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Just checking it out for my big blog debut!

Posted by boblhead on January 20, 2011

This is a test, this is only a test.  If this were an actual recap, you would enjoy it!

And Happy Birthday to our lovely Lady Dy!  We love you girl!


16 Responses to “Just checking it out for my big blog debut!”

  1. G-sus said

    You’ve hit the big time now BobL, good luck!

  2. BobLHead said

    Holy cow! I’m famous!

  3. You are now published!!! Watch out for all the fame and fortune coming your way!! lol

  4. Housewife236 said

    Good luck-CAN’T WAIT to read it!

  5. Rosie said

    Awwwwwwww! Bob.. See you’re a natural too! Excellent!! 
    Happy birthday Dy! 

  6. Dy said

    love ya Bob xo

    You’re great Baby Doll..You are gonna do awesome!!!

  7. BobLHead said

    I still wish TK was around….she’s gonna be a hard act to follow!

  8. Bob.. how come your name is not linked? your name here should be linked to your account! so peeps can see you in all your glory!!

    I miss TK too. I like all diff brands of shnark and hers is missed.

  9. Dy said

    Bob just be your self you have your own way, of which I think is great :)…You will do great

  10. Bryan said

    This is the best post I have seen on this site.

  11. lmfaooooo Bryan!! Ya know.. u can contribute too but I may have to up the rating on this site 😉

  12. BobLsBikerBitch said

    Hello, girls!
    I’m BobLsBB..she’s been nagging me to come on here and meet y’all, so here I am! She’s told me all about you, and I’m really happy to be here finally!

  13. Hello BBB!!! welcome to our krazy!! right now I am so worked up over that RHoBH episode and want to fly to LA and bitch slap me some Kyle..

  14. Fleur said

    I just gave you 5 stars!! Cause you deserve it already. LOL

  15. wildheart said

    Happy birthday, Dy! We love you! Welcome, BBB!

  16. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi BobLsBB! Welcome!! 🙂

    I love you BobLHead!! xoxo You are awesome and will do great!! Too damn funny not to be.

    IJS, I’ve never bitch-slapped anyone, but can I help you out?!

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