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‘The View’ Watch Recap

Posted by stacee1 on January 13, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hosts at the table: Whoopi, Joy, Sherri, Elisabeth, Barbara. Missed the first few moments of the show because of another press conference regarding the schooting here in Tucson, AZ. They gave updates about the recovery of some of the patients. The show resumed at the part where they were discussing beach photos showing model Stephanie Seymore hugging her son. In a magazine article, the son said his mom hugs and kisses him all the time. Whoopi also bought up that he also said he is openly gay. Sherri’s explanation for that was his mom is more nurturing to him. Barbara does not think Stephanie did anything that was so terribly wrong. Hasselbeck said there is nothing more tragic than sexualizing this. Sherri mentioned she won’t take anything less from her child than a kiss on the lips. and hope when he’s 16 that he still wants to kiss her.

They then showed a video of Jersey Shore’s “Snooki” and “JWoww” talking about Joy Behar. Barbara explained they did so because Joy had said she did not like Snooki because people like The Jersey Shore cast made her life a living hell when she was younger. Whoopi bought up that “Snooki” said she misses people calling her by her real name, which is Nicole. Barbara said there are other things she could worry about, and named drinking and getting smacked in the face. Barbara said this is what made her famous. When asked if she woulod rather be called Karen (which is her real name), Whoopi replied if she wanted to be called Karen she’d tell people to call her that. Whoopi then launched into a speech pretending to be a salesperson for Tupperware, which implied the name “Karen” is more associated with people that sell the plastic container.

Upon return from break, Whoopi quickly stated that she has no problem with Tupperware and has lots of them. Joy then joined them via Skpe. She is currently in Las Vegas judging the Miss America pageant for Saturday. Joy explained that she has not seen one bit of cellulite when seeing the contestants and joked that she is holding that against them. She said the interviews have been interesting and are worth a lot of points in the judging. Joy then mentioned that she has a renewed respect for Miss America and said the contestants are smart, talented and very educated. When asked about what she thought of the Snooki/JWoww video, Joy replied “I did not realize they allowed cammeras in A.A. meetings”. OUCH. She then said she did not know she was that big a celebrity for them to take her on like that.
Joy will return to the show on Monday.

Director Spike Lee and his wife Tonya Lee were the first guests to appear. Spike’s movie “Malcolm X”, recently made it into the Library of Congress for preservation. Spike said he was having didnner with the co-star, Denzel Washington, who was very surprised. He said Denzel is the reason the movie made it into the LOC.
Tonya a nd Spike met 18 years ago at a Congressional Black Caucus dinner. Spike said the secret to staying working and staying together is “Yes, dear”.
Spike is very involved with the New York Nicks game and is always in attendance when they play. He said he’s a passionate person and thinks sports allows him to show that. He loves sports because you don’t know what the outcome will be. Tonya was asked by Barbara if Spike was passionate with her. She laughed it off (thankfully) and they moved on (thankfully).
They were there to discuss their book “Giant Steps to Change the World“, which is described as an inspirational picture book about activism and taking the big steps to set things right set. Unfortunately, the hosts wasted time on silly questions and they really did not talk about it.

The next guest to appear was actor Martin Henderson. Martin stars in the TV show “Off the Map”, playing Dr. Ben Keeton. Martin describes it as M*A*S*H meets “Romancing the Stone”. He said his character’s flaw is that he goes to the jungle for humanitarian and alturistic reasons but as the series unfolds, he finds he’s unable to do it in a model manner. He said the audience learns there is an ambuiguty about how his character is achieving his ends, which creates a mystery and shows he’s not all he seems to be. Martin is adjusting to the character, particularly with the medical phrases. He said said one hard one was Rabdomyalysis, which is when you constrict a muscleit can affect the heart and cause a heart attack. In typical pre-teen, horn-dog fashion, Sherri took the chance to talk about orgasms.
Martin said he is excited about the show’s debut tonight; he’s more nervous about being on The View. When asked why, he said the women are intelligent beautiful, strong and witty. O.M.G.
The premiere “Off the Map” airs tonight on ABC.

That concludes today’s show. Have a great day!


2 Responses to “‘The View’ Watch Recap”

  1. Olive the other Reindeer said

    I think Spike Lee is a genius,

  2. Bryan said

    I tivo’ed this show and and as usual after “Hot Topics” I deleted the recording.

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