russell hoping to end up a “Lisa”. I don’t think it’s working.

  5. G-sus said

    Are these two related in any way to the Salami’s? They seem to have a lot in common.

  6. Olive the other Reindeer said

    off topic,,breaking news..tonight was Keith Olbermans’ last show,,,trying to find out why

  7. silverstreak said

    @Mrs. Hugh Jackman said….What a two-faced fake. Lisa called her out big-time. Watched that episode again. The look on Taylor’s face after Lisa told her to be honest was priceless. PRICELESS.

    She really wanted to drag Lisa out back and go all oklahoma on her ass!

  8. Olive the other Reindeer said

    MSNBC,,,say it aint so!

  9. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @7 Silverstreak, Shana….I mean Taylor… a real class act. Hasn’t Taylor been saying that since Day 1? Since NY trip anyway?! Yes, Lisa will if she doesn’t watch out. LOL!! I’d love to see that. I can’t wait for Taylor to be called out on those reunion shows.

    IJS, I am trying to find out info on Cedric. I didn’t know he had been a very successful commercial & print model in Europe. Here I was thinking had been wasting those great looks of his. Oh, and he corrected Ken that he’s 35 and not 37. Apparently Ken can’t add correctly. Apparently Cedric can’t add up the amount of time he’s been living with them either.

    Cedric Martinez — Born in Paris, France to unknown father
    Received a degree in Chemistry from Univ. of Grenable by 20
    Known for modeling, has done some acting, and has appeared in some music videos
    Dated Lance Bass (while allegedly Bass was with another love interest)
    Lived in London for over 10 yrs.
    Moved to LA in 2009
    Known Lisa and her family for 15 yrs.
    Lives in 3,500 sq. ft. guest house by Lisa’s “$32 million dollar” house
    Was a manny in his 20’s
    Fronted a boy band, signed by Warner Bros. & sung with Eric Clapton
    Ran “hot clubs” in London
    Height 5’11”, Chest 38, Waist 30, Shoe Size 8, Brown Hair/Brown-Hazel Eyes

    Can’t wait to hear what Ken & Lisa have to say about Cedric on the reunion. Wonder if Cedric will be on the show.

  10. Sophie said

    Well if Cedric received a degree in Chemistry, I don’t feel so durned badly for him. Somehow he was able to pull himself up by his boot straps and get an education. And something to fall back on now that he’s going to have to find a job and cease his freeloading days. What a schmuck.

  11. MHJ.. Geeze.. Cedric doesnt sound like he had a bad life after school.. hmmm I cant wait until you finish your “special investigation”

  12. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Sophie, I think for the past 2 years, he’s been a con-artist tugging at Lisa’s heartstrings. If it’s Cedric that Ken is SO livid about, I can’t blame him.

    IJS, I had no idea. I watch way too many REAL crime/investigating shows. LOL. What I REALLY want to find out about are his childhood days, teen years, and young adulthood. Mainly childhood that could explain a lot. I still wonder if what he said about his childhood is totally true. If what I read is true about his work history, he is quite capable of working and taking care of HIMSELF.

    I don’t even know if Kim Z’s townhome/condo is 3,500 sq ft. I don’t even think Phaedra’s home is 3,500 sq ft.

  13. Rosie said

    Wow.. I’m not surprised. I knew Taylor was a liar, so fraud is the next step! I’ve been wondering about these two. Russell had a bankruptcy a couple of years ago, and he apparently has other children by different women (more than one other). No wonder Lisa has her antenna up.

  14. G-sus said

    I found it interesting when Lisa and Ken talked to Cedric he talked about how they were his family now. It was a little “Hand that Rocks the Cradle” moment. He also mentioned that everyone he loves pushes him away. Now if he was talking about his mom, I get that. But if he was talking about people in his adult life then that is an “aha” moment. People don’t ordinarily just push normal people out of their lives. Maybe Cedric is like the Strega, he throws a sob story at you and you let him into your life and all of a sudden you realize they are nuts.

  15. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Rosie, thanks for info. I didn’t know he had children by different women. Wow! He always acts so gloomy, too. Lawdy that man (supposedly a successful businessman) can’t make a speech to save his life. That “speech” at Taylor’s B-day Bash was awful. Was he married to these other women? He picked a real winner with Taylor. They both have issues, and you are right about Lisa. I don’t blame her for being very wary.

    I can’t get the Beverly Hillbillies’ tune out of my mind.

  16. Rosie said

    I don’t think so. I read it on one of the blogs this week. Marriage wasn’t mentioned at all.

  17. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @G-sus, I so agree with you! Excellent post. Cedric has been giving me the creeps lately when it comes to his one-on-one talks with Lisa. Those talks behind Ken’s back. “Maybe Cedric is like the Strega, he throws a sob story….” I have chills now. Reminds me of a neighbor/”friend” I use to have. Happy & relieved when she moved away. Hubby told me that he always thought she was a nutjob. She claimed childhood abuse. Truly very sorry if that did happen, but she went with that sob story repeatedly & took advantage of my kindness (& hubby’s kindness/money). Hubby & I helped out her & her husband when his businesses were having problems. Forget paying us back. We were glad when they moved away. Far away.

  18. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Rosie, do you know how many children he has, and with how many different women? Taylor is 39. I wonder how old Russell is. He looks 49 anyway.

  19. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Gotta go. Night all. 🙂

  20. G-sus said

    Night MHJ, sleep well.

  21. Rosie said

    MHJ.. I don’t know the details.. At least 2 others with 2 different women.

  22. Bryan said

    Cedric needs to bring himself to San Diego, he’s done with LA, I’m done with LA, its a whole other world here especially for gay men, maybe its the sea air, and the laid back lifestyle, get out of that mess up north yuck!!!

  23. Dani said

    Russell has zero personality. If his business is dependent on winning people over then he is big time screwed. What does Taylor do for a living? I thought she had her own successful business. This is why I could never understand why she stayed in such a lifeless marriage.

    Cedric has triggered my radar from the get go. There is much more to this story than we will probably ever know.

  24. Daniela said

    Wow! Shana Hughes reeks of white trash! Why the hell does everyone pretend to be someone they’re not? The Ford motor family should sue her!

  25. Dy said

    Uh-oh Tay Tay..It all comes out doesn’t it? Hold on Tay Tay you’re in for a bumpy ride. You have gone and made Hw’s Fans angry,everyone is gonna find dirt on you

  26. Rosie said

    @24 & 25, hi Daniela & Dy
    She lied on WWH (Taylor) about her name.. That was just two days ago. How do people think they are going to get away with this stuff, in this day and age?? She said her last name was Taylor, so she just changed it to her first name… Lie!

    Lol Dy, she’s pissed off HW fans!! Look out, we’re coming.

  27. BobLHead said

    Shauna should be afraid, very afraid!

  28. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi everyone! 🙂 Y’all are SO right about Shauna, Taylor, or whatever the hell her real name is. (Thank IJS for giving us her REAL name!) The fans are pissed. I think some even have pitchforks. (Scene from “Frankenstein”) You’re right Rosie, she sure did lie on WWHL & wasn’t answering Andy like she should have. I loved the expression, etc. when he knew she was trying to be coy/hold back with her name. She said she had explained it on the reunion (I believe), but he still wanted her to answer. Nothing real about her. I have some relatives in OK. They are ladies, but I can see them opening a can of whip ass on her. They wouldn’t tolerate all the BS.

    Taylor reminds me of Jesus Barbie and Lori(sp) on OCHW. Fake on the inside & out. Taylor seems to really have a personality like Jesus Barbie. Married for money. Married for a certain lifestyle. (Ok, like Lori as well.) Taylor seems to be going after the Lori look. Eat some crab cakes, salad, and a roll wouldn’t hurt. Throw in a dessert while you’re at it. For heaven’s sake, please no more surgery/botox. Her face looks like a skeleton with modeling clay or silly putty stretched over it. With lots of extra clay around the lips. Then somebody has come with a blow torch to melt away the clay or putty. Just say no to the botox and sun/tanning bed. Don’t forget to eat that roll……with some butter.

  29. Rosie said

    MHJ.. Lmao. I’ve said that before too. Skeleton with lips!

  30. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Rosie, she does doesn’t she? LOL. Scarier than Frankenstein. He may have been green with bolts in his neck, but at least he had some meat on those (stolen corpse’s) bones. His lips weren’t half as large either!

  31. Dy said

    @26 Hi Rosie

    Yes she has, like I said @25, she is in for bumpy ride. lol

  32. Beverly Hills said

    Here are the facts, which can be proved on any people search website: Taylor was born Shana Hughes, she changed her name to Shana Taylor, then she changed it AGAIN to Taylor Ford (and tried to pass herself off as being related to the Ford Motor Family).
    The Question is: WHAT is she Hiding??? To change one’s name is a big deal and a lot of work – it’s not just “I went to my lawyer”, to quote her. If you google changing your name, you will see that a lot of paperwork has to be filed becuase of social security identity issues, etc and it is a long process to change your name. On WWHL, made it sound like you just go to your lawyer and say that you want to change your name! Taylor/Shana thinks everyone is stupid and won’t know this. How “ignorant” of her!!
    Russell is a scammer – if you ask anyone who walks on Wall Street that knows him they will all say the same thing. My brother knows Russell and Russll did the same thing to my brother that he did to that woman’s husband. After Russell realizes that a person is not going to give him money to “invest” he becomes an A-hole to them and doesn’t care about being polite & kind anymore. He just uses people to get money and she just uses people to social climb.
    I really feel bad for their child. She has two horrific role models for parents.

  33. Tulsa, O.K. said

    I went to high school with Shana when she was Shana Hughes. Several of my high school friends have been posting about her being on RHOBH. She was NOT a nice person in high school and turns out she’s even more fake as an adult. In fact, she is a total fraud – Everything about her life is fake….her friendships, her career, her face, her marriage, her many names.
    In high school she was such a SNOB. She was also pretentious and condescending. I see that she has NOT changed at all.

  34. Beverly Hills and Tulsa… Thanks so much for posting and welcome to our blog!! If you have any new details/deets please contact me!!! I will give you full credit and you will be a star!! you will then be able to buy a mansion and a yacht!! 😉

  35. msbratty said

    This bitch was on WHW and lied to Andy that her last name was Taylor so she shortened it. Russell is shady and he’s a baby daddy to a child he had with a former fiancee. Losers.

  36. silverstreak said

    That is why Russell always looks so uncomfortable at the parties, never know when some mark he cheated, I mean sold a worthless investment to might show up at a party, they are both a couple of grifters.

  37. LWoo said

    @ 9: Holy shiz! Cedric’s feet are freakishly small! LOL! Not only that, but he should have his own money. Dang, I wonder what happened!

  38. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @37 LWoo, Hi! I know. LOL. I probably shouldn’t have posted all that info, but I am curious about his background. I got the info off various sites, & one had info. on measurements….modeling pics, etc. I thought to myself at the time, that he had small feet. Hell, I think my feet are longer than his at 9 1/2 or 10 narrow. LMAO!

  39. LWoo said

    Oh, please DO post it, Mrs J! I’m curious as to what his background is as well. (LOL @ the foot size!)

    The thing that didn’t make sense to me is that he was born/ raised in Europe and had a hard life, but how did he get the $$$$$ to bring his ass over here to the States and does he have citizenship here?? You know?

  40. silverstreak said

    Drunk coked up Taylor,


  41. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    “Cedric Martinez — Born in Paris, France to unknown father
    Received a degree in Chemistry from Univ. of Grenable by 20”

    Wait a second…..
    Cedric said he was taken in by Ken and Lisa when he was 15 years old.
    I wonder who paid for his college education?
    If it was paid by Ken and Lisa, no wonder they pushed him out of his comfy little nest.

    And a degree in Chemistry…and yet he couldn’t pass a driver’s test in LA?

    What is wrong with this picture?

  42. Dy said

    @41 OMG..Your user name is so freakin funny!!!

    I’m waiting to see what Lisa has to say about Cedric on the Reunion part 2. I hope he didn’t play Lisa and Ken,but it seems like it , right? How sad, shame on him if he did. 😦

  43. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    Dy…if Kyle says jelly one more time…..:O

    I seriously doubt Cedric sad sad story….it may be based on truth, but I imagine he exaggerated and milked
    their sympathy for all it was worth.

    At any rate, they were right. A 37 year old man should be on his own.

  44. Dy said

    @43.. Oh dear Lord I Know..Geeze!

    I think you are right, very sad. Yes, I agree a 37 year old needs to be on his own.

  45. New York said

    The story above about Taylor and her nerdy husband is very interesting to me because my ex-fiance and I had a very similar expericnce with them about four years ago. I see they treated other people the same way we were treated. Taylor and Russell are low lives, I’m sorry to say.

  46. Muu Ora said

    Traylor is a big tramp; in HS I knew her, she stole boyfriends and also knew her when she dated Russell; they stole my finances too back in Florida. Dig deeper and you’ll find lots of trash on Traylor.

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