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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season Finale Preview

Posted by ImaJustSaying on January 20, 2011

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Tonight is the season finale for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and as I has said from episode 1, Kyle really bullies Kim to a point of wincing during their scenes.  If Kim indeed does have ‘issues’, who would expose your sister like that on national TV and uses your deceased mother to throw in her face as a ploy to make Kim feel guilty for reasons unknown?!?!? 

Just the above clip alone has me thinking that KYLE is the worst housewife in all the franchises!!  I think I take this kind of personally because I have 2 sisters and through all our years, we had our ups and downs but would never treat them like Kyle treats Kim.  It truly is shameful.  There can never by any excuse to justify Kyle’s behavior.  There will always be a family member who is the most needy for various reasons but as a family, its our job to support and stand behind your family. 

Ok enough about me.. lets talk about Camille… this song is played out.  Below is a clip of Camille coming face to face with the reality of her marriage landing in the crappa.  

Vodpod videos no longer available.

 I am sad this season is ending since it gives us so much fodder in the blog.. but we do have RHoNYC coming a few weeks after the airing of the Beverly Hills 2 part reunion which should be some juicy stuff and hopefully some answers.

 Watch What Happens Live I believe has Taylor and Adrienne as guests (I may be wrong) and that lineup alone should be as boring as hell. 

Until Tonight!!

OH!!  one more thing..  does anyone want to write a recap for tonight??  ANY TAKERS?????


243 Responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season Finale Preview”

  1. Dy said

    @ 48 I agree IJS..i need to watch it again..I know I’ll still have plenty to say for Bob tommorow.

    This reunion is going to be something, that is for sure. Kyle looks like she is givng it to Camille pretty good from the clip G-Sus posted.

  2. Yep Dy I agree. Nothing good can come from any of this.. Mauricio I would love to be a fly on the wall when he watching this.. he was not favorable for Kyle’s behavior with Camille. me too right now Camille is not even a fly on my radar with this Kyle and Kim chit.. this trumps all for me right now.. lmaooo

  3. How I loved that kim told the story of the elaborate staff she had when she was married and you would open the gates past the butler and she was in sweats. Now needing lessons on makeup.. LOVED IT!! The Makeup lesson we could tell she was an amateur.. She doesnt even know anything about skin care and moisturizing..

  4. Dy said

    @2 IJS.. I know Mauricio was not happy about the Kyle Camille thing. I can’t imagine him thinking Kyle was right in this whole Kim Kyle thing that went on tonight. Really how could anyone ya know?

    Yea i know what you mean about Camille now.Ok Camille is going to own somethings but not all, same thing for Kyle..Guess what they don’t like each other and do not get along, big deal..I’m over it. I still do not think Camille is the worst person in the world.

    Ya know what was sad to me too..Kim was looking forward to going to that party.Getting all done up and wearinga pretty dress..Awww

  5. Dy i get you.. Kim just thought.. this is the finale.. let em buy a new dress.. slug back a few… and lo and hehold.. WTF I do feel bad for kim.. wtf

  6. Ok I have stuff to do tomorrow.. will be back lata tata’s!! I will be over and out..


  7. Bryan said

    Kim needs a good gay male friend to be there, and Kyle could use one too,

  8. Daniela said

    That party scene and subsequent limo scene was terrible to watch!
    Let me start by saying once again, Taylor got the ball rolling.
    She has a knack for pot stirring…she is not a nice individual. Her vendetta against Kim, is juvenile and mean. I truly believe Kim and Lisa both have her number.
    I did feel sorry for Camille! Dy is right when she says no one deserves public humiliation.
    Camille is a survivor, no doubt in my mind.
    Kyle was mean girl all the way. I was shocked how she treated her sister! She betrayed her, that is unforgivable, IMO!
    I think Kyle is embarrased of her sister. She wants to be portrayed in a certain way, and Kim doesn’t fit in with her self-portrait. Not for anything, she mentioned that Mauricio gives her money? who does that? If anyone in their family, could support another I would think the Hilton’s could without blinking an eye! That was ugly!!!! Nothing like airing out your dirty laundry on TV. Shame, shame on Kyle.

  9. Dy said

    @7 are so right!

    @8Daniela..I agree Kyle is embarrased by her sister.

  10. LWoo said

    Oh my goodness. Last night’s episode was terrifying to watch. I wanted to jump through the screen and hug Kim! Kyle was absolutely cruel to her- not even taking up for her when Taylor was talking to her.

    Kim was telling the truth!

    I officially don’t like Kyle after last night. “I just hate that mom HAD to die and leave me to take care of you!” What kind of shit is that to say to your sister?! She misses her mother, too. And why is she acting like Saint Kyle?? She’s no saint. She didn’t take up for her sister when she needed it. Kyle’s just all backwards!

    Camille- I actually felt really bad for her last night. But I also noticed that she didn’t shed ONE tear after finding out something so emotionally hurtful. Not one tear. And then it looked as though she was trying to make herself cry for the cameras.

    Taylor: Dumb-ass Taylor! She makes the comment to Kim that she thought Kim was baiting her, but who physically WENT to Camille to tell her the shit in the airport??? Any takers??? Who told Camille in the first place?! Was it Kim?! No? Yeah. No one made Taylor go to Camille; she did that on her own and that’s how shit got started. Bitch.

    Daniela- You’re right: Kim & Lisa have Taylor’s number. She’s not happy at home so she has to put her energy elsewhere. Her and Russell have NO chemistry! But that’s what happens when you marry for money alone.

    @ Bryan: Kim needs a good male gay friend, but Kyle is the one who needs a therapist!

    Did you all see how Cedric was trying to come up with excuses to keep his Beverly Hills lifestyle?!?! Hmmm…me thinks he’s a con artist.

  11. Daniela said

    Hi Dy & LWoo:
    Initially, I thought Cedric was a harmless moocher, but it looks like he is not so harmless after all. I think Lisa & Ken are upstanding people, and Cedric took full advantage of their kindness and hospitality. Shame on him.

    I noticed Camille shed not one tear too, LWoo. Her friend DD had her eyes welling up with tears. I would have been crying my eyes out…snot coming out of my nose too! lol…I didn’t get that about her.

    The one thing I am sorry about was, I wish Lisa had spoken up sooner to Taylor.

    I truly think Taylor is the true villian of this housewife franchise!
    She is sneaky and underhanded.
    PS…I think she lied about Snowflake! She was pissed that Russell one upped her gift wise!

  12. LWoo said

    I will say this about Camille: she went to the apartment. I didn’t think she’d be smart enough to go to the apartment! But she went. And what an effed up way to find out that your husband is cheating.

    I think she knew when he put her up in a hotel though.

  13. LWoo said

    OMG, nail on the head about Snowflake, Daniela! She’s hated that dog since she first saw him– not because her child is allergic, but because Russell’s gift got a better reaction out of their daughter.

    DD WAS going to cry, but I think she held it in because Camille didn’t cry. Camille is a true victim and this is the perfect circumstance for her. As much as her husband did to her, she should be in jail by now! I do feel bad for her, but I honestly think she’s more worried about not being Mrs. Kelsey Grammer than her family breaking up.

  14. Bryan said

    Woo, Kyle isn’t the villan, she had a big screw up,and it did damage, which she is fully aware of, Taylor and her fish face, that’s the real problem, But with Lisa around I hope she can keep a watchful eye on the Fishy. Now Camille well Karma is paying her back sadly and her kids are have to bare the brunt of it. Get that fifty mil Camille and move on.

    Let’s not put Kyle is with Mrs Limon Zirga, Strega and Neigh, I’m hoping she and Kim, at least from what it looks like have mended some fences, at least I hope so

  15. Dy said

    I want to see how Kyle treats Kim on the Reunion which was taped what a couple of weeks ago? I hope she has gotta the help she needs,anyone to do what she did to someone she loves on tv, needs help.

    As far as Camille and Karma..Wt did she do to deserve karma as a pay back? What be arrogant, catty and at times a mean girl? Same could and should be said about Kyle,she is the exact same way..I would never hope Karma would pay her back for how she has acted this season.

  16. Daniela said

    I still think the villan here is Taylor Big Lips Armstrong.
    She is sneaky, and I have a feeling Camille was bitching about editing because Taylor got a pass!
    They should have kept the camera’s rolling in NY, when her and Camille were in the room together, before joining the other ladies. That would have told the story truthfully.

    Kyle was mean and I hope she reedeems herself at the reunion. My heart broke for Kim. She seems like such a fragile person and when family turns on you….I’m sure there is nothing worse.

  17. Bryan said

    Please, sicking Death By Dubois on those women is bad enough, but it doesn’t matter, thats how Karma works, and I’m sure she may have a few other things hidden in those many closets that contributed to it. Karma also paid a visit to Kyle, that whole mess from last night and god know what else has been going on what we didn’t see. maybe if she was a bit more patient with Kim possibly if she had listend to Lisa and not Taylor things might have been different.

  18. Daniela said

    @13 LWoo: Seriously, what 4 year old is going to get excited over a necklace?
    A 4 yr. old is a 4 yr old, whether they grow up in Anytown USA or Beverly Hills.
    Taylor was livid that he chose a more age appropriate gift for their daughter.
    She then set out to get rid of Snowflake.

    Just a hunch, but I think there is a reason her husband acts like a douche with her.

  19. Bryan said

    After that last post of mine I decided I need a off topic sort of break, here is Dlisted’s hot slut of the day, its sort of related, but, its cute.

    Also, do we really need another version of “A Star is Born” and do we really need to have Beyonce ( and I’m sure the “House of Derriere” doing the costumes)

    “A Wig is Born” is right……..

  20. Daniela said

    @Bryan: Excellent point! Kyle should have listened to Lisa! Lisa is the real deal and a genuine friend to her!

  21. LWoo said

    Oh, most definitely about Taylor, Daniela! Taylor IS the villain. She’s the one who talked about Camille’s insecurities to Kim, then went to Camille about what KIM said at the airport. Taylor’s working behind the scenes- denying everything as if it hasn’t been caught on camera.

    I hope they realize what Taylor did and I hope Camille sees it!

  22. Dy said

    @17 Totally do not agree with you Bryan,and that rare because I usually do, lol. 😉

    My point is that Kyle( in my opinion) was no better and no worse than Camille during the season, when it came to being arrogant ,catty and a mean girl at times.

  23. Daniela said

    One more thing…Adrienne really stepped up to the plate last night regarding Kim. She showed a kindness and understanding that was really nice to see.

  24. Dy said

    I’m sure Kyle has seen the shows before they were aired they all do.She knows about Tay Tay. She didn’t want to hear it from Lisa.

  25. LWoo said

    @ 18 Daniela: If I gave my 7-year old niece a necklace, she’d probably look at me cross-eyed! LOL!

    Let’s face it– Taylor is a Trophy Wife. He married her because she WAS pretty. And she married him because of money.

  26. Dy said

    @22 Absolulty Daniela ,I agree.

    “Come on you guys are sisters”

    She also knows family above anyone and anything!

  27. LWoo said

    I agree @ 22. Another reason why I love Adrienne. For her to grow up with all brothers, she handled that like any sister should have!

  28. Daniela said

    LWoo, if she gave her daughter a $5 trinket, she would have had the same reaction!
    The puppy was what that little girl loved. It is a shame that she blamed allergies to get rid of a non-shedding dog. That dog is a maltese, one of the best for families with allergies. They have hair instead of fur and an undercoat.

    Dy, she knows family comes first! I like that about her. I always instill those same values that my parents instilled in me…”Friends may come and go, but your family is ALWAYS there for you!”

  29. Dy said

    Kyle needs to understand that family is family, you can’t freakin pick them,it is what it is, and you’ve got what you got.

  30. G-sus said

    Afternoon all. What an episode last night. Still shaking my head.

    @ 12 LWoo, Camille did an interview when she said that she found out about the cheating from a friend. She then called Kelsey who said he didn’t want to be married anymore. All of this was before the Tony’s. Here’s the link:

    I honestly don’t believe that Kelsey wanted her to come at the Tony’s but she probably threatened to go public with the cheating. That would explain why she was put up in a hotel and why all the awkwardness and the snarky toasts.
    She said she and Kelsey went back to the hotel after the Tony’s and he slipped out when she fell asleep. She probably got pissed off and went to the apartment to raise hell. Which I wouldn’t blame her for.

    The staff at the apartment building would have known who Camille was because she stayed there when she was there for the play. My guess is that they were instructed not to let her in.

  31. Dy said

    I still can’t believe that episode last night, G-Sus.

    That was awful just awful. Geeze

  32. Rosie said

    hi everyone!! I’m just catching up…
    @27 Daniela..
    I agree about the dog! I had a Maltese when I was growing up, and another one during my kids childhood. Maltese’s are famous for being allergy friendly and they don’t shed. It wasn’t allergies that Taylor was bothered by.

  33. G-sus said

    @ Dy I agree. We may all need some therapy after last night!

    Gotta run and do errands, catch up with you later.

  34. Rosie said

    @29 G-Sus..
    I’m sure the doorman was told not to let Camille in! Believe me, they follow orders. The doorman would be fired on the spot, if Camille managed to get up to that apartment. He probably pretended to not know who she was, because he was embarrassed.

  35. Rosie said

    @28 hi Dy..
    I watched the episode again, earlier, it was worse watching the 2nd time.
    It really looked like Kyle was trying to hit Kim.
    I also can’t stand Taylor. I think she lies…. a lot.

  36. Dy said

    Hi Rosie

    Tay Tay she not very nice. The way she she approached Kim… she was looking for a headache.Also she had to have known that Kim was drunk,and let her make a fool out of hersself, did you notice the grin she had on her face the whole time? She knew what she was doing, I hope she is real happy with herself.

  37. LWoo said

    @ 30 G-Sus: See, that’s what I thought…that Camille found out about Kelsey’s cheating BEFORE the Tony’s. But she made it seem as though she found out after.

    Hi, Rosie! Heck no it wasn’t the dog that Taylor was bothered by! LOL! She was pissed because the daughter adored the dog and didn’t give a rat’s ass about the necklace.

    Think about it, though; she had that big, elaborate birthday party for a 4-year old- but the children were playing in dirt!!!!! That party wasn’t meant for that baby.

  38. LWoo said

    @ 36 Dy: I hope Camille outs Taylor and they all get on Taylor about the fiasco. And I hope that Camille actually says something to Taylor about HER comments in the matter- which, I’m sure, she left out.

  39. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi everyone! Trying hard to catch up. Posted on some other threads. Should have known tons over here. 🙂

    I don’t like Kyle either after last night. Say it again. What she did in that limo, in particular, was wrong on so many levels. She wasn’t exercising any sympathy for Kim at all. Kyle badgered and bullied Kim imo. Very, very sad. Kyle thinks she’s so smart and all that. I’ve got news for her. She has a lot to learn about how to treat a loved one….a fellow human being.

    I so agree about Camille not shedding tears. I don’t know. I guess I have shed my share of tears through the years. If my hubby moved away for “business”, had an affair, got his mistress pregnant, then yes, I think I’d shed a few tears. WTH am I saying?! I’d be a freakin’ wreck. Camille reminds me of my strega mil. She doesn’t shed tears either. Never have seen her do that. Even at
    a wedding or funeral. No joke. Camille did seem upset FOR HER. I think most women, like her friend DD, would be crying a river. I wonder if she shed a few tears off camera?! Hmmmmmmmmm.

    Taylor makes me sick. I use to think she was OK. Just okay. I had my doubts, but no more. I am so glad Snowball has a new home. What a cutie!!!!! I read a poster’s comments about Taylor over at Bravo blog, & I (guess) he said that he works for a vet. He said that he doubted Kennedy was allergic to Snowball. He said that Kennedy was more likely allergic to food, & why. His posts were great imo. He really put Taylor on the spot & had many valid points. I know their are people allergic to pets, but it has me questioning this now. Taylor is great with the waterworks, and now I think most of them are fake.


  40. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Rosie, I was wondering the same thing about Kyle looking like she wanted to hit Kim. I’m SO glad Adrienne intervened. You know it has to be REALLY BAD for Adrienne to intervene like that. I’m also glad Martin was there to help. Kyle should be very ashamed of her behavior.

  41. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    After all this Taylor crap, I don’t think I can/will believe anything she says.

  42. BobLHead said

    Hey dudes….my recap is up, check it out! I’m no TinselKitty, but I think it doesn’t suck.

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