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Oh, Jill Zarin, You Will Never Change

Posted by tinselkitty on January 13, 2011

The New York ladies are in California right now, doing the press tour rounds. Guess where Jillzee’s headed today while she has some free time.

Well of course she’s going to Villa Blanca! Who better for Jill to cozy on up to than Lisa Vanderpump, Extraordinaire? She probably thinks that by getting close to Lisa it’ll make her look better, too. Nope, not this time, Jill. We’re going to stick to your rules and just notice how much more awful you are when compared to Lisa Vanderpump, Extraordinaire. Also, we’re hoping she doesn’t catch anything from you.


At least it's a tile floor.


Lisa Vanderpump, Extraordinaire, please, for ceiling cat’s sake, please make sure Gig’s in a safe place. Jill may just be packing Ginger and planning to ambush you both. Oh, and blow your nose right before you meet her, k? No need to get snapped by the paparazzi with Ginger’s tongue all up in a nostril.

PS – Don’t y’all kind of think Jill’s got some wild eyes going on up there? She’s made fun of Ramona so much her own eyes are starting to freeze that way.














8 Responses to “Oh, Jill Zarin, You Will Never Change”

  1. Bryan said

    No, Ramoner still looks much more WACKY then this, but I agree, hopefully Lisa is NOT at the restaurant when this Yenta come putzing by.

  2. Bryan said

    Speaking of Yenta’s check out this story on Yenta Stanger ……

  3. Dy said

    I don’t think the Yenta’s eyes look bad :/ I don’t see anything wrong, I think it’s a nice picture of her really.

    So let her go to lunch at Lady Lisa’s resturant, actually I think it’s nice that she did.

    Thanks for the link Bryan..I had to agree with Patty Stinker though, that David Vroubel was/is creepy.

  4. Bryan said

    I don’t think it’s THAT nice, you know she is HOPING for a Pap moment, And as far as Stanger’s show, all of them that come thru looking for love are pretty creepy,

  5. Dy said

    Bryan seriously did you watch that one with that David guy? OMG,biggest creep factor I have ever seen on her show.

    Still don’t think there is anything wrong with the Yenta going to Villa Blanca.

  6. Bryan said

    If she goes just to eat, fine, but if we hear later she went , and Lisa was not there so she left, then I say “typical”.

    I rarely RARELY watch that show, and each time I have and each preview I see or some clip on bravo they all look like real clowns.

  7. Dy said

    @ Bryan.I’m not looking into it like that.(The Yenta)

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