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Jersey Shore, Episode 2 Recap: Doubt & amp; Stupidity.

Posted by LWoo on January 17, 2011

Hello again, Peeps!

I hate having to apologize for my delays, but I work full time, in school, have a boyfriend who’s trying to stay nice (i.e., wanting to spend more time with me) and Scrapbooking.  Besides that, one of my ‘lovely’ nephews deleted JS off of the DVR. Am I happy about that? Hell no!


But I digress.

I’m going to try to recap what I can remember, so bear with me. Of course we see the end of the fight when Vinny helps break it up. Does Roid help? No. I think he subconsciously wants Sammi to get her face busted in- being that she seems to be attached to him somehow and we all know how guys don’t like that.

After the whole ‘altercation,’ things return to normal– if normal means Sam & Ronnie go to their room and the rest of the cast discuss whether they like them or not. The other guys are getting antsy because Roids has a skin tag hanging out of his ass that he’s named ‘Samantha.’ They want to hang with Roid, make out with grenades and have a good time. Or just hang out with Roids.

As Roids is coldly checking Sam’s face- telling her “Turn your face….you’re good…” while barely looking at her, I could see a little lightbulb click in Sam’s head. I’m not saying this is a huge lightbulb, but just the kind that’s dying enough so the room is a little dull. It’s Sam’s head after all. You can see the doubt on her face because she realizes that she screwed up big time in the house by running her big mouth & acting all arrogant.

Everyone’s outside and Snooks declares that they all “still love the girl”- meaning Sammi- to which JWoww replies, “No.” I can’t blame Jen. If I’m trying to keep all friendships and risking a friendship to help a girl out because of Girl Code and that bitch turns on me, I’d say ‘screw her’ and let Karma bite her in the ass! Which is how JWoww feels: Karma will eventually catch up to Sammi and bite her.

The Situation tries to act as though everything is okie in the morning, but Roids says ‘enough’ and the Sitch retreats. Oh well, he tried. And how many times is Deena going to continuously flirt with Sitch- only to be rejected over & over?! It’s killing me. I think she’s just being flirty, but he acts as though she actually likes him. Let’s be real: Mike’s body will feel AWESOME… the dark….very dark….where you canNOT see his mug. *chills* I mean, sure you’ll bite your arm off to get away from him in the morning, but that’s why you have to get outta dodge before light hits the room. Just sayin.’

Sunday, everyone (except Sammi & Roids, of course) wants to do GTL- but the happy couple took the vehicle. No biggie. They’ll manage. They come back to Sunday dinner- which I would attend happily- and still no S&R. Pauly D isn’t happy about it…at all. But everyone eats, farts, belches and have a relaxing afternoon. When S&R return, Pauly mentions them missing Sunday dinner- to which arrogant Sam replies, “I could care less.” I love how Pauly’s eyes got wide as if to say “Bitch, get out!”

The Situation decides to do a sneak-attack on Roids. What do I mean by sneak-attack? He ‘catches’ Roid on the balcony without his appendage (meaning Sammi) to give a heart-to-heart. Sitch basically tells Roid that they all miss him hanging with them and Roid agrees- then Sammi goes out on the balcony to find out what they’re talking about. Damn, bitch, let a man breathe!!! I’ve been in a small hotel room with my man on a few occasions and I wasn’t THAT under him- let alone a big house! I like that one of the girls (I think it was Snooks) tells another chick that Sam shadows his every step. Holy shitballs, she’s right!! Weird!

Anyhow, they ALL go to the pier/ carnival to have fun- including S&R. Roid is having the time of his life! He’s getting on rides, laughing, etc.- while Sam pouts like a little sourpuss. What the hell?! She keeps walking up to Roid and trying to bring his mood down, but he’s starting to get pissed and even interviews that she’s hanging on him. Um…duh! That’s what happens when you have an arrogant girlfriend who alienates every person in the house but you! She has no one to hang on to…but YOU! 

They go back to the house and she whines to Roid about what he did in Miami. In typical childish fashion, he brings up something SHE did. Now, this kind of shit, I hate. If you’re a smart girl, you don’t go for the reverse bullcrap that a LOT of men pull. My man tried this same thing with me and I hit him back with, “Two wrongs don’t make a right, asshole!” Yes….studders.  Even still, I’m sure Sam didn’t do anything nearly as bad as what he did for ‘revenge’ purposes. Let’s be real: he did it because he wanted to. I know. I’m wise.

As you guessed it by now, they got into an argument where he unleashes a barrage of colorful words AT her and she whines more. Girl, grow a pair! Really!  My man tried to curse as me like that and I asked him who he was talking to. He stopped. Then again, he knows that I don’t have much sense and I’ll probably hit him with my car…but that’s just me. All Sammi has to do is hide Roids’ supply of steroids and it’s the same thing. But I digress…

They argue and then we see the previews for next week.

The winner this week: Pauly D. The man drives a Caddy, he’s younger than me, but he’s like a Grandpa. He didn’t hide that he was pissed at S&R not attending Sunday Dinner. He’s not passive-aggressive and he said so. When Sam went upstairs with a stuffed banana, he chided after her, “All because you have a banana doesn’t make it all peaches!” That’s it, Pauly, let a girl know. You can be my Grandpa anytime.

I have a loser this week: The Situation. Even though he started off strong and he had good points, he washed all of that out when he thought some chick was going to let him double-dip in her Blah. I call it a ‘Blah’ because it can’t be that important or valuable if you’re giving it away on the first night you meet a guy…on the Jersey Shore…on national TV! Situation actually knocked on the door to try to get in the room….to have a 3some with Vinny? Eww. But I’m going to chalk it up to him being drunk. He was pretty toasted- running into walls, slurring his speech and stumbling over his own feet.

Maybe next week, Sitch.

I hope you all enjoyed the recap! There are 2 episodes this week. I hope I can keep up. I don’t have class on Monday, but I do on Tuesday. 😉



27 Responses to “Jersey Shore, Episode 2 Recap: Doubt & amp; Stupidity.”

  1. LWoo – I love that picture you choose of Sammi’s twisted face.. lmaoo

  2. BobLHead said

    Great job LWoo!

  3. LWoo said

    Thank you guys. Sorry it took so long…:)

  4. Ok.. This recap was awesome.. why awesome? Cause it sounds like I wrote it.. 😉

  5. Dy said

    Well worth the wait Baby Doll!

    Lmao at the picture..Great recap, Lord you crack me up!

    Love Pauly D Too!

  6. LWoo said

    LMAO @ IJS/ 4!

    Thank you, Dyana! xoxoxoxoxo

  7. Olive the other Reindeer said

    great job LWOO…Sammi,,when u gonna get it in ur head,,,Roid wants to Party and that sulking,,just pushing him away,,but not too far,,cuz Roid wants a sure Badonka Donk,,he is a muscle head,,but not that dumb..Deena,..That chick following Vinnie,was creepy…
    JWOW shouldnot give 2 sh*ts about Sammi….they went there to have fun,,,and Sammi looks like a poster child forthe depressed

    Great JOb Lwoo

  8. Olive the other Reindeer said

    OOPs..I started to write sumthin about Deena and then I thougjh of that chick following Vinnie,,I know it wasn’t Deena…

    You know blondes,,we see shiny objects and forget what we were gonna’ say,,DOH!

  9. Rosie said

    Great job with your recap!! Thank you.
    Isn’t tonight the one where Snooki gets arrested?

  10. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    LWoo, I don’t watch this show, but I LOVED your recap! You did a great job sweetie. Also, I liked your intro. LOL!! 🙂 XO

  11. Rosie said

    Hi MHJ..
    I never watched it either, until I caught a marathon about a month ago.. It’s funny!

  12. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi Rosie! Just wrote you on other thread. After reading LWoo’s blog, I think I’ll have to catch this. Lawdy! I’ve seen pictures of the cast, and have read some things about them. Over at the non-fun place we left, I use to comment on Snooki’s fashion sense…or lack of. Sometimes I think I’m too old to watch shows about these young people, but then I catch myself channel surfing and I watch some show (think MTV) where they have “Sweet 16” or some wild & silly show. I’ve also caught a little of “Bad Girls” and “Bridezilla”. Think that’s the name. There are some nutty/scary characters on these shows. Reminds me of some of the older women on the HW shows. LOL.

  13. LWoo said

    Thank you guys! 😀 I think tonight IS the epi when Snooki gets arrested. It’s also supposed to be the episode where Sammi apololies to Snooki.


  14. Rosie said

    Lol. I haven’t seen those. Caught season 1 on a fluke.. I was packing to move and had it on all day. It’s like a train wreck, you can’t look away. But a really funny train wreck. Since I think we’re about the same age… can handle it! If I can, you can. Lol.

  15. Rosie said

    Owwwww. Sounds good, lWoo. I was just talking MHJ into it! Xo

  16. Daniela said

    Bravo, LWoo! Great recap! Can’t wait till tonight’s episode!

  17. Rosie said

    I finished the book this afternoon! So good!!!

  18. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    I’ve been trying to take mini-naps. My sleep is so screwed up. What channel is this show on?

    HI Daniela!

    Rosie, I can handle it! I love tv trainwrecks. LOL.

  19. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    I found the channel. In one of my gossip mags., I saw a photo of JWoww. Believe that’s correct. She was wearing what looked like a fishnet top under a blazer/jacket. She had on nothing but pasties. I hope that’s what they were anyway. Lawd have mercy!

  20. Daniela said

    Good Morning Rosie: I’m glad you enjoyed the book. Did you get more insight into Kim and Kyle? What did you think of their mother? I was shocked…not everything is as it seems.

    Hi MHJ: Missed you! Did you mean the Jersey Shore? It’s on MTV.

    Wow, Snookie was on a little bender there! lol

  21. Rosie said

    Hi Daniela….
    Wow. The mother was way worse than I expected. I thought she was just an overbearing stage-mother…. But no, that was the least of it!

  22. Daniela said

    Her goal was to have her girls marry rich men. She succeeded with Kathy. When the women left NY and they wanted Lisa to hook Kim up with someone, I started laughing when Lisa said, “What you want is a rich man with a poor ticker!” That kind of summed it up. Lisa nailed it in her witty way.

  23. Rosie said

    PS.. I can see why Kyle was so emotional about her Daughter graduating from college.

  24. Rosie said

    Lmao! Kim almost succeeded twice… But just couldn’t hold on!

  25. CAgirl said

    Fantastic re-cap, LWoo!! My knight-in-dim-armor would have to go to both Sammi Sweetheart and Ronnie, just for laying in bed (which they do so well). I just started to scream at the tv for Ronnie to run from the bed!!! But alas no. They were my two losers of the week..again. Sigh. But I love the show and look forward to LWoo’s recaps!!!

  26. LWoo said

    Thank you CAgirl! 😀 Isn’t it weird how they shelter themselves in the room?! How creepy! lol

    Think about it: this is basically a 3-month vacation for them. When I’m on vacation, I don’t sit in the hotel room all damn day- even with the man. You wake up, have sex, then get showers and go out! LOL! You don’t sit and stare at one another all day- talking about how much you love each other. *Gag*

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