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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Preview

Posted by ImaJustSaying on January 19, 2011

Vodpod videos no longer available.


I Know I Know!!!!  I am a bit tardy for the party on this video, but better late than never!!

Here we have some salacious innuendo’s and accusations that only Bravo knows how to edit a preview/scene to make us think one thing and then when we watch the episode, are still confused..

I need you peeps to stop falling for the “an insider tells us” “Exclusive info by a unamed source” to formulate your opinions!  Actually, I think its Bravo who is the leaker to all ragmags just to get us talking and speculating.

Hey!!  I’m Just Saying!!!!


81 Responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Preview”

  1. LWoo said

    Wait…Kim has a drinking problem?! Oy.

  2. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @49 Apparently, I really do have to “go” to bed. Goodnight all.

  3. Rosie said

    Hi everyone!
    Dy told me about this clip this morning.. I can’t wait for the Reunion! It looks good. We thought it was Cedric that Ken was talking about, but it could be the man that attacked them. Hate isn’t usually a word for a stranger,though. For all we know, it could be someone else entirely!

    I just read The House Of Hilton this week. Daniela recommended it, and it was very good. Kim did not adjust to adulthood very well and their mother was a nightmare.

    I, too have been worried about Mrs Colbert for months. I’ve sent her a couple of emails too.
    Now I’m hoping Tinsel Kitty is ok!! We are thinking of you TK!

  4. Rosie said

    I didn’t know AI was starting tonight. Thanks for mentioning it.
    I want to see what it’s like with the new judges.

  5. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi LWoo! Just wanted to say hi. I really, truly am going to bed. I am about to fall asleep as I type this. Can’t wait to have fun tomorrow!

    I hope this reunion clears some things up for me. Also, I have to get that book about the Hiltons. I can’t wait to get the scoop on them, esp their mother. She sounds awful. I guess she was a stage mother. If she was anywhere near Judy Garland’s mother, they didn’t have a chance.

    Rosie, I just read what you said & that’s what had me wondering. Yes, thinking it could be Cedric. I thought some might think I was off my rocker, but glad to see that Cedric is a possibility. The word “hate” is hard to use when referring to a stranger. The anger I saw in Ken made me think of myself in regards to my strega. So much pain and hurt caused. Lisa really was crying, and she has never struck me as the type of person to easily cry and cry so much. Ken was livid. I can relate. Want to strike, but don’t. Very difficult to keep yourself contained.

    Sweet dreams everyone! 🙂

  6. Rosie said

    Good night MHJ!
    The book was really good!

  7. Bryan said

    Prudence was the character Kim played on the TV show “Nanny and the Professor” I loved that show when I was a kid.

  8. Rosie said

    @7 Bryan..
    Awwwwww. She was a cute little kid.

  9. G-sus said

    Should be interesting to find out who Ken was talking about. If it was the restaurant incident, they both are still clearly upset by it.

    Watching AI right now. There is a little too much cheese in that idol judge sandwich.

  10. Rosie said

    G.. I’m watching too. They are a little too soft. They shouldn’t have let a couple of them through. Jennifer can’t say no.

  11. Leigh said

    I believe that there are many reasons behind Kim’s issues. One was the child actress thing,but I think the worst thing was her boyfriend/fiance was murdered and she had to identify his body..I think combined with all this and her mother wanting fameand fortune for all her girls,she didn’t get the mental healthcare she desperately needed.

  12. Dy said

    I agree they are being soft on Idol..But I’m liking Steven Tyler, I think he’s good.

  13. G-sus said

    I think Idol may need to take out some chester the molester insurance on Steven the way that he is eyeballing all the young ladies.

    @ Leigh, I agree, I think she has mental health issues also. Usually go hand in hand with substance abuse. If her childhood is what they say it was some kind of mental health issues wouldn’t be a surprise.

  14. Dy said

    I think Steven is just being flirty, whatever, Rock Star.

    Kim I think is immature, socially awkward,and insecure and likes to tip the bottle. I just hope that if she has issues, which I’m pretty sure she has, she has gotten help.

  15. Rosie said

    Hi guys..
    Kim had very little training on anything but acting and husband hunting. She was never prepared to run her own life.

  16. Dy said

    There you go Rosie.. Immature, socially awkward and insecure.

  17. Rosie said

    Dy.. Lol. Yup!!

  18. Dy said

    @ Rosie I feel sorry for her, she was probably her mothers meal ticket,alot of pressure..geeze!

  19. Rosie said

    You’re right. All the daughters were.

  20. Dy said

    Sad very sad Rosie. I guess I think Kim the most because she was the most sucessful of the daughters with acting.

  21. Rosie said

    Dy.. Yes, but the mother was even more excited about the marriages. The Hilton marriage was the biggest for the mother.

  22. Dy said

    Oh yea Rosie..Mama really hit pay dirt with that one huh?

  23. Rosie said

    Dy.. She used that one until she died. Kim married a couple of heavy hitters, but they didn’t last.

  24. Dy said

    Rosie.. I heard she married some big deals. Don’t who though.

  25. Housewife236 said

    I can believe Kim is an alcoholic…I think she has some mental problems, too. But all in all she’s harmless and very enjoyable and out to get no one. I like her for that.

  26. Dy said

    Well, we will find out on the Reunion whats going on with Kim..HW236

  27. Rosie said

    Hi HW236!

    Dy, she was married to Marvin Davis’s son. An oil and entertainment power family. The parents told him to divorce Kim, or he would be cut off.. He divorced her. They had two of her children.

  28. Housewife236 said

    Hey Rosie and Dy! I can also see Kyle not wanting this to get out since it could hurt their reputation. She’s probably protective of Kim in this regard.

  29. CAgirl said

    IMO, the only drinking problem Kim has is if she doesn’t drink enough to be entertaining on my tv week after week. So far, so good in my book–can’t wait for the reunion, as well as the last epi tomorrow night!!!

  30. Bryan said

    The Bravo website has more clips from the reunion and Taylor doesn’t like getting called out on anything, and she tries to start something up using Kyle, its the vid where Kim calls her out about her Oklahoma comment and Princess Cohen and a viewer who also wrote in on the comment back her up, That trout faced cunt needs a serious pie in the face or in her case a big ass mackrel thats been sitting out for a day or two.

  31. Dy said

    @30 I just watched that Bryan thanks for telling us about it.It was good. I don’t like that Tay Tay turned to Kyle and said “should we talk about her state at the dinner” Wtf is that?? What now she is going to talk about Kim’s ” drinking problem”. Ewww, I don’t like this, I don’t like this at all.

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