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A Sane Perspective!! Jethro Nededog on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hill Finale

Posted by ImaJustSaying on January 21, 2011


After watching Thursday’s (Jan. 20) finale episode of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Camille Grammer may not have enjoyed how she looked, but she was probably thankful she didn’t go to cast mate Taylor Armstrong’s birth-cray party.
With Camille out of the picture (her attention on her husband, Kelsey Grammer, leaving her), the women turned on each other. It really was an entanglement of great proportions and we believe every woman had something to do with what went down.
Camille: As we’ve already stated above, Camille put all of this in action by not showing up to the party. We’re not blaming her for the fight. We’re just saying things would have been different. Let’s face it, if she would have gone, then either everyone would had been on their best behavior, walking on eggshells all night. Or, all of Kyle Richards’ aggression would have been pointed at her instead of Kim Richards. And Camille, in her state of mind, would have lashed back.
Adrienne: I hope the driver is keeping the engine running.



Lisa:Lisa Vanderpump is our favorite housewife, but we can’t let her off the hook. She’s clearly jealous of Taylor’s growing friendship with Kyle. In her jealousy, she had to make Taylor pay, so she manipulated her into confronting Kim at the party “to make things right.” It was certainly not the time and place for such a conversation, but Lisa wanted Taylor to admit her role in all the drama. Clearly, Lisa’s plan to expose Taylor worked… too well.
Kim: She ended the night quite emotionally bruised and battered. Though, she started the night totally trashed already! We’re sure that contributed to how she reacted to Taylor and then her sister. On the flip side, none of us expected Kyle to out her as an alcoholic on-camera and then lunge toward her to do God knows what.
Taylor: She obviously has self-esteem and image problems. That probably stems from her violent childhood. At some point, though, we have to take responsibility for our actions as adults – whether that’s marrying for money or lying about her involvement in creating the Vegas incident. The woman can’t even say she gave away her daughter’s dog. Is it summering in The Hamptons, Taylor? 
Kyle: There are so many ways in which Kyle could have avoided this situation. She could have left Kim and Taylor to battle it out and not had gotten involved. She could have given her sister more credit than she gives her friends. After all, when all this is over, Kim will still be there for her. We believe that. And then later in the car, Kyle could have abstained from fighting with her obviously drunk and already emotional sister. And maybe, she could stop throwing her mother’s dying request that she take care of Kim in her sister’s face. After all, it’s not Kim’s fault that their mother laid that on Kyle.
Adrienne: Well, we’re just glad Adrienne Maloof was there to stop Kyle from whatever she was going to do to Kim when she lunged at her in the limo. As usual, the Bravo cameraman was more interested in getting his shot than stopping any possible violence. New Jersey flashbacks, anyone? And later, Adrienne was instrumental in diffusing the situation and calming Kyle down.
In the end, the 90210 housewives lived up to Bravo’s franchise and leaves us wanting more! Thank Gucci for the two-part reunion specials!
That’s our take on how everyone contributed to the Beverly thrills finale. What’s yours?
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Ok I had to put in the cough references in order to break sentences.. Hey I was desperate and didnt want to figure out the HTML.. GIVE ME A BREAK!!  IJS

23 Responses to “A Sane Perspective!! Jethro Nededog on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hill Finale”

  1. C.MooreButts said

    Dude, you gotta do something about that cough.

    I don’t agree that Lisa is jealous at all of Taylor’s friendship with Kyle. I think Lisa is wise and clear eyed and sees a snake in the grass. I don’t think she cares for or trusts Taylor and is calling her out for her role in the big conflict and for being a shat stirrer. She’s trying to warn Kyle to be careful where Taylor is concerned.

    Kim… I’ll take Kyle’s word for it if she thinks Kim’s been drinking – she’s seen it many, many times before I’m sure. From 1st hand experience I know how tense and alert you become when an alcoholic family member is under the influence and in public. But I think Kim was handling herself well among the guests until Taylor made it a point to have it out with her right then. Taylor’s bullcrap on WWHL later of what she ‘intended’ to say to Kim didn’t ring true. According to her Kim stood up instead of staying seated so I guess that situation demanded her to change her approach and words. She’s a lying sack of waste. She even tried to imply to Kim that she (Taylor) had a better relationship with Kyle than Kim did. I must say though, if Kim was drunk as has been suggested, she has remarkable memory skills. She recalled the *exact* word Taylor used in the airport months ago. She was telling the truth and no one would listen.

    This whole ordeal at the party was unfair and humiliating to Kim. She hates conflict and had every right to leave. She felt attacked and outnumbered in front of all the people at the party and just wanted out of there.

    What took place in the limo later was hard. Kim was upset and should have been allowed to go home but for some reason Kyle wanted her stopped and to stay put so she could spew more anger and hateful words at her as a parting shot. Kyle escalated things for no other reason than she was furious and felt embarrassed. You could actually see her sitting there, boiling mad, and thinking of what to say next to hurt Kim even more. You know Kyle could have taken her sister’s side, just this once, especially if she thought Kim was drunk. She could have quickly diffused the situation and Taylor (who is dying to be bff’s with her) would have backed right off. Taylor is a wanna be. She changed her name, she’s ruined her face trying to be something she’s not. It seems obvious to me that she married Russell for the money and status and complains about him constantly in her comment interviews. She’s a snake.

    Can’t wait for the two part reunion!

  2. Rosie said

    Ms/Mr Butts..
    @1 Good post! I agree, with you about Lisa. She’s not jealous of that loon, Taylor, she knows that Taylor is trouble!

  3. Dy said

    I don’t think Lisa is jealous either,I think she sees Tay Tay for what she really is.

    Kyle was wrong on so many levels,there is no excuse for what she did to her sister, none.

  4. Olive the other Reindeer said

    Kim is harboring a LOT of resentment…Kyle has thrown it up to her at least 20 times that Mom died and I’m stuck with you,,BUT,,,when Lil’ Kim was acting,,she kept the family in money….Kyle is a bully,,,I watched her on Ellen and Ellen is congenial to most everyone,,she kinda gave the impression that she didn’t care for Kyle…Kim was trying to glam up and I think she was trying to have fun at the party,,but seemed quite buzzed,,,but she is socialy awkward and she was acting alll bubbly ,,Kyle didn’t like it and outed her that she was drunk,,,,she was having fun,,until Taylor confronted her,,Kim is an easy target,,Taylor would never ever confront any of the other women,,she’s a snake,,,,

    Now that after the show it said Lisa and Cedric had a tumultuos fight when he moved out,,it may be who Ken is talking about when he said he hated him….I think that is why Lisa is crying,,she is hurt becasue she did so much for the guy….ok,,that’s my take…Oh Lwoo I agree,,Camile did not shed one tear,,I felt sorry for her,,DeeDee seemd like she was gonna’ cry more…but I agree,,what an effed up way to find out another “MRS.” Grammer was living at the apartment.

    Hi Dy,Hi Rosie,,,,XOXOXOXOXO

  5. Olive the other Reindeer said

    oh C.moore,,u hit it right on the nail,,Kim’s memory was spot on and she’s the drunk???? My heart broke for Kim as it did a few times,,,,
    Remember the raoring 20’s party and Kyle was just oh so happy to make up with Camille,,,that was as phony as they come and Kim called her a phony,,,

    Kyle,,u stepped in it ,,girl

  6. Dani said

    I kept thinking about Kim as a child being financially responsible for her whole family. That is wrong on so many levels. No wonder Kim is so socially awkward. She was never allowed to go through the normal childhood development levels. Pretty hard to do when you are bringing home the bacon as a younster. Imagine the family dynamics that created. Perhaps that is why their Mom wanted Kyle to look after her as she knew she had screwed her kid over. Kim alluded to the fact that she worked the most and didn’t get to go to school as Kyle did.

    Kyle is always sounding off about you didn’t have my back but I have not one time seen her take Kim’s back. She obviously has resentment towards Kim. And way too much ganging up on Kim this year. It is bizarre to me how grown women stoop to these levels.

  7. G-sus said

    Oh Kyle, why couldn’t you have just let Kim drive off in the limo? From the look on Kyle’s face when Kim arrived at the party she knew Kim was drunk. Seems like Kim’s drinking has been an issue for years. Kim and Kyle both harbor raw feelings towards each other. Kyle is more confrontational while Kim is more passive aggressive. They both trigger each other, and they both need therapy.

  8. Rosie said

    Hi Olive, Dani, G-Sus & Dy..

    Dani.. Kim/Kyle’s father was a very wealthy man, when Big Kathy stole him from his first wife. It was also their father’s contacts that opened the door for their acting careers. So Kim is exaggerating a bit about her supporting the family.

  9. Dani said

    Hi Rosie
    Thanks for the insight. I was just on another site reading about Kim and Kyle’s mother. The lady was a piece of work.

  10. Mikki12 said

    Kyle could have avoided that entire confrontation by staying the hell out of the limo. So why didn’t she? Just wondering how much she had to drink. Pot shouldn’t be calling the kettle black, IMO. But I did have another thought. With the spotlight so much on Camille and the break-up of her marriage was it just a coincidence that Kyle and Kim got into it? Notice how we’re all talking aout this while the Camille-Kelsey break up is almost “old news.” There have been lots of rumors about Kim’s alcohol problems. The real story was bound to come out sooner or later. I’m not saying that Kyle planned to out Kim but, once again, how convenient.

  11. Leigh said

    This is what is upsetting me. On the producers blog,they are trying to justify Kyles actions.Saying that Kim was drunk, but they kept that hidden. If it is true that they (Bravo producers) tried to cover for Kims drinking. I think this is BS. They thought it would make great TV! Kim was the show punching bag!Bravo showed her as the butt of many jokes. If they knowingly knew Kim was drinking,I hope she was never intoxicated and driving around while Bravo filmed her. She broke my heart last night. Kyle is loathesome and Taylor is the C-word and I hate that word,but it fits! Taylor has gone out of her way to have Kyle all to herself!

  12. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi everyone! 🙂

    Lisa isn’t jealous of Taylor or anyone. I think Lisa has had Kim’s & Kyle’s best interest at heart.

    If Taylor wanted to talk with Kim, she should have picked a better place and time. Pitiful.

    If Kyle truly loved Kim (a woman who suffers from alcoholism) she would have NEVER done what she did in that limo ride. Kyle badgered and bullied Kim in that limo. I know Kim has issues to be sure, but imo that was in NO WAY the correct way to deal with Kim.

    I have never had an alcoholic family member to deal with. Honestly, I have never been in Kyle’s shoes. However, I would think as a decent human being one wouldn’t sink so low. I thought it was obvious that Kim was in pain and anguish. She needs help, and not more heartache. Very, very sad. I’m glad that Adrienne and Martin were there to help comfort Kim. I can’t imagine what would have happened if they weren’t. If that is the way Kyle acts in front of the camera, I shudder to think how she acts in private.

  13. carrot said

    Lisa is definitely jealous of Taylor. HOWEVER, I don’t believe she would be jealous if Taylor wasn’t such a twofaced bitch. I really think that is what irks Lisa about Taylor, and Taylor and Kyle’s relationship. Kyle does seem to hang on to Taylor, this new shiny object, over Lisa. Lisa has been a friend to Kyle longer, and not to mention better friend, and Kyle picks Twiggy Rubber-Lips over her? I really don’t think it would be such an issue if Taylor was a better person, and Kyle would balance her friends better. Jesus, Kyle is really doing a lot of things wrong now that I think about it…

    I could tell Kim was a little tipsy when she arrived– she seemed more out going than usual and slurred a tiny bit. I have had to deal with an alcoholic family member plenty times before, take care of them etc…, so I understand Kyle was on pins and needles. I excuse the initial reaction of hers… Later, no. That was pent up anger, no excuse. I am sure there is a ton of shit we don’t know about, but it wasn’t handled well. Just because you continue to put up with someone doesn’t mean you have the right to try to break them when you can’t take them any more. Can’t wait till the “you stole my goddamn house” comment is explained– hope it actually means something and wasn’t Kim just confused and scared.

    Adrienne deserves some kind of award. She always avoids the drama, but she put herself right in the middle to stop it this time. Still diplomatic, but telling it like it is (“you two need therapy”). Loved it.

    I didn’t hate Camille tonight. I’ve not liked the Kelsey comments she’s made in the press, as there’s better revenge than mudslinging; I find it childish. Tonight, however, she did seem in pain. Maybe if Bravo shows more of Taylor being evil and Camille suffering, I’ll give Camille another chance. But seriously child, keep your mouth closed.

    I know I’ve seen a lot of posts saying Bravo shouldn’t have aired the comments Kyle made or the fight, but remember, this is “reality TV,” there can’t always be lollipops and gummy bears. Let’s not forget the wives know they are being filmed, and know that dramatic moments WILL be aired.

    WWHL– eh. Wanted to smack Taylor the whole time. Adrienne was aight.

    Over all, I have not experienced the emotions I felt last night EVER when talking about a television show. ATL has been boring me this whole season (never thought I’d say that) but BH was really good TV. It was just unfortunate it was “real.” ;( Heart goes out to Kim and her family.

  14. carrot said

    ohohoh before i forget, did anyone see the preview videos Bravo put of the reunion? i think there are three or four, but one is of taylor and kim. kim calls taylor on her violent comments making her look like a hypocrite when she has a charity for domestic abuse, and even a viewer meantions this on air. anyway, taylor dances around it, and at the end of the preview alludes to kim’s “state of mind” i.e. drunk. it’s really low, she even does it under her breath. i hate this wife a TON.

  15. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    I agree that Lisa can make her little comments about Taylor. No doubt about it. I think she got in her little pokes/jokes here & there. Lisa has the type of humor where she does make little pokes. She’s made comments about the HW and their husbands. She seems to even take pokes at herself & her husband/family. Whether joking or serious. She even seemed to face, finally, the problems with Cedric. However, I really do think she wanted to get Taylor to clear things up. Taylor handled it in the wrong way, and should have spoken to Kim in PRIVATE.

    Very upset with Taylor. Very, very upset with Kyle. Here I was thinking it was just Camille all along, but Taylor and Kyle need to take a long look in the mirror. Having said that, do I still want to be friends with Camille? No.

    Kim needs to check into serious rehab, and have her love ones support her.

    I feel sympathy and pity for Kim. I hope she gets the help she needs.

  16. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @14 Carrot….Hi. Your post got me to thinking about something that was bothering me about Taylor. Usually, I believe anyone who tells me that they have been abused as a child &/or adult. I have the utmost sympathy for them. I guess empathy too because of how my strega mil is. I basically have no contact with her. My choice. If it’s true that Taylor was abused as a child, then I truly feel sorry for her. In fact, I cried during that episode where she got up to speak. I was very moved. I don’t want to see any human or animal abused. Having said that, after I have seen more & more of Taylor in action (like her B-day party with Kim), I really wonder. Maybe she was abused, but you would think that if she had been that she would be more understanding and empathetic. I just don’t know. My mil was abusive to me for years, and to so many. Do I want to be anything like her, or remotely, oh hell no.

    I had a neighbor/”friend” who told me that she had been abused as a child. I thought we were friends and I felt sorry for her. In fact, when her hubby was going through difficulties with his businesses it was I (hubby, too) who helped them out. “Friend” then got upset with me, didn’t agree with me on something, and she let loose. I felt sorry for her, but on the other hand she could be so mean. I thought she was a hypocrite. She kept talking about the abuse she had suffered, but yet I saw her be mean with all kinds of jabs, etc. to myself and others. I have known women/neighbors like Taylor, although not abused, and they are two-faced. I have some stab marks in the back as proof. It especially hurts when a “friend”, or loved one, cuts you to your very core.

  17. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Taylor does a lot of dancing around the issues. I’d watch my back very closely.

  18. wildheart said

    I think Leigh summed up my feelings perfectly! Also, cmoore butts, I agree with completely! What Kyle did was u.believable. Where is any sense of loyalty to her sister, no matter what issues she has with alcohol! There is a way to defuse a situation or escalate, which is what Kyle did.

  19. silverstreak said

    Traylor trash and Kyle deserve each other, both of them are two faced backstabbing bitches. The only time Kyle has Kim’s back is when she is shoving a knife in it. Why is it nobody EVER calls Kyle on hwer over the top reactions? She has been in three different screaming matches with three different women, guess the BITCH thought the third time would be the charm.

  20. carrot said

    @ Mrs. Hugh Jackman
    Hiya– I do agree it is very difficult to take someone’s (very public) claims of abuse seriously when they threaten others multiple times. You know, it’s not like just because someone is abused they aren’t ever going to use violence or threaten someone, but it just seems when someone claims an abusive past as a very important part of their life, and in Taylor’s case, supports a charity (seemingly) because of that past, how do we believe them? Some seriously messed up politics going on. I say we leave Taylor, your strega mil, and backstabbing friend to their own devices, AWAY from us.

  21. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @20 Carrot, you are so sweet! Thank you & I agree with you 1,000%! 🙂 That has had me so confused/bewildered. How can someone stand up at a charity event, talk about prior abuse, and then pull the crap she has?! Sorry to keep saying this, BUT oh how sh*t like that reminds me of former “friend” and strega mil always going on about what a Christian she is.

    @19 Silverstreak, Hi. “The only time Kyle has Kim’s back is when she is shoving a knife in it.” I know you meant that to be mainly serious. I have to say, with my humor, I thought that was a freakin’ hysterical line. I go for dark humor. Some of these HW have the knives all washed, shiny, and ready for stabbing.

  22. C Moor – lmaooo at my cough!!

    Peeps I have some feedback from Jethro on twitter….

    @imajustsaying wow, you’ve got very opinionated readers! Thanks!

  23. cali said

    Reading the body language in the Limo, one can see that Kim has been abused.
    Kyle did attempt to physically attack Kim, when she jumped over Martin, grabbing Kims arms.
    I do not believe Kim was drunk; maybe a bit tipsy; I believe Kim felt just bubbly that night-she was pretty (hair, make-up, and hair), and who knows maybe for the first time she was content with herslef.

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