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Jersey Shore Episode 16 Preview- Jersey Shore On Monday AND Thursday This Week

Posted by ImaJustSaying on January 17, 2011

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Jersey Shore Season 3 has moved to Monday night at 9|8c as MTV pushes its new series Skins which will air directly after “Jersey Shore” at 10|9c. Tonight, Snooki aka Nicole Polizzi deals with quite the debacle as she ends up sitting in a mini fridge. Coming off of all of the fake death rumors, I am sure fans of the show will be happy to see their favorite oompa-loompa tonight, in all her glory.

I believe tonight is also the night that Snooki gets arrested for a drunken boardwalk crash and fall!


24 Responses to “Jersey Shore Episode 16 Preview- Jersey Shore On Monday AND Thursday This Week”

  1. wildheart said

    Oh, this should be an epic debacle tonight! Can’t wait!

  2. Me too Wild!! Watching now!!

  3. wildheart said

    Me too! I wish I had depends in the house! I am already laughing out loud but when they showed the preview of Snookie’s face plant I almost wet myself! ROTFL

  4. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi IJS and Wildheart! I’m glad Snooki was arrested. First time I watched the show, and caught the last part. Vinny (sp) had those laughs/imitations down. LOL.

  5. Gals.. I cant believe how shnockered Shnooki was?? This episode is her lowest I have seen! Putting her ass in a fridge wasn’t a sanitary thing either.. yikes!

    Sammi is just a sad case of a woman. Next week we see a Ronnie doppleganger!! lmaooo tff!!

    Cant wait till thursday..

  6. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    IJS, I am FINALLY going to get myself in bed and sleep in. Have you ever watched the various Cop shows? There is one, and I can’t remember the name, but it’s about cops who patrol beaches, etc. across the US. It is wild to see what they have to do with beach (autos on some of them), water, boats, boulders, boardwalks, etc. It blows my mind just how many underage & adults are arrested. Does Snooki work at that t-shirt shop, and does she always drink at her place of work? That one young man (I think Vinny) said she drinks basically all day. I might see her on “Intervention”.

    Goodnight everyone! 🙂

  7. MHJ, No I havent seen that show. I have posted about State Troopers paroling Alaska crazyness. Drunk snow mobilers.. lol

  8. wildheart said

    Mrs. Hugh, I have seen the beach patrol cop shows. I really liked the ones filmed in San Diego. If Snooki doesn’t become an alcoholic, I will be shocked. In one way, I feel badly for her but on the other hand, her running on the boardwalk asking where the beach was…priceless!

    IJS, the butt in the fridge -pure genius! What problem-solving! Someone get that girl a job at NASA! Geez, can you imagine being her parents?!?! That Ronnie Roid doppelganger will be funny. Sammi is an embarrassment! A lot of peeps may have had boyfriends in the past that you gave one too many chances to, but she takes it to a whole new insane level!!

  9. Rosie said

    Is Sammi slow, or what? She seems to get things on a huge delay! Snooki needs to watch the drinking! I haven’t seen her this drunk..this much! I hope the arrest snaps her out of it.

  10. Wildheart.. if your ever too lazy to shower off lotion.. bazinga!! a fridge!! just lay ur azz in thier like you own it.. and BAZINGA!! ur done!!

  11. LWoo said

    What a great episode! I’ll be recapping this tonight. I didn’t watch all of it last night because I had to do some reading. (Gotta love Business Communications)

    Had to use some self-discipline to get some studying done and I feel pretty good about it. 😉

    But I have a question: “Did you take a shower?”

  12. Dy said

    I didn’t see the episode yet 😦

    I know Snookster gets cranked and aressted,read all about it when it happened.

  13. LWoo said

    Watch it later, Dyana. My long day is today, but I still plan on recapping this tonight. I have class from 6-9:55 and I get off at 5- so I have to head straight to class. AND the weather is going to bad again here in Michigan. Nice, huh?

  14. Dy said

    I just watched it Lwoo..Holy cannoli..I Love Jersey Shore..I can’t freakin help it!!

    today is your long day..aww.. well have a good one ,and be carfeul, it’s suppose to get bad here too freezing rain, yuck!

  15. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    LWoo, be very careful in that weather. Thinking about you while you take your classes. Know you’re doing great. 🙂 My oldest daughter is a business major. Are you? I’m sorry if you told me, but I can’t remember. I took some business classes years & years AND years ago. Those caves worked pretty well for writing.

    Wildheart, I want to watch the whole episode. I just watched the last 20 min. That was wild when Snooki kept asking where the beach was. I can’t believe she could walk/stumble in those enormous house-shoes. I’m surprised she made it as far as she did. Glad she was arrested. I’d hate to think what could have happened if she had been by herself & gotten into the water. I guess all these years I’ve been going to the beach(es), I have never been around any crazy people. At least not that I know of.

    IJS, I try to watch the various cop shows when I can. I could never be a police officer, but I love to watch those shows. Yes, I have watched the border patrol shows, too. I have learned so much from watching those shows. I don’t care if it’s cops, FBI, special units, or whoever I’ll watch if I’m able to.

  16. Daniela said

    I wasn’t sure if anyone saw this in the news today, but it gave me a big laugh!

  17. LWoo said

    Good morning, Mrs J! 😀 My major is Business Management. I have Economics on Monday & Business Communications on Tuesdays (long day). I was beat last night. The weather wasn’t too bad; but I almost busted my ass when we were walking through the parking lot on campus! Gotta love black ice!

    I have to watch Jersey Shore tonight. 😦 Last night- I came home, ate, drank a Vernors (so my stomach wouldn’t be upset from going to sleep with food undigested) and went to sleep. I was pretty useless last night.

  18. Rosie said

    Hi LWoo!
    We had ice and sleet in the NE too. I had to go out on the highway yesterday, and passed 3 accidents in 20 minutes. Scary. Later in the day, the temp went up to mid-40’s, so, for the return trip at had all melted.

  19. LWoo said

    Rosie: We were supposed to get sleet, but we only had regular rain- which is weird here in Michigan…in January! lol

    The temperature plummeted last night while we were in class.

    What state are you in, Rosie?

  20. Rosie said

    Hi LWoo..
    I’m in NYC & Atlantic City. I was driving in NJ, from one to the other yesterday! The morning trip was horrible!

  21. LWoo said

    Oy, I can imagine. 😦 So, when I come to NY, I can visit you? 😉
    You better know some great food places! LOL!

  22. LWoo said

    Recap from Episode 3 is waiting! I already submitted it! 😀

  23. Rosie said

    You bet LWoo!

  24. Rosie said

    Can’t wait to read your recap!

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