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Sammi “Sweetheart” Radio Interview

Posted by LWoo on January 13, 2011


Hello again, TVTime Peeps! So, something fell on my lap when I was on my way to jury duty yesterday morning on one of the local radio stations that I listen to: an interview with Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola from Jersey Shore.

I was running late to jury duty, so I missed a great percentage of it, but I listened to the Podcast so I could fill you all in. She didn’t give much away, but just enough to comment on:

Right off the bat, one of the hosts of the show made a comment about Sammi “going for broke” because everyone hates her. She immediately says that the girls were teaming up on her. Of course she would. She’s Sammi and that’s the oldest excuse in the book if you’re a hated bitch on a Reality Show.


They ask her about Snooki and why she doesn’t like her; she says that Snooks should’ve told her what Ron did behind her back and she wasn’t a “true girlfriend.” She admitted to what we saw on the show: that she kept asking them about Ron. I think she had a feeling about ole’ Mr. Roids, but she just wanted someone else to pin it on, i.e. “Snooki told me that you were kissing some girl in the club!” You know what I mean?

She’s claiming that she had to defend herself immediately because of JWoww, Snooki & the addition of Deena. So full of shit. She was VERY rude to Deena when Deena was trying to talk to her. I would’ve hated her as well!

They asked her about Ronnie and if they’re still involved; she says we have to wait. But one of the hosts quoted ET (Entertainment Tonight)- saying that they split because he’s cheated on her many times. She says it’s “just a tabloid.” They tell her that ET is a pretty reliable source. Lovely that one of the hosts says, “They know their douchebags!” She’s stumbling over her words over this revelation- just saying that there’s something new every day in the media. Um…passive-aggressive much, Samantha?


Uh oh…here come the calls for Sammi! “Sammi’s a bitch.” First comment. LOL!

Another caller wants to know why she stayed with Ronnie after finding out that he cheated on her. UGH, Sammi needs balls…BIG ONES- you know, like the ones she claimed she had when she was arguing with JWoww in Season 2?! She’s trying to say that everyone has their relationship stuff and she’s not going to go there. When the same caller asks her if she saw the show when Ronnie was cheating, she just simply exclaimed that we had to watch the show.

Whew, okay. My typing skills are awesome, let me FIRST say! Second, WTF is wrong with this chick?! I can dig her being blinded by love (or lust, in her case), but damn! Blinded and STUPID are NOT the same! It’s a thin line, yes, but NOT the same! Third: Yes, we all have relationship stuff and you never know what truly happens between a couple behind closed doors, but how many of us wished that we had the proof ON TAPE?!?! How many of us guessed what was happening without MTV following us around?! (Raising hand) My take is that Sammi knew Roid wasn’t up to any good, but she CHOSE to ignore it in fear of losing him- therefore losing her ONLY alliance in the house when they got back to the Shore. She knew she messed up with Jen and Nicole at the end of Season 2, so she found herself in the arms of Roid- even though she knew he was doing some shit.

How does she know, besides Women’s Intuition? I’ll tell you how: THE LETTER!!!!

Well, there ya go. My little tidbit from the Detroit Metro Area. I hope you all enjoyed! 😉



30 Responses to “Sammi “Sweetheart” Radio Interview”

  1. Dy said

    “Blinded and Stupid are not the same”..lmao!!

    “The Letter”..again lmao!

    Good Job LWoo!

  2. Holy chit LWOO!!! Jersey is on next week on Monday AND Thursday!! Set your calendar and make sure ur pen gots lots of ink!!

  3. Lwoo.. I snagged the after show for tonights episode.. do you want to edit it? its in the lists of posts..

  4. Daniela said

    She is a miserable bitch! Everytime the camera’s panned to Roidie, he looked disgusted. I heard she’s leaving the show in the next week or two.

    LWoo, I am glad your typing skills are awesome. You did yourself proud!

  5. stacee1 said

    Many kudos for having the stomach to listen to that, LWoo. Thanks for the recap.

    I really dislike Sammi. Does she ever smile? I was telling my husband (who I dragged in the room to watch with me, lol) that Sammi is the type that would suck all the fun out of a room. What a depressing person! And her “nobody likes me” schtick is worn out. If you want friends, you have to be a friend. The way she treated Deena was rude right off the bat. Then she complains that there’s three against one. .Uhhh, that’s what happens when you don’t greet, don’t acknowledge and then snub someone right off the bat. DUH!

  6. stacee1 said

    LOL at “Roid”. So appropriate! 😀

  7. LWoo said

    @ 2 IJS: I already know. 😉 @2- Yeah, I’ll take a gander at it and edit it! Thank you! 😀

    Thank you, Dy!

    @ 4: I’ll have the recap up tonight from last night. I DVR’d it so I can watch it again- just in case I miss anything.

    One thing that stood out is something that Deena apparently told Snooki when they weren’t being taped: Deena said that Sammi shadows Roid everywhere. It’s so true…and disturbing. But she has NO friends in the house, except for Roid.

    And, with any guy, he’s feeling smothered because he can’t spend quality time with his boyz.

  8. Dy said

    Lwoo..I didn’t even see JS yet, can you freakin believe it..I’ve been so wrapped up in BH and WWHL, i couldn’t concentrate on it yet..lmao!

    Was it good.

    I know we get a double freakin whammy of it next week Woo Hoo.

    I do not feel sorry for Sammi at all,as you guys have sid she was mean to Deena from the get for no reason,and she could have moved on with all the stuff that happened with Snookie and Jenny, she just likes to be miserable. What a Debbie Downer

  9. LWoo said

    @ 4 Daniela: LOL! The reason that I said my typing skills are awesome is because I was typing the recap WHILE I was watching the show! 😛 I cheated by pausing the DVR a few times, but barely. Muahahaha!

  10. LWoo said

    @ 8 Dy: Gasp! You didn’t watch last night?! Well, try to watch before I recap it. It was pretty good. JWoww completely HATES Sammi now!

    You’ll read it in my recap, but they all (with the exception of Debbie Downer) did something that was really fun and made ME want to hang with them…for that one night.

  11. Dy said

    No,I didn’t..What kind of fan am I ( hanging my head in shame)

    I can’t wait for your recap. 🙂

  12. stacee1 said

    I Tivo’d it but have not watched yet. Now you’re making me anxious to watch it, LWoo 🙂

  13. LWoo said

    It was pretty good last night. You could see a lot of situations that lead up to other things and it’s good! Only the 2nd episode in and it’s crazy!

    Sammi= sad. She’s quite pathetic.

  14. Dy said

    I just saw it..It was good Lwoo, Stacee1, Daniela.

    That Deena has some good oneliners..Sammi=Female backpack lol

    Sammi is just freakin miserable,and she is doing it to herself! She should have gone and seen someone after Miami, I swear.

  15. Daniela said

    lol, Dy. She is a miserabile! Does this girl EVER smile, for God’s sake?
    I don’t know…she’s young, attractive, is making decent money with this show, is in good health…WTF, how bad could her life be?
    She should be my daughter, I would give her a good swift kick in her ass…mostly to get her out of bed!lol

  16. Dy said

    @15 Your so cute Daniela 🙂

    The girl needs some help. She isn’t over what happened in Miami,why take Ronnie back? To toture the kid? Geeze! She hangs on to everything,she is just hurting herself.

  17. Daniela said

    Amen! She should know better, how many times has she said, “I’m done!” Be done already!

  18. Dy said

    @ Daniela..These reality starts have the best mirror, everything they do and say is captured on TV. All they have to do is watch themselves. How in the world could Sammi think that how she acted and the things she said were ok , just like that freakin nut Angelina.

  19. Rosie said

    Hi everyone! Thanks for the info LWoo!
    I just watched JS this morning. Sammi is definitely miserable and depressing. She took a huge chance, pissing off everyone, the minute they walked into the house last week. She expects Ron to have her back.. But, how long is a 20 something guy supposed to sit upstairs in a bedroom, while everyone else is having fun? The one time they all went out, she followed him around, to make sure Ron wasn’t having too much fun. You could tell, he’s going to blow up..big time.

  20. Stacee – I SO AGREE!!! I also said the very same thing last night!! Sammi sucks all the fun out of the room faster than how grandma’s grapefruit runs through my body!! and thats fast!

    Us ol ladies can only predict how this relationship is going to fare. Sammy is so freakin controlling and can’t move on from experiences, she is gonna crash and burn.. I can see the smoke cloud from here..

  21. LWoo said

    @ 16: I think she took Roid back because…well…she never let him go, did she? 😉

    Remember that she immediately got bitchy with the girls & not him. She was too focused on WHO wrote the letter that she didn’t take the time to think about the contents & the reasoning behind it.

    @ 18: I think she finds out about what Roids had been doing in the next episode. You’d think the infamous letter would’ve clued her in, but…whatever.

  22. OH did anyone else notice that when Sammy and Jwow was fist fighting that Ronnie just sat on the couch? It was Vinnie who tried to break it up.. hmmmmm

  23. Lwoo.. are you able to see that after show in your posts? I just made sure you are the author in case you cant see it.. also is your recap done yet? I am not sure how you post it with TK

  24. LWoo said

    @ 19 Rosie: Oh, she definitely didn’t want him to have fun. I caught a LOT of stuff for my recap of this episode- including who I think should be the person of the week! lol

  25. LWoo said

    @ 22 IJS: Wow, I didn’t think of that! Good catch! He just sat there and let Sammi get punched in the face. I don’t think he loves her like he says he does. She seemed embarrassed and upset with him- especially after he ‘checked’ her face, then said “You’re alright.” COLD! LOL!

    I hadn’t looked yet (RE: 23). I’m at work, but I’ll look when I’m on lunch. 😉

    I can type out the recap on lunch…but I wanted to watch it again first- just in case I missed something. I was about to go to bed when it came on last night. I still watched, but I had turned my laptop off! DUH! LOL

  26. LWoo!! Okies no hurry! I was just wondering if you are posting your self or needed help. work is first! Yeah if and when I recap I watch first for entertainment and second for drafting..

  27. LWoo said

    I can’t view it, IJS. 😦 I’ll look at everything later and do a FULL recap of the show & the online aftershow. No worries… 😀

    Yep, I’m posting myself.

  28. Rosie said

    @22.. IJS
    I noticed that too! Ronnie just sat there while Sammi & J were duking it out. That was strange. It took Vinnie and two crew members to break it up!

    @24.. LWoo
    Oooooo. Person of the week.. Sounds fun, LWoo! 🙂

  29. […] Sammi “Sweetheart” Radio Interview « Tv Time 101 […]

  30. LWoo said

    WTF is # 29?!

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