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IHJZ WWHL with NeNe Leakes and More Housewives News

Posted by LynnNChicago on January 20, 2011

Posted on January 18, 2011 by LynnNChicago

IHJZ Watch What Happens Live with NeNe Leakes and More Housewives News!

I Hate Jill Zarin Watch What Happens Live Air Date Jan 16, 2011

Tonight Andy welcomed Iman and NeNe Leakes


Calling this the Passion and Fashion Spectacular, apparently meaning the “passion“ from NeNe‘s performance on The Real Housewives of Atlanta just prior to the show and the “fashion” being that fashion icon Iman sat in his presence.

Andy revealed that NeNe had shown some reluctance to appear on the show immediately following this particular episode as I think that while she continued to defend herself right up until the episode aired on Twitter, NeNe had to know that there would be fall out from her temper and her fight with Kim. Andy asked NeNe how she felt about appearing on the show “fresh off the bus brawl” but actually we learned that those scenes had been filmed in July of 2010, more than six months prior, not too fresh Cohen!

Before we go any further I have to say that I agree with Cohen, Iman looked amazing last night in Vintage Dolce & Gabana little black dress and her hair…wow, love the hair!

Andy brought up very quickly a few items that were discussed on the show, Derek’s choice of footwear, stilettos while traveling by bus causes Andy to question why the gay men of Atlanta wear stilettos?

Andy asked about the comment that white people walk barefoot, NeNe was sure to include that she didn’t say it, Derek said it but that it is something that she’s heard before. Cohen wanted to know if they thought all white people were like Britney Spears.

I noticed even more than ever how Andy Cohen’s style of interviewing needs some serious work. He doesn’t listen to the responses, he is ready with the next question or he’s flipping through his little blue cards and I honestly think he has no idea what the responses are. I don’t think he cares much either, he just throws out questions like an auctioneer selling an antique vase. I realize he’s trying to get through as many viewer questions as possible, but when he barely gives his guests a chance to respond, as he is talking over them with the next question before they even finish their response and he rarely asks the very obvious follow up questions, he is clearly rushing them and viewers don’t really get a sense that their questions even matter.

Tonight‘s poll questions was very simple, whose side are you on? Kim or NeNe. This was one of the closest polls I’ve ever seen and I’m not surprised. Both Kim and NeNe have loyal fans although I think NeNe is the more popular of the two. I think many people agreed that NeNe started the battle but many won’t blame her for that simply because it was Kim that she started with.

It doesn’t get much closer than 52% to 48% with Andy telling us that this was the highest audience participation in a poll to date but he says that almost every week so it’s not all that impressive.

Andy’s three obsessions this week were:

1. Kim’s single “The Ring Didn’t Mean A Thing” sung in a strip mall – since Andy is unqualified to comment, he is asking NeNe, the professional entertainment correspondent, what her thoughts are. NeNe responded that it is fun singing to the track, sort of like karaoke, it was a “whatever moment“.

2. On The Fashion Show, the contestants were to make wedding clothes for same sex couples. Calvin flipped out and said that a traditional gown impossible. “I do what I want.” Calvin said. Iman says Calvin is talented, he gets on everyone’s nerves but is talented. She said that it was the hardest episode because of the poor quality of work she wanted to send them all home.

3. Finally the argument on the bus between Kim and NeNe. Getting NeNe’s take on the fight NeNe said, “Kim loves to play the victim role“ She says that she was under stress and pressure but that she‘s not happy about the fight. NeNe added that Kim is the rudest chick I know, her vocabulary is limited and that Kim can talk to Sweetie anyway she wants to but not in front of me. NeNe claims that she didn’t want to be on the bus. NeNe added “I feel bad that my children have to watch it. I apologize for my children/husband and family having to stoop to a lower level” Finally adding Caroline’s famous line, if you get involved with trash, you’re going to get some on ya and NeNe said “it got all over me.”

I think that NeNe being uncomfortable being on the show immediately after this particular episode aired was unusual, maybe it means our NeNe is growing up. Remember the WWHL show immediately after Kelly Bensimon flipped out on The Real Housewives of New York? Kelly was practically demanding to appear on the show so that she could tell her side of the story. It is absolutely to NeNe’s benefit that she was able to appear on the show to defend herself. I think the poll question might have flipped slightly in the other direction if NeNe hadn’t been on the show.

Iman was asked who has the best and worst fashion sense out of the Atlanta Housewives. Iman admits that she doesn’t watch the show but turned to NeNe and gave her a thumbs up for her fashion sense.

NeNe admits that she has not spoken to Kim for the last 6-months with the obvious exception of the Reunion Show taping. Here again we see Andy not listening to the answers, he just keeps moving ahead like a Mac Truck plowing through a corn field.

Iman admits to being 56 years old and says the secret to looking great is good skin care. A good foundation is the most important part of your beauty routine ladies.

A viewer asked NeNe if she is jealous of Kim? NeNe gets a bit aggressive with viewers on the show and seems to get annoyed by the questions. Rather than being glad to have an opportunity to clear up these questions that many viewers are thinking, she gets a bit snippy and responds, “What part of kim would I be jealous of? Bye child!”

Andy then shows the two ladies a series of photos from the Golden Globe Awards that had aired earlier that evening and asked for their opinions on each of the celebrity’s attire. Before he begins, Andy shows the standard to which all photos should be measured, a photo of Iman at the BET awards in a stunning rose colored gown. She really did look amazing!

NeNe was asked about the rumor that she had gotten into a fight with Star Jones on The Celebrity Apprentice. NeNe said it was more of a disagreement and that Star had disagreements with many of the others on the show.

NeNe was asked “Why are your boobs popping out all the time?” Defensive and annoyed by the question, NeNe doesn’t agree that her boobs are popping out all the time but invites the viewer to change the channel. I’m sure Andy loved that response.

Finally NeNe was asked if she ever considered going to anger management classes? NeNe responds again being defensive and angry “Why would I do that?”

Why would you do that NeNe? Because when you’re fun, you’re hilarious but when you’re angry you are unreasonable and argumentative.

I was looking forward to seeing NeNe on tonight’s Watch What Happens Live, she is typically a great guest who is hysterically funny, tonight she was angry and defensive. She should have taken the opportunity to make light of the situation and be her typical fun self but she didn’t do that, not at all. There were no funny one liners only a pissed off NeNe, no one wants to see that. I must say that Camille Grammer handled her night in the hot seat better than NeNe did, maybe Camille should share her PR person with NeNe.

Andy’s Three Wishes:

1. Go the movie and see The Heart Specialist – as Andy gushed over Marla Gibbs, I wanted to reign him in a bit, he goes so over the top sometimes. Keep it calm and classy Cohen.
2. Andy wants someone in Internet land to mash a video of a baby Elephant playing on a beach with someone whipping their hair. I’m sure the next morning Andy’s inbox was full of videos.

3. Andy hopes to someday meet a world class Jewish athlete. There aren’t any of “his people” in the sporting world for people to look up to. Enter Mr. Ben Cohen – Rugby player. Ben presents Andy with calendars to inspire him.

At least once per WWHL episode, Andy sticks his foot in his mouth, this time he tells Iman that her husband, rocker David Bowie may know who Ben Cohen is since they’re both British? I’ll bet that made his guest Ben Cohen feel really good.

Iman had the perfect comeback, telling Andy that she would guess that Mr. Ben Cohen knows who her husband is.

NeNe is a whole lot more fun on the aftershow, maybe it’s because she’s been sipping that wine through a straw…don’t miss NeNe calling Sweetie a “monster with lip gloss on”.

The Watch What Happens Live aftershow can be viewed here:

Thank you to @Tweatcyn my Twitter buddy for this link that should clear up any questions about what Taylor Armstrong of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills does for her husband‘s business:

Nothing, that’s what Taylor does, nothing, she’s got a title and nothing else.

Does anyone want to take bets on when Camille Grammer will announce that she’s writing a book? I say it’ll be soon, she needs to capitalize on it now while she’s still being talked about.

The more that I see the previews for The Real Housewives of New York the more I believe that Sonja Morgan is not the “thug in a cocktail dress“ that Alex is referring to. It has to be Kelly or Jill. I think as Sonja appears to be kicking Alex out of her house calling her “rude” Sonja is actually telling Alex what she had said to someone else. Bravo likes to twist these previews to make them look like something that they are not.

Real City Housewife has posted her Beverly Hills blog here:

She does have a more recent blog about Teen Mom’s, I don’t watch that but anyone who is interested can find it using the same link.

@ImaJustSaying – her blog can be found here:

Thank you to Buffywood for setting up a web site for anyone interested in losing weight and getting healthy in the new year, share your diet tips, recipes, get some support and lets hear those success stories! You can find it here:

Thank you to Quincy for this illuminating article she wrote about the Hilton/Richards family:

The Legacy of “Big” Kathy Richards and RHBH

This Thursday, we will see the finale of the first season of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” It appears that the Kyle Richards and Kim Richards get into a spat at a party thrown by Taylor Armstrong. In the promo, we see Kim telling Kyle that Lisa and Taylor are not her friends. Lisa is shocked. Taylor says it is her party so Kim should stay away from her.

Through out the first season of RHBH, we have witnessed a love/hate relationship between Kyle and Kim. We know that Kyle was frustrated when she was participating in a search for a new rental home for Kim and her family of four children. Both location and cost were issues for Kim. Kyle told us that Kim lost a lot of money in her divorce. That was an odd statement as Kim’s last divorce was almost two decades ago. Kim also was confused about the number of her marriages at one point. She mentioned three marriages and then backtracked to two.

On numerous occasions, Kyle has told us that both of her parents had died of cancer. That was the reason for her participation in a 69 mile bike ride where she and her husband, Mauricio, raised funds for cancer research in Napa Valley, California. Kyle had been clear that her mother’s dying wish was for Kyle to take care of her older sister, Kim.

Last week, we got a glimmer into the Richard’s family dynamics when Kim called Kyle during a physical training session to tell her that their older sister Kathy Hilton and her family would not be coming to Kim’s oldest daughter, Farrah Aldjufrie’s college graduation. This was the first member of the Richard’s family to have graduated from college and everyone was excited to be attending until a few days before the event when the Kathy Hilton family unexpectedly flew off to Cannes. At the luncheon celebration, Kim tells someone at the table that Kim cried for days because of the cancellation. Kathy must have gotten that message as the graduation check had several extra zeros as Kyle smiles and tells us on camera.

A member of our board mentioned a book called, “The House of Hilton,” several days ago. That book had information on Kathy Hilton and her family. Amazon had the book. There is a one to three month delay in delivery so I looked at their reviews and an article in the Daily Mail by the author of the book, Jerry Oppenheimer.

From Amazon reviews: “The work is bookend by some stories about Paris and a few anecdotes about her sister Nicky. It then follows the life of Paris’ mother Kathy Richards and her grandmother “Big” Kathy Dugan Avanzino Richards Catain Fenton.”

“Big” Kathy is the mother of “Little” Kathy Hilton and her two half sisters, Kim and Kyle Richards. Kathy’s home was the Palm Spring’s house shared by Kim and Kyle that we visited with Lisa for the Easter weekend.

Kim and Kyle have told us that their mother graduated from a school of performing arts and that it was her dream to become an actress. When she became pregnant at a young age with little Kathy her dream morphed into a career for her daughters in acting.

From Amazon reviews: “When you grow up going to see Disney movies you want to know more about the real life celebrities like Paris’ aunt Kim Richards who also played in the Nanny and the Professor as Prudence. So it amazed me that this little girl who is actually beautiful had such an ugly mother (Paris’ grandma)”

Kim tells us in an interview that “Big” Kathy was with “Little” Kathy when Kim was discovered at 6 months of age. We see a photo of baby Kim on our screens. Kim and Kyle tell us that they worked their entire lives until they became moms at an early age. Kim informs us that her mother was distraught when she announced that she was retiring in her early twenties to raise her children.

From Amazon reviews: “Big Kathy was very ambitious and obsessed with accumulating money, diamonds, fancy cars, expensive homes – and husbands to pay for them all. Marry money and have lots of babies, that was the philosophy she sought to instill in her daughters. Sex, she believed, was one way to a man’s heart.”

From Amazon reviews: “Big Kathy was very ambitious and obsessed with accumulating money, diamonds, fancy cars, expensive homes – and husbands to pay for them all. Marry money and have lots of babies, that was the philosophy she sought to instill in her daughters. Sex, she believed, was one way to a man’s heart.”

From Amazon reviews: “ Besides Little Kathy’s matrimonial catch, Kyle and Kim both married twice, and their husbands included the son of a billionaire oilman and Hollywood mogul; a wealthy foreigner and a Beverly Hills estate agent.” We have met Guriash and Mauricio, Kyle’s husbands. Kim was marred to Greg Davis of the Davis Oil from Denver and Texas. Greg is the father of Kim’s two middle children.

Friends of “big” Kathy are quoted as saying that she was fond of bragging that her daughters were married to men with combined net worth of 13 billion dollars.

From online articles, I found that Kyle’s father did die of cancer. During that period, he asked Kyle to remove him from his home as Kim was intoxicated and allowing her children to jump on his bed which caused him more pain. Kyle and Mauricio agreed to help him, but they did not in the end. Kyle’s father was remarried at this point so that may be a factor in Kyle’s response.

The interplay between Kyle Richards and her sister Kim Richards will be important in the first season finale of RHBH. The sisters were raised by what some have called, “the stage mom from hell.” Kim, as we have seen, is quite able to make her views known as she had told us that she reacts badly to stress. Kyle will try to enforce her mother’s final wish that she take care of Kim, which will result in conflict and real housewive drama.

Nice work Quincy! Thanks so much for that great piece! I look foward to your blog tomorrow on The Fashion Show. I’ll bet Quincy is so happy this week – No more Patti Stanger!!! Yeah!!!

Until Next Time….


37 Responses to “IHJZ WWHL with NeNe Leakes and More Housewives News”

  1. Rosie said

    Good recap. I read The House Of Hilton, just this week. There may be a delay on the physical book, but it is available immediately to download on iPad or Kindle. The book is a good read, and does break down the history of the two sides of the modern Hilton family… Big Kathy’s side (with all her husbands), and the Conrad Hilton side (including the three sons of Conrad). The section of the first-born, Hilton son, Conrad “Nicky” Hilton, Jr was particularly tragic.
    The section on “Big Kathy” was tragic as well, but only to the people in her life. She ruined a lot of people’s lives along the way. It’s a wonder that her daughters can function at all.

  2. Dy said

    Totally agree about NeNe being defensive, but really I didn’t expect anything different,she is always defensive when someone says something unfavorable to her.

  3. Bryan said

    Well here is something Camille and Neigh should do if they ever plan on leaving…..

  4. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi everyone! I agree that NeNe was annoyed by the viewers’ questions. I noticed that right off, and frankly I thought she was very rude to the callers. NeNe is just rude period. Narcissistic NeNe again. Not accepting full responsibility for HER OWN actions. Blame game. That’s right NeNe. You act like Kim plays the victim, but I think you win the award for that. BeNe can sure dish it out, but she can’t take it.

    WTH with this victim and editing crap?! WTH with the blame game?! Grow up and accept responsibility for what YOU say and do. Don’t pick and choose when you “own” it. No, NeNe has not been setting a positive example for her sons.

  5. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @3 Bryan….LMAO! Now I need to find a few bottles of bleach.

  6. Dy said

    @3 Bryan..lmao!

    @4 MHJ..You go girl..Tell NeNe about herself!!

  7. G-sus said

    @ Bryan How disturbing is it that she filmed it in her own house? Not right, just not right.

    Interesting tidbits about Kyle and Kim, I need to read that book.

  8. G-sus said

    Also interesting comment on the whole “thug in a cocktail dress” fight on NY. I just noticed that there are going to be 7 HW on the NY season. Seems like a lot, I wonder if someone is going to be heading out the door at the end of the season?

  9. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @6 Dy, LMAO! NeNe needs to drink some serious coffee and wake up. I get sick & tired of these nuts who play games. That keeping it real crap that NeNe likes to lay on thick, is a load of BS. Like Lisa of BH said, “straight-shooter and no BS”. I believe in that with my whole heart.

  10. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @8 Hi G-sus! Did Alex say that about Sonja? I’m looking forward to NY, too. 7 HW? Oh hellsbells. I’m doing well to keep track of the fighting going on just between 2 HW let alone 5, 6, or more.

    For some reason, I thought BH Reunion I was on tonight. I’m still super excited about the Finale. (From the previews alone, that looks wild with Kim & Kyle going at it in the limo. Poor Adrienne. I know she can kick-box, or whatever, but still OMG! Poor Kim’s date. I can’t remember his name.) I can’t wait for the Reunion I and II!!!!

    I have to go out to the bookstore this wkd. and buy that Hilton book. If not, I have to order it. Their mother sounds beyond awful. I feel sorry for “little Kathy”. Never thought I’d say that. I really feel sorry for Kim now. I bet she got more of the evil brunt from her mother than Kyle did. Sounds like they were pushed into acting early on, whether they wanted to act or not. Awful stage mother who only cared if their daughters married wealthy men.

  11. Dy said

    @ 10 MHJ..In the clip that they show, it looks like Sonja is saying that to Alex, but who knows if that is really the case, or she is telling Alex that she said that to someone eles..That is what LH is referring to in her Blog above.

  12. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Thanks Dy. I read the blog, but didn’t watch the clip. Sometimes I watch the clips, like that BH one with Ken. I need to watch the above clip.

    NeNe, and actually Cedric, remind me of a neighbor “friend” I use to have. Hitting close to home. I don’t like BS, and that’s why for quite sometime now I have a protective wall up. Well, when it comes to people like that. I have a few close “true” friends that I really trust. Know I keep saying this, but I loved it when Lisa of BH said that she was a straight-shooter, no BS, and no lies. It’s one thing to know, be around, fake & phonies. It’s another to have one call themselves your close & dear friend, and then treat you (& family) like crap.

  13. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Meant to say that I need to see that clip again. Thanks Dy. I’m still out of it. LOL.

  14. Dy said

    @ MHJ
    Whenever they show the previews for the upcoming NY season on Bravo, they show the exchange. I don’t know if it is on the bravo site, I haven’t checked.

    NeNe is just a down and dirty bully, she really needs to check herself, she has no class what so ever!

    I think Lady Lisa and Adrienne are no nonesense,no drama, above the B.S. ladies.

  15. Dani said

    Hi everyone.

    Looking forward to tonights episode. Dang, I don’t know why I am so addicted to these shows.

    Dy – I agree about NeNe. She started out the season like the old NeNe and I had sympathy for her for what she was going through in her personal like. Sadly, she has morphed back into mean girl. She doesn’t seem able to feel joy for others when things are going well in their lives either. NeNe needs to take a chill pill and try to enjoy the little things around her. It is amazing when you look around, all the comedy you find in the everyday simple goings on.

    MHJ – Sorry you have been down and out. All of us at work have been passing around respiratory crap and stomach flu for the past 2 months. I have been working overtime as so many staff have been sick. Now I get up this morning and feel like crap myself. I am ready for spring.

    I hope Kim doesn’t get dumped on tonight. I do feel she is fragile but not sure what the background is for all her emotional baggage.

  16. BobLHead said

    Oh Bryan….that was just so wrong. Octomom has sunk to a new low.

    Excuse my while I vomit and bleach my eyeballs.

  17. Dani said

    Hi BobL,

    I can’t force myself to watch that video. Have seen the pics and that is bad enough.

    She was on Oprah recently and told obvious lie after lie. Something about that woman infuriates me.

  18. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Thanks Dy. Also, I agree about Lisa and Adrienne. I like that they don’t BS. What you see is what you get. Nothing fake or phony. I’ve been around my share of fake women (various neighbors) and so called “friends”. They can really be hurtful. I’ve always liked the no BS approach. Hubby is same way. Thank God my kids are not into BS or mind games. I didn’t know there was a problem between Lisa & Taylor until yesterday late. I missed part of the episode that showed the restaurant exchange. I went over to Bravo & read Lisa’s blog first. I was surprised what she said about Taylor. Curious, I went over to read what Taylor had to say & readers’ comments. I think there are a lot of viewers that aren’t happy with Taylor at all. When I saw that part where Taylor said something to Lisa about being jealous of T. & Kyle, I thought “Are you kidding me?”. Even if Taylor was supposedly joking, I didn’t find that comment to be funny at all. I am understanding a bit more now, & I guess Lisa is upset with Taylor because she feels Taylor was fueling the flames on that NY trip. I wondered about Taylor. Thinking she could have married Russell for money, moreso than his (driftwood) personality. I have more catching up to do, and that’s why I can’t wait for the reunions to clear some things up. Hopefully, clear up.

  19. Dy said

    @ Dani.. I still feel bad for NeNe and everything that has happened in her personal life. What bothers me is when she has said in interviews and on twitter, that the other ladies have not been supportive of her with everything she has gone through..I didn’t see any of that on the show, I thought the ladies were very supportive and nice to her. I don’t know what she wanted from them.

    I hope you feel better xo

  20. Dani said

    Dy thanks.

    I think Cynthia has been a good friend to NeNe. I know there were some clips of her trying to confide in Kim and Kim turned the conversation back to her and Big Poppa which irritated NeNe. The fight with Kim was hard to watch due to all the anger spewed forth. I can’t help but think that the argument was an outlet for things in NeNe’s life that aren’t going well. Sad thing is when NeNe lets go of all of the garbage she is funny.

  21. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi Dani! XO I hope you, and your staff, get to feeling better real soon. There seems to be a lot of crap going around, and I can’t wait for spring either, AND I live in the south! I swear these past few months seem like a blur due to running around crazy with all the company we had, but also being sick.

    Hi BobLHead! 🙂

    Octomom is vile. Vile nut-job.

  22. Dy said

    Ididn’t watch the video either @Dani, I just laughed at Bryan’s comment,causeI knew what it was about.
    I can’t stand that woman,geeze!

  23. Dy said

    @20 Yes Dani, I think Cynthia is too,but she is also a new friend to NeNe,and I think a little intimidated by her.

    I agree NeNe is funny,some of the best one liners I have ever heard.She just can’t help being ugly at times,and it is too bad really. It would be very hard to be her friend very hard.

  24. Dani said

    MHJ – thanks. It is a busy time of the year w/o all the illness to complicate things.

    Dy – Bryan is always finding those little tidbits that make us all cringe. LOL.
    Suzie Orman was holding Octomom’s feet to the fire during the Oprah show. Octomom has a way of spinning things that make you go really and then she wonders why she gets such backlash. People don’t like to be manipulated. I think she saw these kids as her ticket to fame and fortune. That is the sad part.

  25. Dani said

    Dy, no doubt all these ladies could use a class on good listening skills. Of course that would mean they would have to LISTEN!!

  26. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    To me, NeNe can be funny alright. I have lost count of the times she has made me LOL. However, she can also be very mean and a hypocrite. Sometimes, I have heard her give other HW compliments. I have also heard her say such mean & hateful things to the HW. Right to their faces. What kind of friend would say such hateful and cruel things?! What kind of friend says something nice to your face one day, and then turns around the very next day and puts you down?! I don’t want a “friend” to put my intelligence, abilities, or looks down…….or whatever down. Be my friend. Love me and accept me for who I am.

    Granted Kim, Phaedra, and Sheree can be nutty and say things best left unsaid. Sheree can be very mean, & got physical with Kim. Sheree can be a total nasty girl. NeNe can be a nasty girl, too.

    NeNe will act like she’s so nice & kind, but then she can turn around and be so mean and hateful. I think she’s two-faced and a hypocrite.

    There have been times I have felt sorry for NeNe. I felt sorry that she didn’t know her dad. I felt sorry for her when Dwight treated her badly. I felt badly for her when Gregg screwed up, and apparently lied to her. I’m sure she has been going through heartache. However, I don’t think that gives her an excuse to treat the people around her without any consideration or decency.

    I still think NeNe is suffering from low self-esteem. She brags about herself and puts down others to make herself feel better. Just sad.

  27. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Octomom is mentally ill. I don’t know the correct medical term. Vile nutjob.

  28. Dy said

    Isn’t he though Dani? Gotta love Bryan, he always makes me laugh!

    I agree with you about Octomama..That Chica has a few if not a whole lot of screws loose.Geeze!

  29. Dani said

    MHJ – agree w/your assessment of NeNe. Sometimes she lacks a censor button and comes off as very mean. The whole thing w/Dwight was disappointing because I thought they had a good friendship going but in retrospect I think he was using NeNe to put himself in the limelight. Now he has moved on to Phaedra to keep himself visible. I will admit that Phaedra is more likeable since having her baby.

  30. Dy said

    NeNe has no censor,filter whatever she has no class..Like Kandi said last year ‘You bring the hood everywhere you go” Kandi said it all with that one comment.

    NeNe just wants people around her that will not call her out on her behavior.She thinks everyone is jealous of her and are haters, when in fact she is describing her own self with those remarks.

  31. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Dani, I totally agree about NeNe and Dwight. I think he was using her to get air time. Like you said, he’s been using Phaedra.

    Speaking of listening better, like Dani mentioned about these HW, I wasn’t sure if Dwight said (or Phaedra) that he is the godfather of Phaedra’s & Apollo’s baby. If that’s the case, I think they should rethink. Dwight has some screws loose. I don’t trust him.

    Also, I agree that Phaedra seems a bit nicer once she became a mother. Time will tell. (I didn’t think it was necessary for her to ask for proof from Kim to see if she was a nurse. GEEEEZ LOUISEEEE!)

    Johnny Cochran in the courtroom and Martha Stewart in the kitchen?! I admit, I’d be curious to see Phaedra in courtroom action. She’s something else outside the courtroom. LOL.

  32. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @30 Dy, oh you know I agree. It amazes me too how the expressions on her face can change from 100 to 0 in no time flat. Happy/giggling to mad/gonna kill ya. That’s scary.

  33. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    I have to go rest now. Hope to see y’all later tonight for BH Finale. I HOPE I’m able to stay up. 🙂

  34. Dani said

    I’m gonna rest too. Also hope to see all tonight. Luv talking w/you guys. Later.

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  36. […] IHJZ WWHL with NeNe Leakes and More Housewives News « Tv Time 101 This Thursday, we will see the finale of the first season of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” It appears that the Kyle Richards and Kim Richards get into a spat at a party thrown by Taylor Armstrong. In the promo, we see Kim telling Kyle that Lisa and Taylor … From Amazon reviews: “When you grow up going to see Disney movies you want to know more about the real life celebrities like Paris’ aunt Kim Richards who also played in the Nanny and the Professor as Prudence. … Jan 01, 1970 12:00am […]

  37. Bryan said

    Whats Nicki Minaj doing with one of Kim Z’s old wigs????

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